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If Sarah Palin Is Trying to Get Away From the Spotlight, Why Did She Give 5 Network TV Interviews Ye

Yall got your own problems, pick a new target

If Sarah Palin Is Trying to Get Away From the Spotlight, Why Did She Give 5 Network TV Interviews Ye 1

1. Why are African American Women not more in the spotlight?

it's starting to come up more a lot of commercials do not do interracial relationships. Black women you will hardly ever find outside they race. it's more acceptable between white women and black men but black women and white men rather stay in they own race.

2. Why are Republicans bringing values back into the spotlight?

Funny since it is mostly liberals that are livid and whining about them with their visious question and answers about Palin's daughter

If Sarah Palin Is Trying to Get Away From the Spotlight, Why Did She Give 5 Network TV Interviews Ye 2

3. How would you deal with your significant other being in the spotlight and adored by a lot of fans?

I guess I have to be the leader of his FAN .CLUB.... is not that why I am your Significant Other

4. Using Spotlight to play iTunes songs causes another song to play after resuming from pause

Unfortunately there's no 'fix' for the described behavior that I am aware of.However, there are a lot of free/paid utilities that will not only do what you need, but also improve the experience overall. I could list you a dozen utilities but instead I will let you do your homework and decide what is best for you. This list contains an important amount of utilities for iTunes controlling.I can tell you which ones I use and my experience with them. 1) Coversutra: It's a very well designed paid application. You can check their website for a more comprehensive summary (and a trial). The developer (Sophia) reads the suggestions and bug reports. Pros: It's very good for searching, very good. Think of a spotlight music dedicated. You can easily switch between playlists, songs, artists, etc. All from the menubar. (I activate it with shift cmd space. It also has a controller where you can define your keys for showing album art, define song rating, next, prev, pause, etc. The typical controller stuff. You will rarely need the keyboard. Cons: Although it has been optimized several times and results come extremely fast, scrolling the results is not as fast as one would expect. Sometimes certain actions might need a "click".All in all, it's a product that works fantastically for me.2) Launchbar: I use Launchbar for everything, and sometimes for music too. Since it has iTunes support, you can easily type the name of a song/artist/list and will happily play it. What it does is create a playlist called Launchbar and whenever you make a selection, it adds the relevant songs to that list, therefore when you pause/play, things work normally. You can also do the same things (pause, play, next) from launchbar. Pros: It's also very fast and it does a lot of things (can not live without it!)Cons: Might be overkill for a song launcher/iTunes controller only

5. Why is Fox News giving a spotlight to these goofy "Tea Party" protests?

Blew their infamous line "Fair and Balanced". But they will never admit it. True Republican method of denial, it's called New Speak

6. Xbox 360 spotlight on E3?

Well, the 360 has alot going for it, and with the addition of the new Firmware for the dashboard coming in fall, and 3 or 4 major releases including Gears 2, Fallout 3, Fable 2, and FF 13, the lineup just becomes amazingly attractive. What PS3 and the Wii will announce is hard to tell, but as of now, the larger gaming community seems to be focusing in on what Microsoft is going to offer

7. Do you think Brian Keselowski gets frustrated that his brother is in the spotlight?

No. he knows it takes hard work. I am sure he is seeing himself in a year or two

8. Why do right wingers keep putting "no name" liberals in the spotlight?? more...?

Umm....ok..... How about Ted Kennedy, Nancy Pelosi, Barbara Boxer, Dick Durbin, John these names help your cause? EDIT: Ok....well, how about these crazies put themselves into the spotlight - not Republicans. We did not ask Cindy and her Code Pink crowd to protest the Walter Reed Hospital for our injured soldiers to see. We did not ask Churchill to write an essay in which he called victims of the 9/11 terror attacks "little Eichmanns," comparing them to Nazi bureaucrat Adolf Eichmann. We did not ask a potential President of the USA to befriend an Anti-American, bigot.

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