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Advantages of LED Lighting

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LED lighting, some people call it for longevity, meaning that is never extinguished. Solid cold light source, epoxy resin package, no loose parts in the lamp body, there is no shortcomings of the filament, heat deposition, light loss, etc., the service life can reach 60,000 to 100,000 hours, 10 times longer than the traditional light source life above. Compared to the traditional light source monotonous luminescence, the LED light source is a low-voltage microelectronics product, successfully combines computer technology, network communication technology, image processing technology, embedded control technology, etc., is also a digital information product, which is a semiconductor optoelectronic device. "High-tech Tip" technology, has online programming, unlimited upgrade, flexible feature. LED lighting has a better environmental benefit, there is no ultraviolet and infrared rays in the spectrum, no heat, no radiation, small glare, and waste can be recycled, no contamination does not contain mercury elements, cold light source, can safely touch, belongs to typical green Lighting light source. Energy-saving energy has no pollution is environmental protection. DC drive, ultra-low-power power-consuming power conversion is close to 100%, the same lighting effect is more than 80% of the traditional source energy saving. LED luminaires can utilize red, green, blue three primary color principles. The three colors have 256 gradation and arbitrarily mixed under computer technology, that is, 256 256 256 = 1677216 colors, forming a combination of different light colors. Change multi-end, realize colorful dynamic changes and various images. The advantage of the LED is efficiency and life, but these are the quality of the product itself, which does not represent the light quality of the lamp.. As a light bulb, it seems important that this is determined by the color change index, whether it strides, whether the color temperature is reasonable, etc.. If you look tightly, the problem of glare, etc. is also important, this is more complicated.

Advantages of LED Lighting 1

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