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Common 1 Watt Led Bulb Questions

1. Do energy saving light bulbs really save you money?

I was just comparing my electric costs to this time last year. Since the weather in my area has been about the same, I can only credit the drop to my replacement of regular light bulbs with the new eco bulbs. I would highly suggest trying it out


2. What are the best schools to go to and the type of majors to take to help one become an investment banker on Wall Street?

You will (for the best chance of getting a high paying IB job) will want to go to an Ivy League (or another top 10 school) and major in Finance and or Economics.Then consider going to get an MBA after. If you plan to get an MBA, you dont need to go to a prestigious University for undergrad as going for masters degree will go much further


3. Can we access the railway reservation charts online?

I am unable to see reservation before preparation of chart. Problem it pertains to my end journey and it will be too late if 4 hours before I come to know about reservation position. What is the harm if side by side if one comes to know to plan better in long journeys.


4. I have a solar planter with 3 LED lanterns being fed by one solar panel. They contain 2x 2500MAH batteries but?

I very much doubt the problem is the batteries. Such a small solar panel cannot possibly fully charge those batteries in one day. I think you need a solar panel with at least a couple square feet of area to fully charge two 2500MAH batteries in one day.


5. How does wattage work? Is it per hour? Per Day? Per minute?

Here's a simple answer: Power companies charge you per kWh. your light bulb is 60w which is equal to (0.06kW) let's say you are being charged $10.

00 per kWh, then your equation would look like this: Cost/hr (price per kWh) x (kW) Cost/hr ($10.00) x (0.06) Cost/hr $0.60/hr


6. Okay, so I'm a 16 year old girl and my first car is a white Honda Accord (2000).?

Hondas are some of the best cars on the road, but you really don't need an Accord or a 2010 model at your age. your insurance is going to be twice the amount of your car payments, tell your stepdad to save the money for college and buy you a Civic that's a few years old. just because a car is brand-new doesn't mean that it's safer.


7. I'm working on a presentation on social media and teen or kid safety. Any stories about being accidentally exposed to inappropriate things, shown or asked for pics, or cyber bullying?

I think if you search in Google you're going to find quite a bit of information on this topic.I came across this blog and more specifically this post that talks a lot about this topic: 5 Rules to Keep Your Teens Safe on Facebook, Instagram and


8. Are liberals happy now that America doesn't make anymore Lightbulbs?

Phillips, one of the biggest makers of light bulbs, has no plants in China. But I'm sure Conservatives would be glad to know that the founder was a cousin of Karl Marx. Maybe you should do a little more research. Or do you enjoy embarrassing yourself?.


9. Why are LCD and LED so prefered over plasma TVs?

It depends on who you ask. Personally I prefer plasma due to the stunning image quality with movies and sports. I think most "videophiles" would get a plasma over LCD. If I were buying a TV for the bedroom, guest bedroom, etc. I'd probably get an LCD. For my main home theater setup, its plasma all the way.

BTW: My plasma has an anti-glare screen.


10. Baby snails in my fish tank?

If they do reproduce out of control you can buy these other little snails called snail eaters and they basically eat all the snails and then don't reproduce like crazy so you can keep these as your snails and won't have a crazy population explosion


11. urgent!!!!!!!!!!!!!! can sound be converted into electricity by microphone ?????/?

You need to think about this one. The power output from a microphone is of the order of a few micro-watts (millionths of a Watt). You'd get at least ten thousand times more output power using a hamster in a wheel, turning a generator!


12. How much current would a normal bulb consume compared to a series of 50 LED's?

too vague to be answered.

A "normal" bulb could be between 10 watts and 100 watts, or at 120 volts, between 0.1 and 1 amp,

50 LEDs, each LED could be between 10 mA and 300 mA, x 50 that is 0.5A to 15 amps, at 3 volts. So the power would be between 1.5 watts and 45 watts.

You really should be comparing power, not current.



13. Would you consider the people jumping from the twin towers on 9/11 to have committed suicide or not?

I would say those people decided to turn a situation which was clearly out of their control into a situation which they were in control. I am not sure exactly how many were jumpers or just fell, But those that made the conscious decision to jump did so in an attempt to regain the mastery of their destiny


14. Do You Recommend the Canon VIXIA HF20?

You can get crazy cheap deals for SD cards at Amazon or eBay. I really do not trust those Chinese sites like Ali baba. Too many rip off artists on there. I would recommend for video that you use at minimum a class 6 card. Preferably get a class 10. They are not cheap but worth it.


15. Why are TVs made with more screws than necessary?

I have yet to take apart a TV and upon reassembling have screws left over. I have to guess that the use of so many screws is to manufacture the TV in such a way as to prevent them from falling apart during handle and shipping


16. what is the watt equiv. for 1080 lux?

Cannot, they have no direct relation or formula to do it. For commercial purpose, some manufacture used a term to describe the brightness from CFL, like a 23W CFL can provide the same lux like a 100W filament type bulb. But it is not a proper way to convert watt into lux.


17. I have to report for SSB in 20 days. I have recently put weight, I am 86kgs and 5'7''. How likely am I to be screened out because of my weight?

During Screening your body weight has nothing to do with your weight.A series of test are there which are require your aptitude. like picture perception test, general IQ, and Group Discussion.

Do not lose heart. Many over-weight candidates get recommended and loose weight before joining there respective academies


18. Can I use MacBook Air 13" with 256 SSD for programming iOS and Android apps without any speed problem?

It depends on what youre programming. If youre building something very complex then you might run into processing bottlenecks with the MacBook Air.Ask yourself honestlyam I building something that cant run on the computer Im using to build it? If the answer to this question is yes, then you should probably build it on a computer with more powerful specifications. Otherwise, youll be just fine


19. whats the best led light for firefighters?


it is important to choose the appropriate emergency light for the car

because you would never know when **** happens

hence the trusted brand and supplier matter.

here is my advice


20. Building a VERY small scale wind generator?

What is the rating of the motor? That is, how fast does it need to rotate to produce enough voltage for the 5W bulb?

