Is 2020 a Scary Time to Be Unemployed?

It depends on what you're capable of. If you were fortunate enough to be taught about the Outdoors; then you'll have an advantage over those who haven't been taught how to. If you have to, ask around your Town , about where the Local Food Pantries are. They'll be able to help y'all. Don't be afraid to ask for help

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What are some examples of rock bands where the acknowledged leader is not the lead singer?

Led Zeppelin, Van Halen, Fallout Boy, Dave Clark Five, ACDC, Santana, Steely Dan, Alan Parsons Project, J Geils Band, Mike the Mechanics; the first two were the first I thought of and one could argue the other side with much effort, but there are many very similar to those. Like Boston, Fleetwood Mac, Moody Blues, Pink Floyd, Journey, Genesis, Misfits, Ted Nugent, Sex Pistols, Black Flag, Deep Purple, and the list goes on


If Arjuna was powerful than Karna then how did Karna defeat Bhagdatta while Arjuna couldn't do so?

Karna Digvijay is NOT a part of critical edition Mahabharata.. It is an interpolation. Bhagadutta would have defeated Karna without shedding a drop of sweat.Arjuna clearly defeated and killed Bhagadutta. I do concede Krishna saved Arjuna from infallible Vaisnavaastra but that doesnt change statistics.Bhagadutta engaged and defeated Bheema and Ghatockacha when Drona,Kripa and Duryodhana were quite helpless.It is not in dig vijaya its in vana parva.


Why did JFK choose LBJ as his running mate?

Rather than repeat everything Ive posted previously about this subject I will post a link below, to my previous answer that covers the real reasons that the Kennedy Brothers put LBJ on the ticket with JFK in 1960 - in a word . . . . blackmail (by LBJ and his good buddy FBI Director, J. Edgar Hoover).- David Myers's answer to Why was John F. Kennedy assassinated?


What happens if you desert in the U.S army?

You will receive a viscious pistol whipping followed by a butt stock breakfast and a waterboarding of epic proportions that youd wish that you were a mud sucking mud skipper then after that comes the real punishment of listening to Red Red Wine by UB40 at volume 10 until theres no more brain waves ! . Oh yeah and Raspberry Beret to !


How does watching a solar eclipse damage your eyes?

Without special lenses, you can burn your retinas and that can lead to permanent blindness.I watched the eclipse in 2017 from Columbia, Missouri. I kept the glasses on until the eclipse was total. At that time I was able to remove my glasses and view the corona without glasses. As soon as the total eclipse was ending I put my glasses back on.I purchased the glasses from Amazon


Why didn't Mexico enter World War I to invade the US and reclaim land stolen by the US during the Mexican-American War?

Mexico would have lost, and in short order. Some rumors were that that he Zimmeman letter and other provocations were instituted by business developers and speculators to create an opportunity to seize what is now Baja California, which was sparesly populated. If that had succeeded there would have probably developed a West Coast version of Florida, with many resort and retirement communities, and Film production facilities.


What happens when you report someone to Child Protective Services?

You ruin an entire families life, cps relies on reporting for their next paycheck, a report comes in, they get a warrant, the child/children are relocated, a 12 month case is opened and the ultimate end goal is to rehouse the children permanently with someone else at which point they receive payment. Cps is in fact "legal" trafficking. I wouldn't wish cps on my worst enemy.


Why isn't John Paul Jones celebrated as much as the other three in Led Zeppelin?

Kyle Dallman's answer was the most accurate. John Paul Jones didn't want to be in the spotlight. In Stephen Davis' book 'LZ-'75: The Lost Chronicles of Led Zeppelin's 1975 American Tour,' he states many times that JPJ really only showed up for gigs; he wasn't really 'beer buddies' with the other three. But that's what he wanted: to be part of making amazing music and avoiding all the other celebrity shit that goes with it


If an American ally wanted to order a brand-new

If you got the money you can almost buy anything. The weaponry on the carrier would be dated. Unfortunately, the Nimitz is a turkey as well as the Ford Class. For a smaller nation, the French Mistral class would be far more functional. Yes I studied them all when the issue of the French withholding two Mistral class vessels from delivery to Russia came up


Why did Scotland agree to be part of Britain in the first place?

Hmm agreed? The majority were never asked and there was rioting in the streets of Edinburgh when it happened. The truth is Scottish bankers and nobles (the ruling classes at the time) had bankrupted themselves and the country trying to set up a colony in Central America. England agreed to bail them out, if they agreed to give up their sovereigntity. They did.


Which Bollywood actor has been in the most movies?

Hello there,I am quite surprised no one noticed the list of actors who are actually in most of the movies like, jagdeep, paresh rawal, amrish puri, johnny lever johnny walker and most of the best A K Hangal sir who was one of the oldest one in the movies from long back were in the most of the movies till today.RegardsJai shree Krishna


What was it like to be around Hitler during the final days of WW2?

No one will be able to answer this question anymore.It was over 70 years ago. Even the few people who were old enough at the time and are still alive wont be able to correctly recollect the events as memory blurs and gets colored by other events over time.The best thing you can do is read up on literature from an academic standpoint.


Was there a particular reason why President Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize?

Actually, few people know that Obama won ALL the Nobel prizes for 2009:-Peace, for emphasizing diplomacy in his speeches,-Medicine, for lifting the spirits of millions,-Physics, for his strong personal magnetism,-Chemistry, for a powerful charisma that forges productive relationships with everybody he meets,-Economics, for rescuing the country from financial meltdown-Literature, for his masterful 'The Audacity of Hope'


How can you defend yourself against someone who lies to get a restraining order against you?

