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How Can a Planet Have a Deadly Eclipse-like "spotlight?

Constant lightning.Consider a Rocheworld. Can an atmosphere englobe a planetary ring?Two tidally locked planets just outside the Roche Limit can orbit each other and share a combined atmosphere. You would be able to fly from one to the other without ever leaving the atmosphere and objects placed at the lagrange points would be able to remain there.These binary planets circle around each other. At one point in their orbit, their atmospheres touch (or you could have a moon graze the atmosphere of its planet). The friction of the two atmospheres against each other produces colossal amounts of electrical charge. When the two are close enough that the atmosphere can provide a path, charge can equilibrate across. This takes the form of constant tremendous bolts of lightning that follow the path of the point where the two partners are closest to one another.

How Can a Planet Have a Deadly Eclipse-like


We live in America. Represent

2. Ever felt so pretty you know you could push Angelina Jolie out of the spotlight?

You both like sloppy seconds

How Can a Planet Have a Deadly Eclipse-like

3. Some of my Safari bookmarks don't appear in Spotlight search results

The /Library/Caches/Metadata/Safari/Bookmarks contains bookmarks that get updated by Safari every time you start it. If you look at the date, you will see it only contains the current date.The /Library/Safari/Bookmarks.plist does contains bookmarks that are readable in plain text, that file is intended to manage the bookmarks organization. Potential fix:.

4. looking for a lightbulb for my husky spotlight?

Husky Rechargeable Spotlight

5. My Heavy Metal Nation Spotlight: Norway?

Norway is Brootal!! But why did you list all the false metal from there. Are you going to list glam too? I did like blood tsunami ok, except they got a hard to spel name. Emporor Living Colour Denmark ( good evil metal) gotta love trolls.. do not ya? ;P

6. Need help is choosing a good spotlight for walking dogs in the dark?

A good headlamp may be useful as this will also keep your hands free. The sort you do night skiing with. You should be able to get one in a ski shop or good sports shop

7. How can I launch a printer scanner from Spotlight?

If you use, add the path /Library/Printers to the Search Scope of Default Results Now, I get following results when entering HPFinal step for my HP LaserJet M1536dnf MFP is to press CMD3 to open the scanner window!Or search for the mac OS utility Image Capture which also lists scanner.

8. Motion blur for a spotlight projecting an image

That's a real problem. Motion blur only records the difference in position, rotation, size of faces (all visible objects contain faces). From this it calculates speed vectors and blurs regions accordingly. That means objects will be blurry, even their reflections, while lamps (no faces, not directly visible) will show an unblurred spec. The same unfortunately goes for animated texture coordinates. There used to be a 'hack' where you would render subframes and combine them, but that multiplies the amount of rendered images by at least 4, usually 8 or more. Let me know if that's an option, then I will research it again. Sorry that's not a solution, but it should contain some answers and it was too big to put it in a comment.

9. How can a planet have a deadly eclipse-like "spotlight”?

I have not seen this directly addressed, so I will pose it as an answer:TL;DR: Large moon with atmosphere refracts to a "point" on your planet. See below for etendue/thermodynamics, refraction, periodicity, and "warning signs".A companion (moon, twin planet, or even planet as primary with your story set on a comfortable moon of a gas giant) large enough to hold a substantial atmosphere can perhaps be tuned to get the result you need.Devise an atmosphere for the companion body with a powerful thermal inversion somewhere that reduces some of the spreading due to typical refraction of a density-stratified lens.So we effectively have a ring-shaped lens, fairly narrow (edge view of the companion's atmosphere) but of very wide diameter (the companion itself), tuned to refract fairly well to a "point". The source of the light is the sun, and we will not get hotter than that. We do not need perfect point focus, but will gladly accept a central line of foci for various degrees of refraction, which generate -- you guessed it -- different colors of spotlight at different orbital distance of the large body from your planet's surface. Blue when it's close, red when it's far -- if it behaves like a proper lens-shaped lens. This would also result in color change as the effect sweeps from the edge of the home planet (farther) to the center (a bit closer). Warning signs would be similar to normal eclipses (the effect would only be observable from the very height of the eclipse). Finally, a combination of rotational and orbital planes for the three bodies involved can do wonders for making a simple periodic set of processes appear miserably non-periodic, particularly for observers located at different points on the surface of the home body. I will create a graphic. But I think this thing is doable with a lot less machinery than has been proposed so far, and without violating physics to the point of ridicule.Obviously, we see spreading -- not focusing -- in the highly idealized illustration above. But this only illustrates the radiation passing through (say) 000 degrees and 001 degrees of circumference on the companion body (left), as viewed from the planet (right). Do this 359 more times, and I say it's possible that there could be a net increase of insolation at the area (not a point, no!) of maximum effect. I am not trying to get down to the math that describes the increase, just to rule out that Etend--Entru -- whatever it is -- makes it impossible. After all, we are only refracting sunlight here, not reflecting moonlight. I am indebted to Mark for his patience with this thread.

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