Led Strip Lights and Led Downlights: What You Should Know About Them

LED strip lights are very easy to install. Unfortunately, many people do not like LED lighting because they consider it as a too cold form of lighting. Although this was the case at some point, things have changed.

Today, there are LED chips that can be bought locally and online. There are LED suppliers who offer different types of LED lighting in various colours including white. This means that you can get white LED lights from warm 2200K which is almost the same as light from a candle flame.

Why you should choose LED strip lightingApart from simple installation, LED lights are very energy efficient. Strip lights are also called ribbon or tap lights. They are available for different applications.

You can get premium and standard series of these lights. There are also side emitting strips, high brightness strips and the latest bendable strips. Bendable strips are ideal for installed around the corners without having to cut them.

VersatilityThese lights are very popular dur to their flexibility. They are the most versatile forms of lights that you can get in the current market. They use less electrical power to produce more light.

You can use these lights outdoors or indoors. They are suitable for both commercial and domestic applications. Today, you can find these lights installed in different locations globally.

LED downlightsThese LED lights are the most energy efficient, longer lasting alternative to the halogen lights. They are used in replacing other lights in various locations and applications. When planning a kitchen or bathroom, you need to consider these lights.

This is because your bathroom or kitchen should be split into different zones. Every zone requires downlights that meets ingress protection ratings. Downlights have an IP rating that makes them suitable for fitting over the shower cubicles.

Additionally, you avoid the risk of splashing water on the downlights when you install them in the kitchen or bathroom. In most cases, any type of downlights can be installed in the bathroom zones.Generally, LED lighting has changed how people install lights in their properties, how they use electric power in lighting and the overall appearance of different living spaces.

These lights are available in different brands, styles and designs. It is important that you consider the available LED lights including downlights and LED strip lights. This way, you will buy lights that will serve your application better while reducing your monthly utility bills.

know more information visit our website: RELATED QUESTION Were can I get quality outdoor LED lighting for my landscape project? If short maintenance, eco friendly landscape lighting is a precedence for you, outdoor LED lighting is a ideal option for your landscape lighting design. LED landscape lighting offers the protection, security and artistic qualities as any other landscape lighting solution, but it also offers a concentrated ecological footprint and lower maintenance.

You can emphasize the beautiful architecture of your homes external or landscaping with tactically placed outdoor lighting by LV Lightings. While your options may seem endless, its significant to believe the role you want your outdoor lights to play. Will they be for security reasons, or for more ornamental purposes?

Outdoor LED lighting may be more luxurious up front than other options, but in the long run it will go easier on your wallet than other bulbs. From LV Lightings LED lights have a long life span and offer excellence lighting that is power efficient. Whatever options you settle on, youre sure to find a extensive selection of charming and well-designed landscape lighting right here on LV Lightings.