This happened to me.In the hearing, I had to hear the victim lying against me in front of the juries and the judge.The judge didnt even give a chance for my lawyer to prove that I am the one whos been abused, my manipulative partner is lying, and that I am the one who should be filing the protective order.It sucks. Dont marry a crazy one


Why can't we have a people's president like Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam again?

Because Politics is a dirty playground where a person who gives importance to education, progressive thought process, science lover, humanity preacher is never qualified enough.Since President is elected by members of both the houses it is not possible MPs sitting there would care about electing a people's president.Apart from him all President have wrestled, grilled and got beaten in their political career enough to understand Indian Politics.


Is PM Modi's 'raincoat' remark for Dr Manmohan Singh correct?

No its not correct. But not for the reason you are thinking. PM Modi's comment was in reference of MMS staying clean even when everyone in his cabinet was looting this country.I personally feels that Manmohan Singh wasn't completely dry when he was bathing with raincoat. His silence was itself a proof that he was accustomed to all the corrupt practices that were going around him. He was not clean. Period.


How were Lenin and Stalin ideologically similar as leaders?

Simple continuity. Stalin made a success of what Lenin began.See The Soviet Past and Stalin was the real heir of Lenin.Attempts to prove a difference proved to be nonsense. There has never been a successful variant of Leninism that denied Stalin. The Soviet Union ruined itself by pretending there was, whereas Peoples China still respects Mao but has moved on.See Why Trotskys politics achieved nothing solid and Khrushchev Influenced By Trotskyism.


Why didn't anybody stop Stalin?

Simply because he stopped everybody else. Most likely he poisoned Lenin, certainly he ordered Trotsky to be assassinated and the list is long from Kaganovich and Zinovyev. Simply put he played the game of thrones and he won. But if he didnt, some other asshole wouldve risen to power who wouldve done similar things. Communism was a cult of blood and murder, particularly before WW2


How come the world doesn't seem to really care that much about what's happening in Kashmir between India and Pakistan?

What is happening in Kashmir? Right now, the Indian government is making a huge effort to promote peace in the area, and to help it develop. Forget your propaganda from Pakistan! Pakistan wants Kashmir to boil, so the army can cash in, hence lots of stories about murder and rape. Many are seeing their cash cow walking into the distance, hence the whip-up.


What would happen if a USS Nimitz Class Aircraft Carrier was sunk?

Based on the second part of your question, I assume you are only concerned with what would happen with the nuclear reactor.No, it would not cause a nuclear explosion. If it sank in water deemed shallow enough that an adversary could possibly go after the nuclear fuel or other items on board we wouldnt want to fall into anyone elses hands, we would take steps to keep that from happening.


Who is more powerful, Darth Sidious or Darth Vader?

In the Canon Disney Vader was close or even equal to Sidious, his power and it is more incredible exploit than anyone, his armor has no weak point and especially this story of 80% is bull shit, Vader was probably the most powerful user Force, I not speak about Luke TLJ, Bendu and The Ones. Hidalgo himself said that this story of loss of potential was retcon!


Why did France surrender so quickly while the Soviet Union held out for years? British intelligence expected France to hold out, and the USSR to collapse. Why did the opposite happen?

Several reasons, of course...One was that many French people had enough war , 1918, The Great Depression hit everywhere, Poor military leadership, ...and many French were actually National Socialists. The Civilian leadership was also inept. The British Intelligence made an error!.. The Soviet Union did nearly collapse... then rebounded... ( some say massive U.S. lend-lease support played an important role.

.. to both nations . ).


In ASOIAF, who mints coins?

The larger denominational coins generally bear the heads of the current king. When Tyrion escapes, Qyburn makes the point that coins found in the prison are from a long-dead king.So presumably there is a Royal Mint under the control of the Master of Coin for the Seven Kingdoms. I would imagine the Iron Bank and other foreign powers have their own mints


What do nurses notice about patients that patients don't consciously think about?

Most of the time they dont think we are busy and that they are the only patient we are looking after. Also pain relief other than Panadol and neurofen take a while to get due to legality procedures, so we cant just pop you out a panadeine forte in 2 seconds. Also dont be upset if we cant make you a coffee right away, as someone in the next room maybe coding.


Who is most popular Indian TV actor?

These 2 are the TRP Kings of TVSriti Jha & Shabbir AhluwaliaSriti Jha and Shabbir Ahluwalia, who plays the roles of Pragya and Abhi, respectively, on the show are the most loved celebrities. They have a huge fandom.Abhi & Pragya Love StoryAbhi and Pragya's love story is the saving grace the show. The fans somehow want their favourite couple to be reunited and they are waiting for it.



Why does Darth Vader not kill Darth Sidious earlier?

Because he wasent ready yet, he needed powerfull apprentice on his side cough starkiller cough. When this failed he tried to find mur talismann which is sith artifact that boosts users power in the force, because talismann had dangers to it he didnt want to try to kill sidious with it. Finally he tried to turn luke skywalker to his side so they can kill emperor together and rule the galaxy.


What will be the future of the Congress party in Indian politics?

Future Is OK Till Rahul & Priyanka Are There.

So, All In All 1-2 Terms Of Congress In Centre Is Assured.


How Will Gandhi Family Ensure That Power Remains Cantered After These Two.

1. Priyanka's Kids Can Come In, But That Will Require A Lot Of Selling. May Be She Will Have To Do A BENEZIR BHUTTO. Can She Is Definitely The Question

2. Rahul Is Definitely Not Marrying.


Will Devin Nunes be censured?

Probably not. In the history of the House, censure has been used 23 times, and most of the cases arose during the 19th century.In the modern history of the United States House Committee on Standards of Official Conduct (since 1966), censure has been used five times. Censure in the United States - WikipediaThe House has enough on its plate with Trump.

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