What will be your source of wind power?

How big will your blades be?

Will the blades be able to move the motor shaft?


21. Would you school led prayer in public schools?

Against because I'm not attending an Islamic school so why should I partake (or anyone for that matter) in praying to Allah.

Seeing as I'm in a catholic school, Hail Mary and Our father is said before every lesson which is such a drag and can recite it without bothering that's how many times its been said.


22. what kind of laptop do I need? *specifics below?

hey could you say what prossesor you need 100gb of ram because that sounds extreamly weird because you cant get 100gb of ram its all binary so you can get












and 128gb

of ram im pretty sure nothing requires 100gb 32gb is fine for anything realy the only thing you need 64 or 128gb is servers


23. Convert table lamp to LED?

From what you said I can only think the switch in the lamp needs to be changed out to one that is rated for the voltage and amperage of the LED bulb--the other thing to consider is the wattage of the new bulb and the wattage output of the 12v adaptor-- LED may require 5 watts and adaptor is giving only 1 watt--- good luck


24. Is there a simple way to tell axial inductors and resistors apart in through-hole type PCBs?

There is no foolproof method because there is no standardized color code for inductors. Resistors are always identifiable by the standard RETMA four bar colorcode, but such a code has not yet been migrated to inductors and capacitors. This is one of those minor problems that continues to plague PCB users.


25. When won't Rahu give bad results, i.e. if sitting with Guru, Venus, etc.?

Rahu is yogkarka if seated with the lords of 1,4,10,5and9.if Venus and Jupiter are the lords of Kendra or tricona rahu gives Rajyoga. Wealth,unexpected positions in government. Unexpected gains from land and property. Although guru rahu yoga is chandal yoga but benefits of rahu planets are better then adverse effects of chandal yoga


26. How would I wire up one (1) LED bulb to a 120 volt power supply?

Your best bet would be to use a plug-in wall dc power supply and put a resistor in series with its output.

R (Vout - VLED) / iLED

where Vout is the output voltage of the dc supply, VLED is the forward voltage drop of the LED and iLED is the LED current. If you use the current in ma then resistance will be in kohms.


27. Outside garage light: Incandescent bulb works fine, CFL bulb flickers and won't work, will an LED bulb work?

Try a Mercury vapor light. Even better try a Sodium-vapor light. They are both more efficient than incandescent or fluorescent lights and they are most commonly used as street lights. You can obtain them at your local home improvement.

Oh and lets not forget since it's above a garage door, you will also like that they don't have the blinding effects that other light types do.


28. How long should my wire be?

You will need the kind of DC motor with brushes. For example, a computer fan generally won't work as a generator.

LEDs have a polarity, so be sure that you're connecting it the right way. Possibly you have it backwards.

Wire length is generally not an issue in this kind of science demonstration.


29. Want to purchase waterproof led diving flashlight,suggest me some rechargeable led diving flashlight suppliers?

In recent years,the demand of waterproof led diving flashlight is rapid growth and best rechargeable led diving flashlight for sale face a broader market.As far as I concered,ShenZhen MINJUN Electronic Co., one of the best led diving flashlight wholesale suppliers in China,you can wholesale led diving flashlight from them, because they have already got many good led diving flashlight reviews.


30. Where can we get the best cost-effective training rooms in Gurgaon for rent?

For answering require a fe details, Do you need this for short or long period ? how much area you need ? means approx how many students will be in training ?You can search area at Sohna Road Spaze IT park,Sec-14 will be a good options for you, but cost will be little high.



31. What fuse to use for 3 LED post lights?

LEDs can only handle maybe 4V tops. You can't wire them in parallel unless you are using a resistor to lower voltage, unless you have LEDs that already have a resistor built in. You can wire them in series to allow for the right voltage levels. If you wired 3 or 4 in series, that would probably work. The fuse can be very small because the amperage is very small


32. what you will choose ? high pressure sodium street lamp or led street lamp?

it depends.consider of the price , high prssure sodium street lamp is cheaper than led lamp. developed cities will prefer led stree lamp, but less developed will choose high pressure sodium street lamp. hengri lighting company produces both HPS street lamps and led street lamp. www.




33. Quiz - Pre 1990 Pop Acts- Cryptic Clues?

1. Womack and Womack

2. Cockney Rebel

3. Dire Straits

4. Sex Pistols

5. 4 Seasons

6. Roxy Music

7. Cher

8. Buddy Holly

9. Led Zepplin

10. Fleetwood Mac

11. Lightening Seeds

12. Culture Club

13. Tears for Fears

14. Thin Lizzy

15. Billy Holiday

16. ELO

17. Frankie goes to Hollywood

18. ---

19. Depeche Mode (Maybe, not sure about this one).

20. Manic Street Preachers

21. The Mamas and The Papas

22. Slade

I don't know the blank answer :l


34. What Kind of Lighting for My Tank?

To be sincere i've three tanks with reside crops in all of them one-of-a-kind however just one has lighting fixtures and they're all developing, it depends upon the style of plant, a few plant will thrive with alot of sunshine while different might be first-class with very low quantity of sunshine that may come from simply being in a room with a window


35. Did the CRT monitors consume more power than the recent LED models?

Dear Vikas.Basically - yes. CRTs consume about twice as much power as LEDs. That's across the board, any CRT screen will be about twice as power-hungry as an LED screen.Hope this helps!Yours respectfullyChris.

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What are the characteristics of square downlights?
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