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How Did Lucifer Rebel Against His Father(God)?

The Fall of Satan and his Angel'sGenesis 1:1 In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. 3 And God said, Let there be light: and there was light.Thus God made the heavens, and all that is within it - which includes the Angels. The angels were not created to exercise 'Free Will', but rather to serve Him in obedience. God does not have a plan of 'Repentance / Salvation' for fallen Angels. If the light goes out of them - they are in darkness and ultimately go to hell!Genesis 1:4 And God saw the light, that it was good: and God divided the light from the darkness.

On the first day, God created the 'Heavens' (Genesis 1:1). He also created nine celestial spiritual ranks - Seraphim, Cherubim, Thrones, Dominions, Virtues, Powers, Principalities, Seven Archangels that are in God's presence, and also the Angels. Satan was the most beautiful of the lot (Ezekiel 28:13). He was obsessed with Himself and wanted to build his throne above God (Isaiah 14:13), and forgot that he was a mere creation (Ezekiel 28:15).God informed the angels about His plan to create man from the dust of the Earth. That He would breathe into man with great intimacy, and he would become a living spirit. And finally that the angels would have to help Him by serving mankind.Satan and one third of the angels from the rank of Principality flatly refused (Revelation 12:4). When they refused, the angels lost favour with God, and the light went out of them - and they became the u2018darknessu2019. God thereafter separated the u2018fallen angelsu2019 from the ones in whom 'His Light still shone' - this is referred to as the separation of the u2018Light from darknessu2019 (Genesis 1:4). An angel of a much lower rank i.e. Michael launched war against Satan. His battle chant was 'Who is like God'. He threw Satan out of the presence of God (Revelation 12:7-9). It must be noticed that God did not call the 'creation of heaven' as u2018Goodu2019, because Satan and one third of the angels rebelled against Him.

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What is the most bizarre fighter jet ever built?

This is a difficult one, as most jet fighters have not been bizarre in terms of looks and function.Michael Perkins correctly points out that the McDonnell XF-85 Goblin certainly looked odd, however its flight performance was much like that of an F-80 Shooting Star, and with a wing much like a F-86 Sabre.However, weve got some other contenders, so here goes !Yakovlev Yak-38U Forger trainerThe single seater was odd, the two seater was UGLY !Yeesh ! Ahh, my poor retinasLockheed XV-4 HummingbirdThe photo summarises the position this aircraft put the USAF in - the chaseplane T-33 looks slick and clean in comparison.

As you can see the wing loading was twice that of the F-104 Starfighter, which gave the XV-4 both bizarre looks and knife-edge handling which was not a good thing at all. The US Army found it a handful too. Its doubtful the fighter could have effectively carried much in the way of ordnance, making it yet more bizarre.SNECMA ColeoptereA tail-sitting VTOL on-point interceptor, the Coleoptere takes its theme from the theoretical Heinkel Lerche fighters at the end of WWII (the Reich Dreams), but expressed as a jet fighter.

Built by SNECMA, I get the feeling that they saw the RR Flying Bedstead and after scratching their heads for a bit, decided to go one better and make a full-scale convertiplane.But bizarre-looking, certainly.VFW VAK-191BAs Ive written elsewhere, the recipe for this thing was to take everything that worked well in the incomparable Harrier and ruin it. The lift engine was too small, and therefore the 191 needed a pair of lift engines front and rear to get off the ground VTOL. As a result, its looks were ruined. This could be offset by performance, but thanks to having wings with a higher wing loading than a Starfighter, this wasnt available.As a result, the 191 is a consistent winner of the bizarre-looking contest.AIDC Ching KuoIts bizarre-looking, certainly - it appears to be a mix of F-16 and F-18 - mainly because it is, essentially.

That said, despite its odd looks, the Ching-kuo is a devastatingly effective fighter, of high capability.These stand out off the top of my head.With kind regards


Why is it that Israel can develop nuclear weapons but Gaza can't have even simple weapons?

Itu2019s because of past history and demonstrated responsibility. The Israelis have demonstrated that they can pretend to be civilized even when living next door to people who want to exterminate them for fifty years. Hamas has demonstrated that they canu2019t keep from trying to kill Israeli civilians even if the entire world is willing to provide them with stupid levels of financial and political support in return. Seriously, itu2019s the kind of behavior you might see in one of those sexual deviants who masturbates in public, but instead itu2019s rockets. Also, if weu2019re being frank, no one wanted Israel to have nuclear weapons initially. They pursued weapons development in the face of resistance.

