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Disable Spotlight Index on 10.8 on Specific Volumes

Open spotlight preferences in System Preferences and drag each folder to be excluded into the exclusion list

Disable Spotlight Index on 10.8 on Specific Volumes 1

1. Why is Fox News giving a spotlight to these goofy "Tea Party" protests?

I guess you must be on welfare and do not pay taxes most of Obama followers are either welfare benefitiaries or college students living off Mom and Dad. this is not silly or goofy if you know anything in history then you would understand the comparison. Obama has gone to far bailing out people who should never had owned a home do not pay taxes and the middle class working person or laid off are picking up the slack from these low lifes by all these taxes. Moreover, the tax credits would mostly go to those who pay little or nothing in federal income taxes. His trick is to make the tax credits "refundable." Thus, if the tax credit is for $1,000, but the taxpayer would otherwise only pay $200 in taxes, the government would write a check to the taxpayer for $800. If the taxpayer pays nothing in federal income taxes, the government would pay him the whole $1,000. Such credits are not tax cuts. Indeed, they should be called The New Tax Welfare. In effect, Mr. Obama is proposing to create or expand a slew of government spending programs that are disguised as tax credits. The spending on these programs is then subtracted from the total tax burden, in order to make the claim that his tax plan is a net tax cut overall. On the tax side of the ledger, the details released by his campaign last week confirm what a President Obama has in mind for our most productive citizens. The top individual income tax rate, for example, would be increased by 13%, to 39.6%; the next-highest rate would be raised to 36%. The top rates on capital gains and dividends would rise by a third, to 20% The Social Security payroll tax would be raised between 16% to 32% for families making over $250,000 a year. This means that the real returns these people get from their lifetime payments into the retirement program will be driven below 0%, according to my own previous research, which was published by the Cato Institute and elsewhere. Mr. Obama also wants a permanent federal estate tax, with a top rate of 45%; his health-insurance plan includes a new payroll tax on employers; and he also contemplates several increases in the corporate income tax, including a new so-called windfall profits tax on oil companies. So do your research before you start blowing out stupid remarks against American citizens!

2. I have 24v equipment (siren & spotlight), is there a way to rewire it into a 12v battery?

are there watt ratings on either of these? (trying to do the math) might have to give it it's own 24v supply, witch is not hard to do just a little costly (24v battery cables) ... or what green giant said e-mail

Disable Spotlight Index on 10.8 on Specific Volumes 2

3. Does the speed with which New Zealand has acted to ban assault rifles spotlight the failure of the US to do practically anything to limit gun violence?

No. It shows that New Zealand has no accountability to its people and is prone to knee-jerk reactions rather than a rational analysis. Also mind you that the USA tried the very same law they are enacting in New Zealand, back in 1994. It had no effect, and subsequently ended in 2004.

4. iOS9: configure spotlight news suggestions

You need to set your region to USA from to use news app

5. Is Wade Barrett getting the quickest push into the spotlight than any other wrestler in WWE ever has?

when it comes down to entering the wwe and being a star Wade barret just maybe because as you said 3 months ago if you ask most wrestling they would say Wade who? now he is leading a stable of dominacy and in a rival with the face of WWE John Cena but if your talking about fastest wrestling to go from normal wrestler into one of the best then no that mite go to sheamus or jack swagger Sheamus was really just a guy who fought low mid carders and won all of a sudden he was fighting Cena in a tables match for the WWE championship and won it and Jack Swagger was a mid carder who suprisinly won MITB and within a month was world heavyweight champion BQ Yeah but i never see him as a main eventer

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