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How Would You Explain Faith to Someone Who Was Raised Atheist and Is Mystified by the Concept of Fai

Ask him who created stars ,sun and moonAnimals, birds butterfliesflowers Plants, fruits Who made light bearing flies.big fishes and sea creaturesWho made rubies ,,,emerald and precious stoneWho made big whirlwinds and RAINSCan we control rain?Who made big stars ,,,black holes,galaxies etc..Who made a neutron and a protonand an electronWho is controlling it and given a law to them?Who made all these in a perfect balance.

Who given us reasoning while comparing with animalsI think behind the curtain there is a mighty loving hand and a heart ..And i call him as my lord ,named Jesus..Ask ur logical friend what he thinkz

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Is Arvind Kejriwal losing support?

How does it feel like to run a state where you have absolutely no control over the police? Where u have to protest on the streets to penalize few policemen. As a CM surely he has many more issues to address , than creating "Rakhi Sawant" of himself. This action to defend his minister's surely has led to decline in support of AAP. Besides , closely observing , it was when Arvind Kejriwals and AAP's reputation was tarnished then suddenly news and polls of BJP being the hot choice in Uttar pradesh and bihar flooded the news floor. One can understand , under whose payroll the media is ? , and brought Modi once again under the Lime-light


Why is America shamed for slavery? Were we not the first to end it?

No, but then laws abolishing it didn't really resolve the problem. Credit to the northern Union states for:Fighting s civil war to end it.Deferring war until peaceful measures taken to reconcileTreating slaves relatively well. Of course the media and historians like to cherrypick the significance or degree of injustice. You just dont hear about the slaves treated well. You don't see acknowledged the persecution of white Americans by other whites for their accommodation.

You don't see such consideration of the context in which these people were raised. Seemingly empathy is a quality reserved for one type of victim, and perpetrators aren't allowed to be victims. That would complicate the narrative too much. Its easier to castigate anyone who isn't sanctimoniously simple as bigots, racists, deniers, et al


Which fictional character's death upset you the most?

Spoilers, obviously, but this is an old movie.The film is The Neverending Story. Artax has not been mentioned. That death really affected me, and although I havent seen the film in years, Im sure it would affect me again.One reason it affected me so profoundly is that it wasnt a death for a cause, nor was he killed in battle, nor was it even the result of an accident. Either of those would be shocking and sad, but the fact that Artax essentially dies of sadness, of grief, of despair, well you never know when those things may engulf you or (perhaps more to the point) somebody you care about, and therell be nothing you can do


Does shutting your car off at red lights save fuel, or does starting the car again consume more fuel than you save?

Short answer is Yes, it will. But, if you shut your car off at a light, how fast can you get it restarted? Todays cars turn off the engine at a red light to save fuel. When you remove your foot from the brake, the car will start in anticipation of you pressing the accelerator (unless it is a hybrid, then there is a longer delay).Can you turn your car back to a running condition and get it into gear that fast manually? I think not.

That said, if you know a light is long, and can see the lights for the crossing traffic and can anticipate your green light, then go for it!


Have you attended a marriage retreat with your spouse? Did you feel it was helpful to your marriage?

After a lot of recommendations by other couples and even an offer of looking after the children for the weekend, we went on a thing called Marriage Encounter. Its designed for good marriages to give couples an opportunity to develop their relationship even more. It was a Catholic thing but I believe other churches do it too.

In between the group session we had to go back to our rooms and write each other a letter about the particular topic and then discuss it with each other. Unfortunately (?) my husband and I agreed with each other and wrote pretty much the same things as each other, So we had to find something else to do with our time alone


What is Led Zeppelin's longest song?

Overall, it was Dazed And Confused. While the song was around 6 minutes on their debut album, it became very long throughout the early 70's, reaching close to a half hour when they recorded their 3 shows at Madison Square Garden in July 1973 for their 'The Song Remains The Same' live album... When they started touring again in 1975, the song grew a little more finally peaking during their final show of the 1975 North American tour at the LA Forum on March 27 with a 47 minute performance of the song..On their studio albums, they recorded 3 songs over 10 minutes. In My Time Of Dying, Achilles Last Stand, and Carouselambra. However, I can't remember which was the longest of those lol. Pretty sure it was In My Time Of Dying


How is the life of a Hindu in Saudi Arabia?

I have lived in Saudi Arabia since I was nine months old actually I know the answer name says Ishita Bhatt but I am her daughter Tanishi Bhatt As I grew , I understood the compulsions people mainly women have in the country.My mom had to compulsorily wear a burkha whenever we went out.We were also not allowed to keep idols of Durga Maa, Ganpati Bappa , Krishn Ji, Kaali Maa , e.


cMany festivals had to be celebrated with a lot of caution in mind.For example : during Navratri, we had to make sure the volume of the Garba song doesnt become too loud and doesnt disturb the neighbours.That is how I led the first 10 years of my life as a Hindu in Saudi Arabia.


What was it like to live in Indonesia during the Suharto era?

