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I Am Installing 12 Volt Downlights.How far Can You Place the Downlight From the Transformer?

Besides the wire gage used it depends on amps and watts used. A solar panel charges the batteries at our cabin; 2 12v HD truck batteries, and we have all the 12v lighting we need and we have a converter and get about 6 hours of 110v power from 2 batteries putting out a 12v charge

I Am Installing 12 Volt Downlights.How far Can You Place the Downlight From the Transformer? 1

1. How do I replace a transformer for a downlight?

For goodness me sake-can you be a lil more vague?A"downlight"??? Ok-I will give this my best attempt-go to a hardware store that maybe carries that kind of light,or call the manufacturer-e-mail,ask for a replacement and the cost,including shipping-cause alot of times it aint worth fixxing,per the cost of a replacement and shipping!Ok-so you get the part,unplug the old lite find a way to take apart aand replace with new-probably need a couple wire nuts of the right size(my guess would be orange-if its just lamp cord size wire)put the thing back together-and see what happens! Here's one lil note to be aware of:elecricity can make our lives so much easier,but it can kill us easily too!My suggestion is if you can take the light with you to get the part,and keep asking questions,someone will usually help you-just to get ya out of the store!Good luck!You will need a pair of wire strippers,some electrical tape,a phillips and straight end screwdrivers,2 or 3 wire nuts,as well as maybe a ladder and make sure the switch and breaker controlling that circuit-are off!

2. How do you downlight your hair with foil?

just think of your self getting highlights, but using a dark color instead of bleach. think if you want them noticable, streaky or do you want them less noticable and thin. considering this will help the stylist and she can go from there. also find pictures of what you like, pictures always help. :)

I Am Installing 12 Volt Downlights.How far Can You Place the Downlight From the Transformer? 2

3. How do I replace a transformer for a downlight?

I expect that it will be more costly to replace the transformers than to replace the entire fixtures. Fixtures are often put on sale by the big box stores while replacement parts always sell at full retail. Watch the flyers for sales and then shop around to find fixtures you like at a price you can afford. Turn off the power breaker and remove the old light fixtures. The new ones will likely have a leaflet showing how to install them. Connect black wires to black wires, white to white. Bare or green wires are joined. Have fun. You can do it.

4. How easy is it to install an LED downlight in a concrete ceiling?

The economy of the design of a slab is the minimum thickness and steel for the load it varries. Apart from this, if the slab in question is a roof slan, it should also serve the purpose of being a moisture barrier. In this scenario, a recessed light fitting into the slab is not advisable. The ideal thing to do, therefore, is to have gypsum false ceing of say 6 inches, into which the lights can be recessed. This will also makes alterations to the positions of the light as well as adding more lights very easy

5. what is the brightest most economical downlight that you can buy?

Stop what you are doing , why change the fixtures change the lamps that is what uses the electricity not the fixture

6. There's water coming through my downlight?

if the other set of lights is on a seperate switch and theres no water dripping from them then u can leave them on, you would be better off if you could find a handyman instead of wasting your time with a electrition or plumber because both will want to come after the roofer has been there so find someone that will do it all . fix the leak and dry out the lights

7. What does recessed downlight mean?

A downlight is one which is designed or positioned to throw illumination downwards, rather than outwards into the whole room. A light fitting that is recessed has been installed so that its surface is flush, or almost flush, with the ceiling or wall and none, or almost none, of the fitting is visible apart from the light itself

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