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How to Enable Searching Inside Google Drive/Docs Using Spotlight?

I do not believe that Spotlight is technically able to index the content inside the Google Drive files, at least not files that were created from within Google Drive's web interface. For example, if I go to and create a new file (e.g. a Document) and insert some content (text) in the document, that new file representing that document will show up in my Mac's directory (i.e. /Users/myname/Google Drive/filename.gdoc). However if I take that file and open it in a text editor, I can see that the only content in the file is a link to the online file and some other information. The actual content of the google document is not in the file that's on my computer. Since the content of the document is not in the file that's on my computer, there's nothing for Spotlight to index.I think this is really unfortunate. The idea that I could use Spotlight to search through all of the files that I created online is really great, but it appears that Google Drive is not downloading the content of the files, so there is nothing for Spotlight to index. As you noted Precipitate provided that functionality, but it does not work any more and it's no longer developed.One non-spotlight alternative is to use the app Alfred to search:Google Drive Search with Alfred AppAll this really is is a shortcut to open your google drive in a web browser and initiate a search- not really what you (or I) want.There is also an app called Found that is able to search Google Drive, but that company was purchased and the app is no longer being developed. I have not tried the most recent version (which is from 2013), and the reviews on are mixed about its current functionality, but it might be worth a try

How to Enable Searching Inside Google Drive/Docs Using Spotlight? 1

1. Xbox 360 spotlight on E3?


2. Applications Don't Show Up in Spotlight

When I tried Anil's solution, I got:sudo launchctl unload -w /System/Library/LaunchDaemons/ /System/Library/LaunchDaemons/ Operation not permitted while System Integrity Protection is engagedInstead, I followed these instructions, and it worked:

How to Enable Searching Inside Google Drive/Docs Using Spotlight? 2

3. Prevent spotlight from indexing folders with a certain name

In case anyone missed fsb's comment in the question, as I did. Apple provides a privacy tab in the Spotlight settings.Goto "System Preferences" > "Spotlight" > "Privacy" > "" Add folders to the list. Note: This may not work immediately, I had to restart Spotlight to see the effects

4. How to disable Developer and Web Searches in Spotlight?

Although the Search Results do not have toggles to sort or suppress these results, it's trivial to add the folders to the Privacy Pane.Perhaps something like this might work to Suppress the Developer hits? I do not see an obvious way to suppress the Web Search yet, but thankfully it's placed last as a catch all - last resort. I will probably feedback / bug Apple if 10.7.1 does not address that with a preference.

5. How would you deal with your significant other being in the spotlight and adored by a lot of fans?

Be ur self and u will get that

6. After 22 years in the spotlight, is Madonna's star beginning to fade?

Yes, she is beginning to fade, more as alreday fading!! She is not a big celeb though. Have a great day!!

7. Why is Fox News giving a spotlight to these goofy "Tea Party" protests?

You might want to re-evaluate your sense of reality

8. Why is Palin putting Willow in the spotlight, and why is she dragging this out?


9. can i paint over a lens of a led spotlight?

It wo not be as bright, Lu. How about a piece of colored film over it instead?

10. Does the Sun, in addition to emitting its own light, reflect light? If a bright light was shone on the Sun, would it appear to be brighter?

Yes, the sun reflects some of the light that hits it. However, that's not going to make the sun look brighter because any light striking the sun from the outside would be much, much, MUCH dimmer than the light produced by the sun.To see a noticeable increase in the sun's apparent brightness, you'd have to haul in a star much bigger than our sun to shine on it. Shining a flashlight or spotlight at our sun has no noticeable effect because the Sun is putting out about 3.8x10^26 watts of light power. To over-power that, you'd need a 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 Watt light bulb. That's not exactly available at Home Depot. "Hi! I need a 1000 yottawatt lightbulb, please!""I'm sorry, sir, but we appear to be out of those. Try checking back next Tuesday."Does the Sun, in addition to emitting its own light, reflect light? If a bright light was shone on the Sun, would it appear to be brighter?Does the sun, in addition to emitting its own light, reflect light? If a bright light was shone on the sun would it appear to be brighter?

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