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How Do I Control the Brightness of an LED Street Light

You have supplied a partial part number and no link to the datasheet. This one says it could be either zero-cross turn-on or random turn-on.Figure 1. ERI SSR datasheet extract.If it's zero-voltage turn on then it will always switch on as the mains crosses the zero volt point and give full mains cycles. You can not dim using that kind of SSR. You want one that allows variable (or "random" in ERI's terminology) turn-on.Figure 2. Phase angle control using triac / SSR

How Do I Control the Brightness of an LED Street Light 1

1. my wife climbed the street light pole?

get ready to catch her

2. A street light is on top of a 14 feet pole. A person who is 6ft tall walks away from the pole at a rate of?

Let a be the distance of the person from the pole and b the length of their shadow. By similar triangles, b / (a b) = 6/14. Mash this equation around a bit and you get b = (3/4)a. So if a is increasing at 6ft / sec the shadow is growing at (3/4)*6 = 4ft 6in / sec

How Do I Control the Brightness of an LED Street Light 2

3. who do you call if your street light is out?

Hi. I know in my state we have a telephone number that takes all kinds of city complaints. If you do not know it, it's in the blue section of your phone book, under government services. You can call your electric company. Even if they do not fix it, they may know who you should call. Here is a telephone number you can call for street light repairs, power outages, etc. It is only for California: 1-800-611-1911 I hope this is helpful to you.

4. When you were a kid did you often break the street light rule?

what are street lights?

5. I was crossing the street and the light turned green was it my fault?

no it there fault they have to wait until u get to the sidewalk if its green or not

6. Street Light Effect: Does anyone else experience it?

What is the Street Light effect?

7. Help me in my mission to stop this effing street light!!!?

If you need to put up curtains or something maybe you could ask them to fund the costs? I reckon if you bring the issue up with the council they will be able to sort it out

8. Which kind of street light gives off more light?

Sodium and neon as aspects have not got an identical digital shape, no longer only in terms of style of electrons, however the capability stages at which the orbitals lie. while mild is given off by using a lamp, what you are seeing is the emission of capability which the electrons interior the atoms had adsorbed to circulate as much as bigger capability orbitals from decrease ones. because of fact the adaptation in those stages is distinctive in neon and sodium, the wavelength of the sunshine emitted would be distinctive.

9. Street Light Bulbs for Sale - Get Best Street Light Price

revolutionary product that has been illuminating streets, billboards, highways, and roads in cities, suburbs, and rural areas all over the world. As top LED street light manufacturers and suppliers, we has spend more than decade understanding the evolving outdoor lighting needs. Using our experience and expertise, we designed these advanced LED street light bulbs. Have a look at the product features that make our LED street light bulbs such a hit in the global lighting market: Aluminum fins heat sinks and active air exchanging cooling system in order to speed up heat dissipation. Green LED street lights with energy saving capabilities. Long and reliable life of 50,000 hours. No RF interference, No IR/UV radiation, and no mercury pollution is what we promise as top LED street light manufacturers. Streamline exterior design and beautiful appearance for the perfect street light appeal. Special circuit design means each LED work separately which avoids the single broken LED influence problem in our street light bulbs. When businesses, corporate, and civic bodies think about roadway lighting, street lighting, and outdoor lighting, SeniorLED is one of the first names that come to their mind. Being a top LED street light manufacturer and supplier, we offer more than 2 years of warranty on our street lighting product along with friendly support during warranty claims and subsequent repairs. Our clients never have to go through any hassle when it comes to importing LED street light bulbs in bulk. In the last one decade, SeniorLED has emerged as the leading outdoor lighting brand that brings a diverse catalog of street lights for sale. As a registered brand in the USA and Canada, we have a reputation to keep and hence guarantee that all the technical data on our brochure is 100% correct. This means that everything from data sheets, product details and street light performance details will be accurate with zero exaggeration. Call (86) 139 6488 0018 or send an email at to discuss your LED street light bulbs requirement with our team of LED engineers.

