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How Can I Run Led Strips Off of a Usb Cord?

Using a 12 volt will increase the voltage while decreasing current. So that should work fine. Try getting lower power leds

How Can I Run Led Strips Off of a Usb Cord? 1

1. where can i buy the purple led strips?

hi, we are making LED strips, then I will send list to you.

2. Why don't people power LED strips in parallel instead of using amplifiers?

Watts = Volts x Amps, so the current and wire size required to deliver a certain amount of power with minimal voltage drop is much larger at 12V or 24V than at 110V or 230V, and that thick cable has to be run all the way from the power source. Where will you put the cable? Not in the LED strip channel because there is not room. Not alongside it as that would be unsightly. That leaves in the ceiling or under the floor, which makes for a difficult installation. But let's say you do not mind seeing the extra cable or crawling through the ceiling to get it to the destination - just how much larger does it need to be to eliminate visible loss? The human eye is very sensitive to intensity variations, and the strips have multiple LEDs in series so they are quite sensitive to voltage drop. So to achieve 'insignificant' power loss the current has to be much lower than the ampacity of the cable. Therefore the cable needs to be oversized. A typical LED strip may draw several Amps - your cable might need to be rated for tens or even hundreds of Amps to match the output voltage of a local controller. However the room probably already has multiple mains power points that can be tapped into to supply additional LED drivers. So now you do not need to run a long thick cable to each remote LED strip, and each strip gets full voltage from a local power supply so it has the same brightness. The only problem is how to operate them all from a single location. LED 'amplifiers' or are peaters' solve this problem.

How Can I Run Led Strips Off of a Usb Cord? 2

3. Is it important that power supplies for LED strips have limited current?

Watts/meter x length (m) = watts required. If you cut it shorter, it will only pull what it needs. you wo not run into a problem making shorter strips, but you could run into trouble making longer strips and drawing too much current.

4. Which would give a better glow, neon tubes or LED strips?

LED Strips. You can get them in a variety of off the shelf colours their flexible so you can mold them around curves and corners. They do not break when someone jams a case of Bud up against them. and they are easy to wire. Check out the Mode 55-7000 series of LED strips.

5. How can i hook up my lights (led strips) that have 2 wires ( and -) coming off of it?

they are for connecting to a car battery, not a mains power supply, you would need connectors, and a transformer made to the correct voltages, and knowledge of electronics to fix it all up

6. Splitting induvidual WS2812B LEDs

You will want a WS2811 which is the controller chip embedded into the WS2812b leds. It is available as an IC.It is meant to drive the LEDs directly using a constant current drive and it can be used to drive 12V LED strips

7. Can I use aluminum tape or naked two paralleled striped cables to connect parallel LED strips?

Aluminum forms a layer of aluminum oxide as soon as it is exposed to air. This is good because aluminum oxide is sapphire or corundum and is very tough. This is bad because it is in insulator. Electrical connections to aluminum chassis use pointy lock washers or press-fit terminals to cut through the oxide. Silver is OK. Silver oxide is a conductor. Stripped solid copper sounds easy. Or cut away rings of insulation at the needed intervals. If you look inside mass produced low voltage lights you will see lots of the bare copper method.Here is a way to use solid copper wire with vinyl (or similar) insulation. Using wire that is not too big - say #22 - tie one end to something solid. I use a door knob. Unroll about 6 feet and tie to a screw driver or dowel. Apply strain and try to stretch. Increase the pressure slowly until you feel the copper "yield". You have exceeded the elastic limit and it will stay completely straight. If someone can help, clip it at each end and carry to a table and cut to convenient lengths with an Xacto or razor blade.Not only are the pieces straight and great for bread-boarding, but the copper has stretched and reduced in diameter so that the insulation will slide freely. You can make little rings of open copper by rolling the wire under the blade to cut the insulation then making a lengthwise cut and peel out the piece. I have been doing my bread-board wire this way since the solderless breadboard was invented, or maybe before? On the bread-board thing, I always had a pair of hemostats to bend the wire and hold it to insert in a hole and make bends so every thing is nice. Neat but not gaudy. If you want to do it with heavy wire, add a little leverage with a broom handle or a jack. You can add that nice science fair or Hack-a-Day look

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I Want to Install Led Strips Under My Dash How Do I Wire Them Up 2 Turn on Only Wen I Turn My Headli
tap into the incoming power on the dimmer switch , or you can tap after and the dimmer will allow you to turn them up and down1. Are there any rgb LED strips that auto fade?You have to have some kind of controller/power supply - strips themselves can not do it2. how to tie in led strips to subs so that they strope when bass hits?just connect the LED wires directly to the wires 2 wires that are connected to the back of your speaker, its not going to blow them because the LEDs will only use what the speakers use and 1500W will blow the speaker before the LEDs...youll be fine3. Chaining up 5v LED strips using 5v cellphone chargers [duplicate]If you go on ebay they sell 1 male to multiple female connectors. Having multiple power supplies is not ideal because if one goes out it puts stress on the LED strip and could short out the strip and other power supplies. With one power supply and wires to divide it evenly if it goes out, the whole thing goes out without the risk of a short in the microchips in the strip. One strip one power supply is best. An adjustable power supply to lets you choose your voltage and amperage and they are cheap. The 50/50 rgb has more versatility then that brand in you picture which looks like a 30/30. The 50/50 come with built in power connectors. You will have more difficulty tracking down the bad power supply in your example if it goes bad without a multi-meter.If you hard wiring this without a control box(small control CPU that con be programmed for sequenced patterns and brightness) a 3 12volt dimmer switch for each color would work. The control box does have a timer and can be thrown off by multiple power supplies. Some of the answer came from the comments4. Where can I buy LED strips NOT online?You want cordless lights? goodluck5. Question about mounting two LED strips in parallel, one properly and one reversed, and using a switch to switch between the twobetter option is to work with 2 positive rails and shared negative, using a switch to choose which positive rail to turn on. negative from leds goes directly to power supply, positive goes to switch.but you can do what you are thinking and reverse the voltage, just use a two or three position switch with double terminal and connect like the image (the motor there will be the leds). about the supply, it's correct what you said, leds consumes no current in reverse.6. What store should i go to, to install my LED Strips for my car?it is not complicated at all. simple wiring job. But if you are willing to pay someone for something that easy, any mechanic or stereo specialist will do, just a simple 12v wire source splice and an hour or so of work.7. Large difference between specced values and real values for LED strips?the stripes are of automotive grade -> they have a nominal rating of 12v just as the batteries in probably can indeed run it at 14v constant.BTW, your experiment is a great public service. I have been saying for years that high power leds behave more like resistors (of low resistance) than diodes and your experiment provided another empirical data point on that8. What transformer should I get for 5050 10 m LED strips? [closed]You need to look at the current (that is, the Amps) per meter, not the voltage. Then get a 12V supply with at least the total amount of current needed by the 10 meters of strip. It's best to leave some ample margin. It does not matter if the power supply can produce more current that the led strip needs. These strips are typically divided in sections of 3 leds. These three leds are in series and typically run at 20mA. So to get the total amount of current, you count the number of leds, divide that number by 3, and then multiply by 0. 020 to get the total amount of current. For RGB leds strips you need to multiply that final number by 3, because there's a red, green, and blue led in each 5050 package
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