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How to Judge the Quality of LED Downlight More Scientifically


Led downlights are mostly used for commercial lighting and home lighting. They are loved by people for their health, beauty, energy saving and environmental protection. But the products on the market are mixed, so how to identify the quality of LED downlight? Xiaobian teaches you how to judge the quality of LED downlight from an objective point of view.

1、 See if there is any abnormal noise

Hold the LED downlight in your hand and shake it hard. Listen carefully to see if there is any abnormal noise. If there is any abnormal noise, it means that the interior of the LED downlight is not fixed well, which will directly lead to potential safety hazards. This is one of the quality problems.

2、 Overall appearance and parameters

When buying led downlight, what we need to do is to check the appearance of the lamp to see whether the lamp body is smooth, whether there are scratches, and whether the overall feel is good. The overall feel of better led downlight will be heavy, because the raw materials used are better.

3、 Stroboscopic condition during use

The stroboscopic of downlights will pose a threat to visual health. It is suggested that when purchasing led downlights, you can ask the data of "stroboscopic depth".

When you get the LED downlight, insert the power supply to light the LED downlight, and then use the camera function of the mobile phone to close to the light-emitting surface to observe whether there is stroboscopic phenomenon. If there is stroboscopic, it will not only affect the service life of the downlight, but also cause potential safety hazards to visual health, indicating that this led downlight is a poor product.

4、 Comparison of light quality

The downlights of the same model produced by the same manufacturer can be lit at the same time to observe whether their luminous color and brightness are the same. If they are different, they will prove to be inferior products. Theoretically, the downlights produced by the same manufacturer have no problem of inconsistent luminous color and brightness.

5、 Heat dissipation performance

Light up the LED downlight, let it light up for a few minutes, and then touch the radiator behind the downlight with your hand. If there is a burning heat, it indicates that the lamp is an unqualified product.

How to Judge the Quality of LED Downlight More Scientifically 1

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