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Can I Take Any Blue LED Lamp and Grow?or Are There Some LEDs Special for Growing?

yahoo search is a good tool for that question

Can I Take Any Blue LED Lamp and Grow?or Are There Some LEDs Special for Growing? 1

1. Voltage, Current, LED lamp question...?

Where did the 50 amps figure come from? (You are not confusing it with 50Hz, are you?) To drive a current I down a LED with forward voltage V, a rule of thumb is to start with a voltage 4 times V, and connect the LED on series with a resistor 3*V/I. Yes, just a rule of thumb. The forward voltage quoted is only a typical value, and will vary from one LED to the next. Using a higher supply voltage and a series resistor keeps the current more or less constant despite variations in the forward voltage.

2. How to find current and voltage requirements of an LED lamp / strip using a multimeter?

Attach the LED lamp to a power supply and ramp up the voltage until it is acceptable bright. Record the voltage and current. That is your new rating.You can not tell the actual rating with knowing the ratings of the parts inside and how they are connected. The packaging can even influence the rating if it can not keep the parts cool.

Can I Take Any Blue LED Lamp and Grow?or Are There Some LEDs Special for Growing? 2

3. how can I make a regulator of some sort to protect my led lamp from burning out?

There are ways to convert 12 volts DC to 6 volts DC, but the right thing to do for this sort of project is either to get a light that is natively 12 volts, or a battery that is natively 6 volts. Google "12 volt LED light" and you will see many

4. LED lamp - connecting LEDs in parallel

There are plenty of LED lamps that do not have current limiting resistors and rely on the LEDs being equal. This often is not a problem or not seen as a problem.The LEDs might be "equal enough" for the current to divide itself properly. Maybe the current is not exactly divided equally but as long as the difference in the current through the LEDs is not too small or too large, the difference in currents is not a problem.The LEDs themselves have some series resistance.With many LEDs in series, differences in forward voltage will "average out" reducing the difference between LED strings.Is putting a series current limiting resistor for every string and using CV source a more robust solution and why not do it in this way?Indeed this would be a more robust solution to add current limiting resistors.The reasons why this is not always done might be cost (a resistor cost money and might take up valuable space where there could be an LED). Also: it works without resistors so why add them?

5. Does LED lamp gives protection to our environment?

No. Even a perfect lamp that produced only light does not "protect" the environment. All it does is damage it less than any other type of light does. It still uses power, which means you need a power plant, which produces pollution and greenhouse gases. .

6. LED and lamp in series - why does the bulb not light?

The LED drops so much voltage that there is very little left for the light bulb.You have only two 1.5V batteries, which, in series, are barely enough for the LED forward voltage.Incandescent bulbs quickly go dim when the power which they dissipate is reduced: power is voltage squared, divided by resistance. For this very reason, dimming incandescent bulbs does not save much energy. Only a small fractional decrease in the dissipated wattage dims a light bulb almost all the way.Filaments generate mostly heat, and only a small fraction as visible light. This is very sensitive to temperature, which is very sensitive to dissipated power.Try looking at the lamp in a dark room; you may be able to see a faint red glow. Also, the light from the LED may be preventing you from seeing whatever dim glow the bulb is putting out, even in a dark room. Cover the LED, too.

7. how to install a led lamp inside mouth?

A miniature LED, if connected with a tiny 1.5 volt button cell,properly, u can keep it well into ur mouth.but with uneasiness

8. LED lamp increased power consumption after installation: Why? [closed]

With the limited information provided, this is a guess, and a suggestion for clarification, but... Where did you get consumption of 2W per lightbulb from? Those are simple LED's, no special drivers or current limiters included in the package. If you have them in a series string, you need to limit the MAXIMUM forward current for the entire string to 150mA (from the datasheet as absolute max If). You can not do this just with a voltage source, and for a series string, I would not attempt it with a single resistor either, use a current regulator.If you have them in parallel, you can use a series resistor with each individual LED, based on your supplied voltage, to limit its current.The wild guess/speculation part is here... I am thinking that without proper current control to the LED's, you are burning them out, and they are failing as short circuits causing more current to flow as the voltage drop across failed ones vanishe.