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Led Downlights Explained - Articles Factory
Recessed downlights or "can lights" as they are called in America, are a type of light fixture commonly found in kitchens and bathrooms. Unlike traditional fixtures, which protrude some distance from the ceiling, downlights are designed to sit up inside the ceiling so that only their front face can be seen. A typical downlight consists of a pressed steel or cast aluminium lamp holder with a decorative fascia. During installation, the downlight is inserted into a suitably sized hole where it is held in place with either spring or compression clips, depending on the type of downlight purchased. The physical size and brightness of downlights varies considerably, ranging from small decorative models measuring about 50mm in diameter to large commercial units of about 160mm or so. Downlights offer a number of aesthetic and practical advantages over traditional fixtures. Firstly, they look good, providing plenty of illumination while preserving the neat, streamlined appearance of a modern kitchen, living room or bathroom. Secondly, they are versatile, and can be installed anywhere as long as there is enough room for the housing. Finally, in terms of practicality, downlights can be used individually to create strong task lighting or in combination to create general ambience. In the latter case, many people prefer the option of a dimmer switch, with which to vary the level of light if necessary. When choosing downlights over traditional fixtures, it is important to determine how many and what brightness you need. Downlights should be evenly spaced for complete coverage and to avoid areas of the room being left in darkness. There are a number of "rules of thumb" that can hep you decide the type and number you need. There are a number of different types of downlight available, all with their own merits. Fixed downlights are non-adjustable and direct all their light downwards. Glimbal downlights have a moveable centre, which can be tilted in order to adjust the direction of the beam and create points of focus throughout the room. Eyeball downlights are similar to gimbals, but offer a greater degree of control over the beam angle. Finally, wall washers have a hinged housing that can be rotated 90 degrees for a "wall washing" effect. LED Downlights are some of the latest developments in recessed lighting technology, offering greater longevity, affordability and safety. While most traditional downlights can be retrofitted with LED Bulbs, it is often better to buy a fully integrated LED Downlight. In this case the LEDs are incorporated into the unit and cannot be removed, but offer greater performance and reliability. One of the chief issues surrounding downlights is heat. Due to their design, most of the heat produced by a downlight is directed towards the rear of the unit, which can potentially cause a fire risk, particularly in attic bedrooms where they are in close proximity to flammable insulation. As LED Downlights produce significantly less heat, they are much safer to use in these locations. Remember , check that all your downlights are fire rated and that they have a suitable IP rating when installating in the bathroom.
2021 04 06
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How Many Led Downlights Do I Need to Install for a Great Lighting?
You may use just one downlight if you want to highlight an object or a particular point in your room, but when you want to adequately light up your room, you need to use many downlights. The problem is to assess how many do you need! Well, there is no straight answer to that question. It depends on the size of the room and the activity to be performed therein. For instance, you'll need more lighting in kitchen as you'll be doing your cooking there, but you may not like as much light in your living room, where you might want to create a relaxed ambience. Moreover, it is also a matter of personal tastes and preferences. When you want to have ambient lighting, you should ensure to space your downlight uniformly to get grid like outline, considering the general profile of the room. You should focus on having a uniform distribution of light, in order to avoid creating shadows. Before you get started with the installation, you have to locate joists in the ceiling of the room. Having done that, you may proceed with the marking of positions where the fittings will be fixed. Keep a distance of about eight centimeters from the wall, to put off too much of light from striking against the walls, which can create undesired washing effect. You may have to increase this distance, depending on the positioning and design of furniture contained in the room. For instance, cupboards hanging on the walls of your kitchen could obstruct light and cause unnecessary shadows. The gap between two downlights is dependent on the dimensions of your fitting. Fittings having a diameter of four inches should have space of nearly four feet all round. Likewise, fittings with a diameter of five inches should have free space measuring five feet all around. You will understand that a reduction of space between any two light fittings will increase the intensity of light in your room, whereas on increasing that gap, you can create a softening effect. When including extra fittings, you can generally make up for reduced brilliance offered by smaller downlights. Otherwise, you may use a dimmer switch to easily increase or decrease the intensity of light emitted by LED downlights. However, when you want to have this kind of control over your lighting with a dimmer, you should use a Low Load Trailing Edge Dimmer Switch. Apart from having an all-purpose ambience, you can also use LED downlights for highlighting any specific area of any room. For best results, use eye-ball downlights, also known as gimbals. You have to define the area in the room that you would like to highlight, and accordingly arrange your fixtures. For instance, when the room has plenty of wall art on one of its walls, it will be appropriate to bring your downlight closer to the walls containing the exhibits you want to highlight. When you want to powerfully illuminate any area, you should try grouping your fitting together over that area.
2021 04 06
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All We Ever Need to Know About Led Downlights
Conventional lighting is fast being swopped out for LED options. One of the main reasons for this move is the huge reduction in electricity bills we can experience by switching to LED. Even if we're not using solar panels to power up, LED cuts our electricity usage by around 80%. As well as being highly energy efficient, LED downlights are the most eco-friendly and clean way to light up our lives and living spaces. Ecologically Friendly As we begin to do more to protect our earth's natural resources, one of the simplest ways to participate in becoming more eco-friendly is to change our lighting to LED. Since LEDs last as much as 20 times longer than other lighting options, LED downlights don't need replacing as often. Within the wider framework of manufacturing, packaging and shipping processes, the impact on our environment is greatly reduced. LED are also free of toxic materials and recyclable. Long Life One of the top reasons why LED downlights are the better choice is the long life of LED. Since this type of lighting doesn't burn out or stop working in the same manner that conventional lighting does, LED can be left on for extended hours and will still operate consistently for years. When left on for extended periods, the diodes naturally emit less light, creating further energy savings. Durable Design Well designed LED downlights are extremely durable. Manufactured using materials that can withstand vibration, shocks and external impacts, LEDs are widely used indoors as well as in rougher outdoor settings where heavy weather conditions like rain, wind, snow or sleet are found. This type of lighting is well safeguarded against external interference like vandalism and is useful in traffic control situations and public areas, walkways, and large buildings. LED Downlights and Dimmers While changing out your conventional lighting for LED downlights, it is possible to change dimmer switches to LED compatible dimmers. It's important to make this change because the load is far less with LED than with conventional lighting, being around 30W compared to 240W. Low Ultra Violet Emission Another major difference between conventional lighting and LED downlights is the fact that LED illuminates without producing high infrared light or UV emissions. This makes LED a superior choice for lighting used to highlight sensitive materials or objects. Products that may be affected by too much heat will thrive under LED. Historic artifacts are safer in galleries where LED is used. Premium Quality LED downlights In replacing our conventional light fittings with LED downlights, it is worthwhile seeking out the best quality fittings and LED we can find. This represents higher savings in the longer term as the LEDs will last for several years without losing strength and the premium quality ones offer amazing design flexibility. Of the companies at the leading edge of LED manufacture who specialize in breakthrough LED design.
