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Can I Use Polarized 3d Glasses on Led Tv?

Polarized 3d Tv

Can I Use Polarized 3d Glasses on Led Tv? 1

1. Should I mount my 52" LED TV to the wall or set on a stand?

There are a few things to consider when putting a large screen on the wall: * The wall you wish to put the TV on needs to be a solid wall * The TV cannot be set above a fireplace or radiator. * Are there some screws that came with your TV for mounting it on the wall? If so you can buy any VESA standard wall mount for a TV that size and use the screws which came with your TV which will be shorter. The screws with the wall mount will be too large and may pierce the components inside the TV. For TV stands, It looks much better in my opinion if you have some equipment connected up to the TV like a games console, bluray player, cable/satellite set up box etc than if it was a TV on a stand on its own. Also there is an extremely wide choice of stands out there. Ranging from the cheapest having clear glass, to the more expensive ones having smoked black glass and are higher quality. Remember if you do go for a wall mount and you have other equipment, you need something else to put your equipment on.

2. Is the Sceptre 24'' LED TV with DVD player Bluetooth capable?

Bluetooth Led Tv

Can I Use Polarized 3d Glasses on Led Tv? 2

3. What's better, a 42" LED TV or a 47" plain LCD TV?

Get the LED LCD, it has much crisper pictures and doesnt use as much power or get as hot. As for the size, you wont really notice a few inches, 42" is pretty big anyway

4. Best 40"-50" LED TV Money can buy (mention a Plasma/LCD if they are better)?


5. LG LED TV Picture problem?

First answer is correct. Check your manual and see if your TV is has a screen maintenance function that cleans up image retention. On Panasonics, they have this feature where the TV will display a big white vertical bar that would go accross the screen to remove image retention. (reset the pixel color).

6. New LED tv has alot of light on the bottom of the screen in dark scenes. see images?

I would return it for another.....There is a factory warranty if you have not had it for a while...?

7. what is the different between plasam,lcd & led tv?

LCD & LED virtually identical. Plasma vs. LED / LCD is the more succinct inquiry New LED TVs are changing the nature of how we view LCD (Liquid crystal diode) TV in such a way that we must re-assess the advantages of LCD and Plasma over one another. All LED TVs contain an LCD display element (front panel). The difference of LED TVs lies in the backlight. Rather than the standard florescent backlighting systems of the past, LED TVs have LED bulbs (light emitting diode) as the backlight for the LCD panel. This has been a godsend for LCD TV manufacturers as it has allowed them to better compete in picture quality against plasma TV Technology. When choosing between plasma and LCD TVs, you are actually selecting between two competing technologies, both of which achieve similar features (i.e., ,bright crystal-clear images, super color-filled pictures) and come in similar packages (i.e., 1.5 to 4 inch depth flat screen casing). To complicate the decision-making process further, price and size are two previous considerations that are rapidly becoming non-issues as LCD / LED TVs are now being made in larger sizes and at competing prices with plasma. Go with a name brand SONY, Samsung, LG as the longevity & quality of the backlight is crucial. You get the knock cheaper yet as the ol' saying goes...'you get what you pay for...' or rather do not pay for in that instance.

8. I need help to connect my iLive 32" HD Soundbar to my Samsung LED TV?

Going by what you have posted, connect the Wii to the TV by HDMI cable, then TV out to Sound Bar in by RCA cable, but only use the red and white plugs. A TV is usually the last in the sequence as a TV does not normally have any out sockets

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