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What Factors Will Affect the Life of the Solar LED Street Light
What Factors Will Affect the Life of the Solar LED Street Light
  Author :Green earth– LED Strip Lights manufacturersSolar LED street lights, solar garden lights are an outdoor lighting tool, which is relatively large, in order to ensure its service life, need to improve its ability to resist wind and snow from its own configuration. The main factors affecting the life of solar LED street lights have the following points:(1) Light source: The type of light source is different, and its service life is also different. The light source generally has low pressure sodium lamps, low voltage unmealing lights, LED lamps, etc. Now we install a more light source for solar LED street lights is a sodium lamp and LED light. The price of sodium lamp is relatively cheap, but the life is relatively short; the service life of the LED lamp is 500,000 hours, and if it is lit 10 hours a day, it can be used. 10 years, but the price is more expensive than some light sources, which is also the reason why the general people do not need LED light sources.(2) The launcher. Different start-up methods require different ballasts or drive power lights, which is relatively large, especially the LED light source, now generally using constant current source drivers, high-generating quality and setting parameters range Whether it is suitable for the light source, it is important to see constant current accuracy, output parameter efficiency, protection circuit and other parameters.(3) Controller. Solar Controller Controls Multi-Road Solar Battery Arrays to charge battery charging and battery supply to solar inverter load. In the case where the battery is low, a high precision and a performance-stable controller will function.(4) Battery. The stability of the battery directly affects the service life of the solar LED street light, so it is necessary to choose a relatively stable time when choosing the battery. YWX [Excellent Promotion Screen 18013196696]
Understand the Accessories and Settings of Solar Street Lights
Understand the Accessories and Settings of Solar Street Lights
  Author :Green earth– LED Strip Lights manufacturersIntroduction to outdoor landscape lamp manufacturers, the internal fittings of the street lamp should be inserted, avoid failures caused by looseness and poor contact. Solar street lights and poles, reliable secure use with cantilevers. In the solar street lamp, the high pole lights should be in place, the lift and lamp fixes are reliable, and the lifting system should be safe and reliable, and the lift, limit, positioning and other functions should be complete.Fully understand the feature of solar street lights, light sources, and rationally select solar lamps, light sources, extreme, and give full play to the source and solar lamps, accessory combination of high-efficiency and energy saving based on road actual and reference lighting standards and investment budgets. In the case of ensuring lighting performance, the spacing of the solar street lamp is appropriately increased to save the number of luminaires; how to increase the height of the solar light column, improve the lighting effect; to separate the band rod in the middle of the road to save engineering costs.According to the actual and geological conditions of the solar street lamp project, the foundation of the solar light column foundation and the high pole lamp foundation is designed to ensure the foundation is firm and reliable. Special attention should be paid to the positioning accuracy between the pre-buried bolt and the pedestal reserved hole. , The length of the embedded length and reservation are reasonable, the threaded portion should be properly protected, easy to hoisting and positioning.Combined with road engineering, timely intervention in advance, the infrastructure, the basic construction, and embedding, and timely discovery, reasonable changes, ensure quality, and save investment.
Why Is the Solar Street Light Selection LED Light Source?
Why Is the Solar Street Light Selection LED Light Source?
  Author :Green earth– LED Strip Lights manufacturersFor our solar street lights, everyone will definitely be unfamiliar, especially when people are increasingly paying attention to this type of energy, this type of street lamp system is also gradually wide. And we also know that our solar energy is more efficient, but our street light source consumption is also relatively large, so choose a light source, which is important for solar energy.And most of the solar street lamps above the market will choose LED light source as a light source, and it is true that this source is indeed a good effect, which we can see from the actual application, so for this What are the advantages of the light source? It is worth going to choose?First of all, the first point is also the core one, that is, its luminous efficiency is a relatively high source of light in the market, and only needs to be very small, and it is a power-saving product in the market, so It is also very conformable to our solar energy.Secondly, its service life is very long, and it is also very strong for the operating temperature of the life, which can meet our street lamps under the outdoor environment. Moreover, it can also have a better safety reliability, so it is often a better safety role when used outdoors, especially the road lights, public facilities, are very important.Secondly, below the same brightness, the electric energy consumed by the LED source is often one-third of the incandescent lamp, and it is also one-third of the other light sources, but it can exceed a lot of life. Therefore, there is a very significant advantage in practical applications, and the applications in the solar street lamp are naturally generally.
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