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Advantage of T5LED Tube @ T5LED Lamp
  Author :Green earth– LED Strip Lights manufacturersThe T5LED lamp is mainly characterized by quality, durability, energy saving, and the projection angle adjustment range is large, and the brightness of 15W is equivalent to ordinary 40W fluorescent lamp, resistant temperature, moisture-proof, leakage. Our company can provide a voltage of 110V, 220V, and a glass or PC material is available in the outer cover. The lamp is the same as the ordinary fluorescent lamp.T5LED tube light source technology is a more popular, using a number of design, more than 70%, and 12W LED fluorescent light is equivalent to 40m daylight tube LED fluorescent lamp. The life is more than 10 times more or more, almost maintenance, no need to replace the lamp, ballast, and enhancer. Green environmentally friendly semiconductor electrical light source, gentle light, spectral purity, facilitating user vision protection and physical health. 6000K to make the light source gives people a cool feeling, humanized illuminance difference design, more helpful to concentrate, and proposal.With brightness LEDs, the long distances under solar light are still clear. Nonlinear correction techniques, the image is clearer, and the layer is stronger. Use static scanning technology and modular design technology, reliability, stability. The brightness of the ED lamp is 2-3 times the brightness of the general sun tube, and more than 65% is saved compared to the traditional fluorescent lamp. What are you waiting for! Priis is to be professional, it is to use, choose us, just give us a bigger recognition.
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LED Downlight Remains on After Switch Is Turned Off
LED Downlight Remains on After Switch Is Turned Off
It could be the bulb circuitry going bad. LED lights are different in that most of the "bulb" is actually voltage conversion and a simple circuit system to regulate the LEDs. This is just an educated guess, but what it sounds like is there's a capacitor inside that still has power in it. The light bulb itself probably has something that senses when the power is turned off and turns the LEDs off via software, letting the capacitor just lose voltage through attrition. If that part of the bulb stopped working, that capacitor could still power the LEDs for a few seconds before running out of power.You can test this theory in a regular lamp. Just turn it on for a minute, then turn it off. I don't know that it's dangerous to let it keep on doing this (it's probably been doing it like this all along, just with the cutoff working), it's just not expected behavior. If it doesn't overheat in the lamp I wouldn't worry about itSo for the past week or so now, when I turn the switch off for the down lights in the hallway, one of them which is an LED downlight begins to flicker a few times and remains on for about 5 seconds then decides to turn off. None of the other downlights do this, it's just this one. No one has fiddled with any switches, lights and no one has been in the roof so I'm not sure what the issue could be. I'm worried about an electrical fault which may result in a fire, etc....Your help would be greatly appreciated,Thanks,Will·OTHER ANSWER:So for the past week or so now, when I turn the switch off for the down lights in the hallway, one of them which is an LED downlight begins to flicker a few times and remains on for about 5 seconds then decides to turn off. None of the other downlights do this, it's just this one. No one has fiddled with any switches, lights and no one has been in the roof so I'm not sure what the issue could be. I'm worried about an electrical fault which may result in a fire, etc....Your help would be greatly appreciated,Thanks,Will
How to Choose to Debug Solar Street Light Controller_solar Street Lightsolar Led Street Lightstreet
How to Choose to Debug Solar Street Light Controller_solar Street Lightsolar Led Street Lightstreet
How to choose to debug solar street light controller_solar street light、solar led street light、street light pole、solar panel、all in one solar street light、gel battery、battery box、led lamp、solar street light price、solar power system、SOKOYO Solar Lighting Co., Ltd.Solar street lights are independent individuals, unlike traditional street lights that are connected to the power control box for centralized control. Solar street lights can also be automatically turned on at night, and can be automatically turned off during the day. Because solar street lights adopt intelligent active lighting, this is the role of solar street light controllers , then how do we choose solar street light controllers? The solar street light controller is divided into two types of booster and step-down. When purchasing, it depends on the voltage of the solar street light source to determine what kind of controller to use. This customer has specific solar street light parameter configuration for solar energy when purchasing. Street lamp manufacturers , manufacturers will choose according to LED light source. What kind of solar street light controller is selected, how to debug it? Because professional equipment is used, this is generally directly debugged by the manufacturer. The customer only needs to tell the manufacturer about the lighting time of the solar street light. We, SOKOYO, Are Manufacturer, Focus On Solar Outdoor Lighting Since 2008.— — — — — —How An Intelligent LED Lighting System Works – ledfy blogOver the last few years, LEDs have replaced many incandescent bulbs and other fixtures like Halogen lamp, fluorescent lamp etc. Many traditional fixtures were also replaced or LED lamps were installed in them in place of already existing bulbs. Needless to say, this will go on until there is no incandescent and other excessive energy consuming lighting fixtures are used for illumination except LED lights. The revolution of LED is about to reach its highest reach. A great part of the population of electricity consumers is already using LED lights for illumination. With the regular upgrading technology, LED has also become an important aspect of Smart Lighting. It is enhancing the daily lifestyle of everyone to a great deal and making it easier for us to take total control over the luminosity. For attaining a smart network, the lighting system needs to be connected to an intelligent network. LED lighting becomes a part of a powerful network when it is combined with a connected intelligent network. This network is a very effectively organized system which works cooperatively. The main task of this system is to gather & analyze the information, control and respond to set point and real-time responding. This results in collecting every data that is needed to complete a smart home network. Once the smart network is accomplished, it becomes more integrated to its operational performance as it quickly responds to the issues which result in an increase the reliability and efficiency. A connected lighting system works same as the HVAC system which adjusts the room temperature based on the Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning. This system harmonizes lighting according to the same factors and couples it with climate control system. The outcome of connected intelligent lighting network increases the efficiency of lighting and reduces the energy cost while providing the overall control to the network users. It can create the lighting ambiance to increase the concentration and productivity. It also sets the ambiance for the well being of the user and creating a positive mood. The sensors installed in this system allow many advantages over normal lighting system. It sets the light in synchronization with natural daylight cycle which can be changed accordingly to the requirement of the user. It automatically dims down and increases the brightness of light according to the presence of sunlight in the room i.e. coming through the windows. The most revolutionized technology used in an intelligent lighting system is Power of the Internet. It reduces all the wiring gobbledygook and makes it easier and simpler to get a smart lighting system. The internet allows the control of lighting wirelessly which can be also controlled through a smart-phone. This magnificent network is rapidly changing the world of smart technology and taking it to the higher grounds. An intelligent lighting system depends on many types of things which include fixtures, the connection of cables, type of lights, smart sensors, nattily developed LED drivers, wireless routers, and dimmers etc. A suitable connection of these things makes the bright future for smart home and smart buildings.
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