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After 22 Years in the Spotlight, Is Madonna's Star Beginning to Fade?

i do not think so. i personally do not like her new look, but lots of folks seem to love it, there's no doubt she still looks fantastic and puts out good music. personally i have not loved it for a few years, but i do not think she's fading, just aging gracefully

After 22 Years in the Spotlight, Is Madonna's Star Beginning to Fade? 1

1. How long does text stay in Spotlight Search?

Every time you reopen (to look at it) it the timer starts anew.If you leave it closed, it will expire (refresh) after 5-10 minutes as I measured

2. What voltage and amperage do I charge my spotlight with?

According to the markings, it looks like It is a 6 volt battery rated at 5 ampere hours. The fully charged voltage should be about 7.2 volts (2.4 volts per cell) and according to the info you posted, charging current should not exceed 1.5 amperes. If you have a 6 volt charger, or one that has a 6 volt setting, it should be adequate. If the battery is deeply discharged, the initial current may be greater than 1.5 amps. If that is the case, you can charge it for a short time and check the current. If it's still > 1.5 amps after about 15 to 20 minutes, take it off charge and let the battery cool down - the primary reason for limiting charge current is to keep the temperature down and avoid creating too many gas bubbles in the electrolyte. Because it is a sealed battery, if could explode (or blow out any overpressure plugs) if it overheats. You might want to put on safety glasses if you do notice the charge current over 1.5 amps, or if the battery is warm during the short charge cycles. After one or two of these short charges, the charging current should start to come down and once it does, it will remain under 1.5 amps.

After 22 Years in the Spotlight, Is Madonna's Star Beginning to Fade? 2

3. Is Sarah Palin like these movie stars who seek the spotlight but whine about the media attention that goes?

The few answers that you have collected here have completely missed the point. The spotlight recently has almost nothing to do with Palin. It is about the double standard that liberals and conservatives are forced to play all the time. In this case, imagine what would have happened if a conservative had publicly said the same thing about Obama's oldest daughter. All hell would break loose for at least a month. In this case, the media uses it to find something else wrong with Palin. Further response: you make a good point, this stuff flies around on both sides; however, talking about a major league player raping Palin's daughter was way over the line and far beyond the comments of Rush Limbaugh.

4. How to stop OS X from writing Spotlight and Trash files to memory cards and USB sticks?

MacOS now provides this direct flag that you can toggle from Terminal:

5. Do you think Brian Keselowski gets frustrated that his brother is in the spotlight?

well,does kurt like kyle in the spotlight

6. Is it a violation of my First Amendment right if a cop shines his spotlight at my camera while recording him, especially if he does it twice?

Have you ever actually read the First Amendment? The opening words "Congress shall make no law,,,, ". Then it goes on to mention religion, press etc.Has the officer written any laws? Is the officer the Congress?If John Gotti throws his coat over his head on the way out of court so you can not take his picture, has he violated Freedom of the Press?I am not saying the cop is not being a D**K but you got no case.

7. Spotlight, please don't show mail, but still let me search in Mail app

For me the issue was that my email account was set to automatically download all attachments. Go to mail->preferences->accounts->(click on an account)->advanced->uncheck "automatically download all attachments"After doing this you might have to remove and add your account for mail

8. ‘Hands in the spotlight': Aromas and actives key to remaining competitive in COVID-19 hand care boom

By 2025, the global hand care market should reach 14.4bn ($16.9bn), according to data from Millions Insights. And fashion and beauty trend forecasting firm WGSN said growth in the category would be fuelled further by an "intense focus on hands" amid the ongoing COVID-19 crisis. In WGSN's recent report Forecast 2023: The future of hand, nail & foot care, authored by senior beauty editor Theresa Yee, the firm outlined how beauty manufacturers could remain competitive and relevant in hand care by addressing "new consumer priorities" around self-care, health, hygiene and wellbeing. "In 2023, consumers will be seeking hand care products that deliver protective and moisturising benefits in one. Antibacterial formulas paired with skin-caring active ingredients to combat dry skin and maintain healthy and youthful hands will be key," WGSN said. Leave-on treatments and overnight masks for hands and feet would increase in popularity, it said, as consumer self-care rituals shifted to focus on more specific areas of the body. And these hand and feet treatments now had to tap into current emotional and physical consumer needs, WGSN said. This could be done through multi-sensorial and wellness-inspired formulations, it said, such as aromatic scents to aid sleep or boost mood or adaptogens like mushroom and ginseng for wellness. Jenni Middleton, director of beauty at WGSN, previously told CosmeticsDesign-Europe adaptogens were set to soar in beauty as consumers looked for natural alternatives to protect and heal. WGSN said in its latest report: "Products that provide immersive and therapeutic effects via multi-sensorial textures, transportive fragrances, and even use sound or music to balance the mind and body will have mainstream appeal in 2023 as consumers look for products that deliver pleasure with purpose." Hand care brands could, for example, offer 'boosters' that enabled consumers to personalise products, like essential oils or active ingredients; offer soothing music playlists to listen to whilst painting nails; or even develop virtual hand massage tutorials online to encourage pampering and self-care. And as many consumers experienced fear of going out during the crisis, along with financial constraints, WGSN said there would be a clear "uptick in high-performance, salon-quality at-home treatments for the hand, nails and feet" that could most certainly be tapped into. Beyond aromatic and active ingredients, WGSN said hydration would remain at the forefront of the hand care category, so products developed to boost this would fare well. New formats, such as glove hand and nail masks or overnight oils, could trigger increased interest amongst consumers looking for something more exciting than a traditional hydrating cream, it said. These sorts of product development ideas would also garner interest in foot care as consumers looked to adjust beauty routines to fit busy work-from-home schedules during COVID-19, WGSN said.

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