Well, all I can tell you is it was more like a dictatorial era.You were not allowed to say any negative stuffs about the government unless you want yourself to be dead the next day. For us, the Chinese-Indonesian, we were not allowed to learn Chinese language by that time. We were also part of the discriminated race. I can tell you its a really hard time for all of us.But, keep in mind that without Soeharto, the Indonesia you see today wont be the same, especially in Java Island. The capital city of Indonesia, Jakarta, also wont be as good as what you are looking at right now


For atheists raised as Muslims, what led you to stop believing?

All the bad things it says against women and slavery and just not having anything to do with history or common sense there is 0 proof for anything said in quran or any religious bookI have personally been isolated prayed for hated by all my neighbors and friends but i just didn't care and thats why i became an agnostic started dressing scary and people in my country are afraid of me but i have personally converted so many people from islam to atheism and agnosticism simply by reading them the thing quran saysI come from an almost exclusively muslim country so my taste in music clothes and my behaviour is not only frowned upon but hatedAsk any questions in comments if you are interested


When the Greeks gained independence from the Ottomans, why did they choose to name the new country Greece instead of bringing back the Byzantine Empire?

They did try to bring back the Byzantine Empire. Look up The Megali Idea. For most of the 1800s and early 1900s Greece was trying to expand its borders with the eventual goal of reclaiming Constantinople as their capital. After the Asia Minor catastrophe of 1922 Greece gave up on the idea. The name Greece is Latin and was given to them by the western powers. The Greeks refer to their country as . (Ellada) (Hellas for short). Also the Greeks never referred to themselves as the Byzantines. That was a later creation by western historians. During the Byzantine period they simply referred to their empire as the (my spelling is probably way off lol) (the Greek translates to Roman Empire)


What are some negative qualities you have? How did you manage to turn them into your strength?

Hurt my ego and I would rise above everything to prove you wrong.The worst quality of mine is that I'm Egoistic.When I was in 11th standard we had a physics teacher.

He always said, "Study, or you won't succeed in your life."That was against my belief. I always believed that education is not compulsory to get successful in life.At a point in my life I decided that I would do anything but study.

Unconsciously I started hating studies. And, few other incidents led me to quit studies.Today, I don't hate that sir or studies.But, I have proved that studies are not necessary to get successful.It's your attitude that matters.That ego led me to this life.A life I'm in love with


How does American freedom differ from European freedom? Isn't freedom all in your head? What can you actually do and want to do than just a word? How does freedom differ?

In my mind, an American is free to do many many things, but is not protected from gun violence, medical bankruptcies, etc. So how free is he really? Maybe hes even enslaved to a rather extreme form of capitalism?Europeans can still do many things but there are limits. Don't try waving a nazi flag in public for example, or buying Mein Kampf. You won't become a billionaire either, even if you're the new Bill Gates (Guillaume Dupont?). They are however protected from most gun violence, and becoming homeless just because they lost their medical insurance from work after they fell ill. That is definitely a form of freedom as well.


How much does Trump have in common with the biblical antichrist?

Nothing. The biblical antichrist(s), yes also in the plural form are second century preachers who teach that Jesus was not fully human. That Jesus had a fake body. They could not envisage that Jesus was ever subjected to human activities like peeing and pooping. For more information about biblical antichrists read the letters 1 John and 2 John. When you have read these letters you have seen all the words 'antichrist' that are present in the bible. The word does not appear in the gospels, the Pauline letters, the other letters and not in Revelation.In fiction books about the End Times you might find other descriptions of an antichrist but these fiction writers do not follow the bible with regard to the word antichrist. They invented their own.


What is linear and Non Linear components in electronics?

linear components are component that have a linear correspondence between their governing properties in electronics: Resistor - correspondence between voltage to current (VR*I). Capacitor - correspondence between voltage and charge (QCV) . Inductor - correspondence between magnetic field to current (phiL*I).

Non linear components are devices where the correspondence between the an governing parameters is non linear as an example take a semiconductor diode, the correspondence between the diode current at the diode voltage is: I_d I_0 e^fracq_eV_dkT other non linear components bipolar junction transistor, junction field effect transistor, MOS field effect transistor, many other components display non linearity such as PTC resistor, NTC resistor, SCR, . even actual physical resistors display some nonlinearity due to temerature dependence of the resistor material


What did Jimi Hendrix think of Led Zeppelin's music?

Theres not much recorded about Jimis views on Zeppelin, and what little there is has been covered by others in this thread. One thing to keep in mind though is that Jimi died before Led Zeppelin III came out, and even led Zeppelin II came out at a time when Jimi was moving away from heavy pop/rock/blues and moving into a more jazz-oriented style. Electric Ladyland came out before Led Zeppelin I, and even by then Jimi had a more experimental style with less emphasis on distortion and heavy blues. So there really isnt a lot of overlap, and we can only guess what Jimi would have thought of Led Zeppelin in their prime in the mid 70s

How Would You Explain Faith to Someone Who Was Raised Atheist and Is Mystified by the Concept of Fai 1

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