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Do Sophos and Spotlight Conflict and If so, How Can I Run Both Applications Without Problems?

They do not conflict. Spotlight is a pig on any first run on a newly accessed filesystem. On the other hand, Sophos will double the load caused by controlling all these filesystem accesses.I suggest you to let Spotlight terminate its heavy initial run alone by temporarily turning off the On-Access control of Sophos: I also suggest you to turn off the scan on Files on network volumes, because this will load your Mac, your network and finally your network volumes. On a well managed network, this scanning should be run directly on the storage servers.Once this 1st run terminated, Spotlight will less tend to be a CPU and I/O hog.

Do Sophos and Spotlight Conflict and If so, How Can I Run Both Applications Without Problems? 1

1. Why is the spotlight on Israel?

Because you reside in America? They have this highly sophisticated system in place, named the IGNORANCE shield, puts star wars to shame. This of course is all controlled by the goons in Israel

2. When is Oprah going to put the spotlight on the crime ridden city of Chicago again after the animals attacked?

Oprah is just a whale of an entertainer. Most people ignore her

Do Sophos and Spotlight Conflict and If so, How Can I Run Both Applications Without Problems? 2

3. My Heavy Metal Nation Spotlight: Poland?

Poland has a decent metal scene. A bit ahead of Romania and Hungary overall, though they both have bands I prefer to any Polish band. MA: Artrosis was da bomb!! Loved em! BA: Artrosis now!

4. Why has Angelina Jolie kind of disappeared from the public eye, after decades of being in the spotlight for every little thing she did?

I, ah, I can not believe I am going to answer this. Right after I do I am going to re-examine my list of life goals and time management... however... Since we are all obsessed with celebrities... I would say that she's an ambitious woman. The partnership with Brad Pitt launched her into the stratosphere career-wise. Then I think she got to the point where she was part of the celebrity political world help relief axis. Kind of like George Clooney and Julia Roberts Maybe? Acting seems maybe like a vehicle these days. She's got a ton of money and clout around Hollywood, so I do not think she has to be in the public eye too much anymore to exert influence. Because of the seven minutes I spent writing this. I am now going to Varnish my floors. To feel like a productive human being again.

5. Should the Olympics be free from politics, or should it be used to spotlight world issues?

It should be free of politics. The Olympics is about the athletes

6. What is the origin of the hexagonal artifact of direct sunlight/spotlight photos?

The origin of what you call an artifact in that photo is two-fold:A word about safety:Unless the sun is very low on the horizon it is dangerous, both to your equipment and your vision, to point your camera directly at the sun and look through the viewfinder or attempt to see your camera's LCD with the sun directly behind it. The higher the lens' magnifying power (the longer the focal length and the narrower the angle of view) the more this is the case. Please be careful when photographing the sun!.

7. Why do people like to report every facet of a school shooter's life? Doesn't this fame just inspire others, so they can have their month in the 'spotlight' of the media?

As others have said, the media exists to get people interested, and therefore they report on what people find interesting. Morality does not really enter the equation.Looking beyond that elephant in the room, it's still a difficult question. On the one hand, you do not want to give him more attention than he deserves. But on the other hand, you want to investigate his background and learn about what led him to do what he did. That information may help to prevent similar incidents from recurring as frequently in the future. Really, when someone does something evil like this, there is not any good that will come out of it. It's a no-win scenario.Unless you are either in politics or media, I suppose

8. Slow network-home-folder use, many spinning beachballs

Are you redirecting the cache folders (and others)?If not you can find out how from: or on It's built into Leopard - so you do not require a login hook to do this anymore. (Instructions)Lastly, are most of your users using or have a large amount of Mail? I had issues with a couple users (only one had to do have it happening for the symptom to arise) that would bring the server to a near halt for everyone because Spotlight would be opening and closing very small files as fast as it could. A mix between moving to Leopard on the clients and telling not to cache anything (mail server is local) fixed this.Are there any specific users that seem to be "hogging the bandwidth" in terms of the amount of files transferred? I would recommend looking into making a portable home directory to see if that alleviates issues. There's more setup, but is a decent way of removing users who consume quite a bit of AppleFileServer's time.

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