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Handling a Player (unintentionally) Stealing the Spotlight

I would mirror a lot of what has already been said on this, but but the main thing you need to do first is find out what your players really think and feel about the bard taking a lead. If they are enjoying the game then I would not focus too much of your time on trying to fix something they do not see as broken. I would suggest speaking to them all out of the game to find out if they are enjoying the game this way, or if they feel like they 'have' to let the bard do it just because he's 'better' at playing the game than they are. To give an example of this I did once have a player who was new, and playing a rogue. Another player was constantly telling her how to play it, what skills they should use etc. Personally I would have hated that and I was going to pull him up on it. Fortunately I asked the player about it first, and she actually said she enjoyed it, and that's why she sat next to him at the table because he helped her learn the rules, and how to get the most from the number.If they do want to gain confidence then do maybe think about duet games, or sessions where only two players go off on side quests, but as has already been said do not over do it. I have run some D&D duet games with new players and that has helped them. My wife was one such player and she seemed to hate the game but it turned out she just felt intimidated by more experienced players. Doing the one on one sessions meant the next time we played as a bigger group she felt she understood how to interact with the NPC better (playing one on one meant she had to, but in safe environment).Do you know how the bard's player feels about this too, does he enjoy taking over or is he actually getting a bit tired of always having to go up front?.

Handling a Player (unintentionally) Stealing the Spotlight 1

1. Since the 2013 season is Peyton Manning's year, which quarterback in 2014 will have his spotlight?

I would expect Manning to have a great season again next year. I hope that Rodgers comes back healthy and is productive as well as Brees. historically when Brady has had a hiccup type of year he comes back strong and I would expect it next year.

2. Why does the media refuse to report black on white crimes but spotlight white on black!!?

Reporting the truth about the criminality of black people would inspire ethnic cleansing

Handling a Player (unintentionally) Stealing the Spotlight 2

3. Changed default mail client, but Spotlight still opens Mail.App; how to change it?

The best way I've found to set any default app is with RCDefaultApp - freeware - old but still works in Yosemite.It installs as a Control Panel item called Default Apps; you can then set many defaults - simplest are the 'Internet' ones, first tab - dial in your preferred app from the drop menu. e.g.

4. Why are Republicans bringing values back into the spotlight?

Values and morals have always played an important role in the Republicans campaigning

5. Do you think Prince Harry and Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex will be sent somewhere remote in the United Kingdom by the royal palace to get them out of the spotlight?

Why? What have they done to upset the palace? Did Prince Harry abdicate to marry a divorcee? No they have not done anything wrong. Only the gutter press keep trumpeting made up stories about them using a surrogate or Harry cheating on Meghan


Baseball is actually a very popular sport in the U.S they are part of the Big 4 (NBA,NFL,NHL,and MLB) although it is not as popular as basketball and football it is in the top 3, lol cause who watches hockey these days?

7. How do I re-center Spotlight search bar (Mac)?

The answer is two-fold.Centering it horizontally: Drag the spotlight bar horizontally and you will feel a slight stickiness to a place. That is where you have centered it horizontally.Centering it vertically: Similar to above, drag the spotlight bar, vertically and you will a stickiness to a place, and that's where you reach the vertical center.

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