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How Would I Create This Spotlight Projection Effect in Photoshop?

I had to create a similar spotlight effect in Photoshop many years ago, and started with the colours I needed - in your case it would be blobs of mid-blue, light-blue and near white over a separate midnight-blue background. Create a much larger canvas and use a radial zoom blur. I found that draft or good, rather than best, gave a grittier smokier effect, whereas best would be too smooth. Then you mask off a cone area that you require, and perhaps lighten and enhance the edge of that

How Would I Create This Spotlight Projection Effect in Photoshop? 1

1. Now that Palin is boring will we see a turning point with the spotlight returning to McCain?

I hope i start to hear more from McCain... although he has started getting the spotlight, he did start off pretty bad with his economy speech. i am just gonna chalk that up for a mistake since i have been waiting for so long to hear from him. NO MORE STRIKES FOR YOU MCCAIN. now show your pretty puss all over my TV. =P.

2. Kellyanne Conway is back in the spotlight - supporting Trump's firing of James Comey. What do you make of this timing?

Hm, Trump supporter and advisor supports Trump decision. Yes, that's certainly suspicious; I think you are on to something!

How Would I Create This Spotlight Projection Effect in Photoshop? 2

3. Spotlight in Snow Leopard was instantaneous but has gotten slow, I've tried reindexing

I found a better way to launch programs quickly in Snow Leopard than using Spotlight (which turned out to be too slow).Programs beginning with F should go right after the Finder.Now, I can launch any program by typing command-space then the first letter of the program (and a down arrow or two if necessary). It's instant, whereas using Spotlight to launch programs meant a 2-3 second wait each time

4. Spotlight distribution in a hollow earth?

If your hollow earth rotates around an axis that is perpendicular to the axis of your spotlight's rotation, you will end up covering the entire globe with light occasionally. This is similar to a polar orbit, which I've attached an image of below:This is a single frame from an excellent animation over at Wikipedia Commons that describes how this process works. We are looking at an inversion of this process, where the spotlight traces a circle within the shell as the shell rotates more slowly underneath it. By the time the spotlight has returned to the same latitude, the shell has rotated just far enough to place a new area in the way to receive the sunlight instead. In this way, it's possible to cover every inch of the inside of this globe.I really like this idea because it sets up a lot of interesting natural things to think about. Let's consider what this would feel like if we were on this world. Assuming an atmosphere and some diffusion from the spotlight, what we would expect to see would be a kind of decaying sinusoidal luminosity. Initially, we would be in complete darkness, when we are as far as possible from the spotlight's path. As the path sweeps closer and closer, we would see this kind of pattern emerge:As the spotlight passes directly overhead, we would hit maximum luminosity and probably be blinded and scorched by this heat and light ray. If we survive that, the luminosity would decay away again until it's completely dark again.This sets up both days and seasons- "daytime" would be whenever the spotlight is crossing our line of latitude, at a local maximum, and nighttime would be when the spotlight is pointed directly across the globe, at the local minima. The seasons would be the longitude of the spotlight- when it's passing directly overhead or nearby, expect it to be very warm, and when it's 90 degrees away, it would probably be quite chilly.The sky would be mainly dark, with a single patch of illuminated sky. I am not sure if your world shell is small enough to see the other side, so I will consider both. If the other side can be seen, then you would be able to see some portion of the globe illuminated at all times, which would look like a spot of light traversing the heavens- kinda like our sun. In this case, the "sun" would literally come to Earth as it passes over our location, which is just begging for some epic mythology. If we can not see the opposite side of the globe, then what we would see would be very dark winters and very bright summers, as the atmosphere dissipates the light of the sun and makes it hard to see exactly what is producing the light. The most interesting thing here is that the due to the polar orbit and the fact that the spotlight sweeps over the poles every day, the poles would be very warm and the equator quite cold, with a nice gradient in between. I've mocked this up in the quick-and-dirty image below:As you can see, there's a lot of overlap at the pole (the center of this diagram) and some areas are not directly touched at all (near the edge, aka the equator). This would set up the reverse of air and sea patterns that we observe on Earth, with heat transfer from the poles to the equator via rising, warm air and water near the poles and dense, cold air and water descending near the equator. There would likely be a band of ice around the equator and tropics/desert near the poles.It might take some time with pencil, paper, and Google, but I think you can absolutely get a stable ecosystem and planet out of this setup. And its very nature lends itself to some very dramatic storylines!.

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