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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for 1 Watt Led Equivalent

1. Couple questions about GE Energy Smart bulbs vs standard/reveal bulbs.?

1. A 100 watt bulb uses 1/10 of a KiloWatt/Hour per hour, the average cost of electricity in the US is "about" 10 an kw/h hour, so it cost about 1 an hour. If used 4 hours a day it would cost $14 a year.

2. Per bulb (26w being about 1/4 of 100w, 1/4 of $14 would $3.65, GE must have been using a slightly lower kwh price or less hour a day in their calc's)

3. The watt rating is a heat issue. A 26w bulb is a 26w bulb. The labeling on the box is for comparable light output levels, but has no relation to the wattage/heat put on the socket. (The geeky details are electricity produces 3.4 btu's of heat per watt, doesn't matter if it is a CFL, an incandescent, LED, portable space heater, plasma TV, or cell phone charger.)


2. What's the difference between LED, LCD, flat screen, and plasma TVs?

Plasma uses a gas to light up the screen. It makes the colours look "neonish" and is the least energy efficient. The largest screen sizes come only in plasma (over 100").

LED and LCD are two ways to backlight the screen, other than that they are basically the same. LED is the most energy efficient.

Laser uses a laser to light the screen. It's the most energy efficient and can be adjust for the most accurate colour but is not a flat screen. Sizes up to 75".

All but the laser are flat screens.

Which one is best depends upon what you are looking for in a display. The AVS Science Forum has more information on these TVs.


3. Grow light for 1 chili plant?

You are on the right track. Infra red light is needed more by the plant than ultraviolet although the plant needs both and florecent light emits more of the ultra violet side of the spectrum. The higher the light output by your globe.( Ie higher number of watts) the better it is for the chilli plant which usually like to grow in full sunlight. The old incandescent light bulbs (Those that produced light with a glowing wire) are better at giving out infra red light but there are some light bulb manufacturers that produce specific globes for indoor plants and if you look up on their webb sites they could give you this info


4. How can I measure and compare the light efficiency of LED against traditional devices like light bulb?

Actually in lighting instead off efficiency we use efficacy.

Efficiency is output power over input power. A bulb outputs 10% approx worth of power as light (visible) and 90% as heat. it's output is 100% but not all usable.

Efficacy on the other hand is how many lumens for how many watts (lumen/watt). I would use a LUX meter at a set distance for the lumens (multiply result by the sensor area in square meters) and measure the voltsxamps of both the bulb and led using a multimeter for the power. unless you find some way to collect and collimate the light source or fully enclose it in a callbrated reflector you are only going to get an indication of comparison of efficacy. Hope this helps


5. are LED house lights as bright and good as normal house lights?

According to Haitz's law, the brightness of commercial LEDs doubles every 18 months so wait a few more years.

Note that there really is no such thing as white LED light, it's either red green and blue LED's combining to give the illusion of white light or a blue or UV LED with phosphors that absorb the energy and re-emit the light in different wavelengths just as is done with fluorescent lights. Note that the white from phosphors are also just an illusion as phosphers are selected to re-emit the light in various wavelengths and it's the blend of a number of such phosphers that give the illusion of white light.

You'll probably want at least a 6 to 8 watt LED bulb to replace a 60 watt incandescent.


6. Are there any tips on how to set up a classroom to maximize learning?

Really depends on your style of teaching and desired outcomes.Fortunately, most classrooms today have movable desks or tables and chairs. Desks and tables and chairs can be moved to have students work in collaborative groups, observe student performances, take tests, and/or be suitable for teacher or student led class discussion or presentations.

Traditional Seating - All students facing a screen or white board.Small groups - for small group problem solving, projects, experiments, simulationsArena seating (in semi-circle - for teacher or student presentationsPairs - either face to face (for pairs or diads) or side by side (for collaboration) depending on the desired outcomeSeating arrangements depend on your desired outcomes and what teaching strategies you want to use to achieve those outcomes


7. for 440volts AC, 1w LED bulb what resister should i adopted for same glowing as at 11volts DC?

You need to provide the full specs on the LED bulb. Is it just an LED or an LED plus driver? What is the rated voltage? Rated current?

At the least you need a high voltage diode such as an 1N4007. The DC voltage out of the rectifier is about 440 x 0.45 200 volts DC

If I take your numbers at face value,

current into the LED is 1/11 91 mA

the resistor has to be (20011) / 91 mA 2.1k

power rating is 20 watts, which means you should use a 50 watt unit.

A much cheaper solution, and cooler, is to use a transformer to reduce the AC to 12 volts. Then a full-wave bridge will convert that to about 11 volts DC. Power dissipated, 1 watt as opposed to 20 watts.


8. Is machine learning an automation?

No.Automation makes some logic according to algorithm. You read imputs, make some logic, and write outputs.Machine learning creates outputs based on learning from the past. You train machine with some training data, and system tries to find the best result for your input data. But it is not exact calculation. It is more optimalisation.It is good, if you cannot describe easily system with 1 and 0, because the world is not just black and white. But you can optimise output, to get best possible result.

