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Is It Possible to Convert a Hardwire Light Fixture to Solar?

Depends on the light fixture. Most are 120V and if an incandescent bulb will run on DC. The small solar arrays that you see on the yard lights are normally low voltage and run off rechargeable batteries (DC) that are recharged by the solar array. If you want to put a lot of money into it, you can get a large array that will output more voltage.

Is It Possible to Convert a Hardwire Light Fixture to Solar? 1

1. How much money will it cost to replace pool light fixture?

call the company and find out ? come on people

2. How bad is it to hook up a light fixture and forget to hook up the ground wire?

Can you say, "oh my god, call 911 my house is on fire"?

Is It Possible to Convert a Hardwire Light Fixture to Solar? 2

3. Emergency light fixture is "buzzing" help...?

Time to replace it or to have a qualified professional electrician repair it

4. Can I safely ground a light fixture if the ceiling box has two hot and one neutral wire (no ground wire)

If you do not have a ground wire installed with the other wires do not hook up the ground wire without knowing how the wires were carried to the box. If the house is wired with flexible metallic tubing (flex) your grounding the fixture can create an extremely hazardous situation. Older homes are sometimes wired this way. I have run into this situation a lot in my field work. Untrained electricians think any ground is a safe ground. This is not true. Grounding was required starting in 1962.

5. How do you replace a light fixture in a 2 story foyer?

with great difficulty and a very long ladder. In all seriousness, when I was faced with the same problem as you, I just left the light out because I needed to get someone in to scaffold.

6. How do you get a light fixture off the ceiling?

If you have to ask in here, by all means, call an electrician

7. how easy is it to change a light fixture?

Just to add to the above: You want to check right next to the center light for the screws or two small rounded things that can be twisted off

8. Cut wire too short when installing light fixture - now what?

Since we can not see the whole fixture, it's hard to make a proper suggestion... but I am willing to bet you can just replace the wire with a longer one

9. how can i turn a light fixture into an electical socket?

they make and adapter that looks like the male end of a light bulb on one side and as thee "holes" like a standard electric outlet on the other..they are about $1.....just screw it in ..then plug in what ever you to constant on....just do not flick the switch???...?? why did others make this so hard??

10. How to switch direct wire fluorescent light fixture to a 3 prong plug?

New fixture, new bulbs, wired correctly, not working. Test the voltage at the receptacle where you are plugging it into. Got proper voltage? "Just because it's new, does not mean it's good". Good luck in all you do and may God bless

11. Do I need an outlet box to install an outdoor light fixture?

Electrical code requires that all junctions be accessible in a box, so you definitely need one here. You have two choices (that I know of at least):The exterior boxes come in a range of depths and colors so you should be able to find one you like

12. u are painting a ceiling with a large round light fixture in the middle of it. if the ceiling is 12 ft by 8 f?

If you are looking to find the area not covered by the light fixture then 1. find area of rectangular cieling 2. find area of circular fixture/ 3. Area of rec- area of circle that is the area you will paint

13. A light fixture holds two lightbulbs. Probability problem.?

a) it is easier to first calculate the probability that A lasts longer and then subtracting it from one. for A to last longer than B ,it needs to have a lifetime of 750-900 hours, the probability of this happening is (900-750)/ 200= 3/4 probability that B lasts 900 to 750 hours : (900-750)/300= 1/2 3/4*1/2= 3/8 this is the probability that the lifetime of both of them be somewhere between 750 to 900 hours, now we assume that in this interval half of the times A is more than B so 3/8*1/2=3/16 this is the probability that A will last longer, to know the probability that B will last longer : 1-(3/16)= 13/16

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