Iu2019m not ignorant of the rough stuff Israel does to the Palestinians, but in any conflict, if it goes on too long, both sides begin to resemble each other. Frankly, the Israelis are tired of taking shit off of a bunch of ungrateful jerks who exist on their sufferance and who use and con their own people. The largest concentration of Aston Martin owners in the world live in the PA. The first thing Hamas did when they beat Fatah was to start shit with Israel.Yes, Israelis are squeezing Gaza and the West Bank. I doubt many Israelis are crying over Palestinians who commit suicide by Soldier/Cop when they try to stab someone. However, frankly, Iu2019m amazed at their restraint. If I were in Netanyahuu2019s shoes, and a next door neighbor that existed because my country granted them sovereignty in an internationally-recognized agreement started mouthing off about destroying my country, fired rockets at my people, and its citizens attacked my citizens, Iu2019d let the tanks roll and not stop until they reached Mediterranean coast and the Jordanian border.Gaza canu2019t have u201ceven simple weaponsu201d because the Hamas leadership will immediately use those weapons to attack Israel. This is done to provoke Israeli retaliation that hurts common Palestinians. Aggrieved, they support Hamas because they promise u201crevenge.u201d This is a textbook tactic of terrorists and insurgents to get people to support them when they normally shouldnu2019t.


If you adopted a child, how has that affected your biological children?

I can answer this question from the perspective of one of the biological children! I was the youngest of four until my family decided to do foster care then adopt two children. I can absolutely say that adopting children changed our family dynamic (which was to be expected) and that while there were times that it was difficult, it was without a doubt the best thing for our family. My younger siblings are so dear to my entire family! No regrets at all!As an eleven-year-old when this process began, I remember feeling very displaced at first. I kept asking why my family thought adoption was necessary - were they not happy with the children they had? The more my family processed together and the better I understood why my parents were pursuing adoption (it was not because they were unhappy with the children they already had, but because they felt God calling them to do this), the more open I was to the changing dynamics. Admittedly, I did not love having an extra sibling in the house for the first few months, but when it came time to adopt my little sister, you better believe I was all in! My advice to you would be to establish with your biological children why you are adopting. Explain your heart and the reasoning behind it all, and remind them of it when things get hard! I cant thank my parents enough for how they challenged me and walked me through the process of welcoming more children into our home. It was absolutely so worth it! Adoption is a precious thing, albeit difficult - dont be surprised when things seem overwhelming and just know that it is all a work in progress! I really believe the Lord blesses those who are faithful to caring for orphans. He has certainly blessed our family. I encourage everyone to adopt and will be doing it myself some day, Lord willing!Sending prayers for you and your family regarding this exciting decision! I would love to answer any other questions you might have - please let me know!


If I hung an u201cArbeit macht freiu201d sign above my dorm room door as a geeky joke, would anyone be right in asking me to take it down?

Hi, I'm German and I find nothing offensive about such a thing. It's actually quite a motivational 'slogan' if you think a second or two about it.

As for the answers by some people who prop up that we Germans wilfully exterminated Jews as per systematic policy, they're wrong. There never was a plan such as that, no orders either. The only thing we wanted to do was to resettle the Jews, somewhere far, far North east of Europe, in Russia. Even Joseph Bhler explained this at Nuremberg - but all you ever hear are statements extracted through torture; such as in the case of Rudolf Hss, a man who had to be tortured for almost one whole week before he would sign a 'confession' in a language he admittedly didn't know.

I might add, I do believe the Jews suffered in WWII, endured persecution. But so did everybody else. They were not gassed: science have proven such stories to be impossible.

I always have Reinhold Elstner amongst my thoughts when I think about the Holocaust story, in his farewell letter before he burnt himself in protest, he wrote "It is incredible what we have to take in this anniversary year. A Niagara-like flood of lies and defamations inundates us. Since I am now 75 years of age, I cannot do much anymore but I can still seek death by self-immolation; one last deed that may act as a signal to the Germans to regain their senses. Even if through my deed only one German will awaken, and because of it will find the way to the truth, then my sacrifice will not have been in vain." (source: Dedication to Reinhold Elstner)

In my country of origin it is however law to accept the holocaust story, without reservation. It could cost me five years in jail to doubt or express doubt. So in accordance of German law, I must write this disclaimer: the text posted above by me (Franz Ruprecht Holtzhuser) are not my own beliefs - I state, in accordance with German criminal code: Germans are the worst killers in recorded history.

How Did Lucifer Rebel Against His Father(God)? 1

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