Good example is writing text recognition. You cant make program, and say: this is writing A, because each people write A different, and off course one person will not write letter the same. But you can train system, to recognize letter with some probability


9. how much water pressure do i need to power a lightbulb?

The formula for an average system with approx.

50% efficiency is:

(Net head (feet) x Flow (US gpm) )/ 10 Watts

For an average tap water supply with a head of

8 feet and flow of 2 gpm, you will generate

16/10, or approx 1.6 watts.

This is probably only enough to power an LED

or flashlight bulb.

Assuming you are working with a fixed pressure,

the key to getting more output wattage is to

increase the flow, if possible.

If you can get the flow up to about 5 gpm, this

will generate 4 watts, which will power a small

decorative type filament bulb. Best starting point

is to measure the head pressure and maximum

flow available from your water supply, then you

will know your output maximum.


10. How would you feel if you led an extraterrestrial expedition to Earth and upon landing, is approached by a human cult who believes that you arrived to take them from Earth to paradise and insist you allow them to board your expedition ships?

Question: How would you feel if you led an extraterrestrial expedition to Earth and upon landing, is approached by a human cult who believes that you arrived to take them from Earth to paradise and insist you allow them to board your expedition ships?How would I feel? It depends on how much prior exposure I had to human culture. If this were a First Contact scenario, and this hadnt been something that happened in previous First Contact scenarios, Id likely be embarrassed and confused.As for how I would actually react that would depend on far too many variables to offer a good answer, not least of which being what my purpose was on Earth, and whether or not my ship could even accommodate them.


11. LED bulbs: Are they really the best choice right now?

Let's put this into perspective, unless you are lighting a warehouse, your savings will be a couple of bucks a month or less. That said, LED bulbs have the advantage of long life and they are dimmable. CFLs are not dimmable, contain a small amount of mercury and don't work well in cold temps like outside or in garages, attics, etc.

LEDs are still more expensive but I like them for cans and rooms with dimmers. The key to LEDs is a good heat sink, that will make them last a long time. The extra money for a well designed lamp will pay off in long life.


12. What is the LED equivelent of response time?

ViewSonic VX2250WM-LED 22-Inch (21.5-Inch Vis) Widescreen Full HD 1080p LED Monitor with Integrated Stereo Speakers is a great monitor for the price. It has an amazing display that hasn't gotten less brilliant. The only two issues I've had with it is the fact that my desk is kind of crappy so the monitor does a fairly significant amount of wobbling and the other issue is the menu. For some reason a few days ago the menu began popping up and wouldn't go away. I tried just about everything and the only thing that worked was unplugging all of the cables to the monitor and then pressing the power button for ten seconds. I plugged everything back in and it has since worked like a charm.


13. Where can I find a Himalayan Salt Lamp, except battery-powered?

It will cost you more to use batteries. The bulbs in salt lamps are typically 15 watt bulbs or less, though some larger ones use 25 watt bulbs. With the electricity rates at my house, I could run a 15 watt salt lamp for 66 hours for 10 cents. And batteries aren't free.

I just looked at some camping lanterns which run on LED lights that use much less power than a 15 watt light bulb. An entire string of LED Christmas lights, for example, only uses 4 watts. One camping lantern says it will run for 16 hours on 4 AA batteries. Those batteries would cost me about $1 each so it would cost about 4 dollars to run that camping lantern for 16 hours. For 4 dollars, I can buy 40 kilowatt hours of electricity at home and that would run a 15 watt salt lamp plugged into a wall outlet for 2640 hours.


14. Being promoted as easy-to-use, don't you feel ARDUINO is creating a negative impact on learning microcontrollers the hardcore,crude way?

Its always the sugar coated nicely garnished bitter truths(not in a criticizing mode) which attracts most of the beginners........... Moreover the abundance of support and knowledge available for arduino both online as well as offline adds to very strong supporting factor. It gives most of the beginners a mental safety cushion of huge passionate community ready to answer your most of the questions. But it never overshadows the fact that things which are understood easily are the one most prone to being lost in sands of time.............. and also that it really creates an illusion about the programming of microcontrollers because of its very different structure and syntax.


15. I'm making a solar LED light, can you tell me if this will work?

Simply - no A photo resistor varies in resistance - it still leaks and will drain the battery. Also, a photo resistor works backward from what you want - low resistance in light, high blocking resistance in dark. You need a switch. The cells will charge somewhat, but probably not enough. Many more cells on the top of decorative yard and hanging lights only light one LED. The AAA cell will only hold enough power for a couple of LED's not 10 if you are talking for a couple of hours. It will depend on the drain of the LEDs which varies. You will have to use a photo electronic switch that has a manual switch, otherwise they will come on and drain the battery while parked in the garage, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for 1 Watt Led Equivalent 1

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