2021 04 06
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LED Lighting Suppliers Offer a Large Variety of Items
LED lighting suppliers are businesses that sell lights. These businesses have seen a major increase in business over the past few years, and this is because of the popularity of these types of lights. You may not know exactly what these are, so here is an explanation. These lights are economic-friendly and they use only a small amount of electricity. People are switching all of their bulbs to these because of these reasons. By doing this, your electricity bill will usually drop, at least a little. LED stands for light emitting diode. These bulbs offer numerous other benefits too. They will last much longer, which means that you will not need to change them as often. They do not get as hot, nor do they consume the same amount of electricity as regular lights. You can purchase these directly form LED lighting suppliers. These companies sell to individuals and to companies. In fact, most electricians buy directly from companies like this. You can buy in bulk, or you can buy in small quantities. The nice part is the price. These companies are able to offer the best prices around. They are also able to offer the largest variety of types, sizes and styles. Many electrical companies will recommend using these types of lights. They tell their customers this because of the benefits these offer. With these, you will see lower electric bills, have less maintenance and you will have all the light you could possibly want. These are becoming extremely popular, especially in today's economy. With the economy is poor shape, people are constantly looking for ways to reduce expenses. This is one simple way that any homeowner can save money. For many years, incandescent bulbs were the only type available. It has been discovered that these bulbs are very inefficient. These bulbs have virtually remained unchanged since they were first created. There are many companies and manufacturers that are always looking for ways to improve current products. With these bulbs, they have found the perfect improvement. LED lighting suppliers can sell you these bulbs, and you will be very pleased with them. If you have never tried them before, give them a chance. You will probably not even notice a difference, at least not until you receive your electric bill. LED lighting suppliers are able to supply bulbs, fixtures and other necessary accessories to any business, home or company. These companies offer large stock inventories of all items, and the can help you find the right things for your needs. A lot of businesses are purchasing goods from these supply companies because of the large variety they offer. These companies even have specialists available to help you determine exactly what you need for your home, office or building. Find what you need by looking into a company like this. Talk to a specialist and find out ways you can save money and help the environment at the same time. You will be accomplishing two goals by doing this.
2021 04 06
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Improve the Lighting in Your Home by Using Led Downlights
For quite some time now, LED down lights have been influencing designers and homeowners equally for their distinct designs and benefits. Homeowners can easily and effectively change the looks of any room without incurring big expanse of changing the furniture, paint of carpet. Moreover, these lights help catching the eye of the onlookers. You can find these lights in use at many auction houses, car companies, art galleries, museums and large stores. Everybody has some family heirlooms that they want to display prominently in one of the rooms of their house to earn the appreciation of visitors and other members of family. Use of LED down lights is an excellent choice for homeowners wanting to highlight their prized possessions, though benefits of such lights are not restricted to homeowners alone as small businesses too can out these to good use. Installation of LED lights in small business premises such as bakeries and delis provides them new opportunities to attract and assist customers. Proper lighting helps customers in locating the desired items quickly. Further, if new products are effectively displayed, using appropriate lighting, customers' buying decisions can be influenced. Economic Value With the present shape of economy what it is, most householders are always looking for ways to buy essentially needed items at affordable prices? Lighting fixtures certainly fall in the category of essentials. LED light fittings are very easy to install, requiring no professional help and thus allow them to save some money by not engaging an electrician for doing the needful. Another big advantage of using LED down lights is that they consume very little electric power and thus help cutting on your utility bills. The light emitted by such a lamp can easily be adjusted as per requirements to suit the mood of the users. Since these lights operate on very nominal current, they don't produce much heat, as a result of which your air conditioner is not unduly loaded and that amounts to additional savings. Another feature worth mentioning is the availability of these lights in a large range of fittings. You can surely find an LED down light fixture that can help enhancing the looks of any wall or ceiling in any of your rooms. Consumers can check the size, shape and color of LEDs available in the market by going online or visiting a brick and mortar store. Keeping the requirements of the room or any special place in the house needing lighting, you can certainly find a suitable LED down light. Chrome is the most favored finish as it matches with a variety of LEDs effortlessly. Of course, you get other finishes too that you can choose from as per your taste and requirements.
2021 04 06
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Advice on Selecting LED Downlights
LED down-lights are growing in popularity in residential homes throughout the world. This particular type of lighting is energy efficient, helping the homeowner reduce their energy costs on a monthly basis.nThis type of lighting comes with a number of advantages, over and above its energy saving properties. This lighting also has a very long lifespan, saving you money and is of the highest quality.nLED down-lights are highly advanced over other down lighting options available on the market today. The biggest problem this type of lighting faces is heat, which is why it's imperative you are careful about your selection.nThe design of the lighting is an essential element to your overall room design, whether you intend placing the LED down light in the living room or dining room, maybe even the kitchen. There are a wide range of choices available from round to square designs finished in white or chrome. Your choice should be based on your overall room design and what will work best in the space.nChoose your LED down light based on the beam it provides. You will notice that some of the options enable you to direct the beam, very handy when you want to highlight a piece of art in your living room.nMost households choose a number of these lighting options to brighten the space and can point them in various directions to ensure the best possible light flow.nWhen choosing this type of lighting it's essential you choose a reputable supplier that only supplies the highest quality lighting products. You can find these suppliers online or in your local area. Ensure you do some research and read up on their customer reviews to ensure that you are getting the best of the best.nWhile price will probably play a factor, it's important that you don't go for the cheapest price, but rather go for a higher quality LED down light at a slightly higher price, which you know will last for many years.nAs mentioned before one of the biggest problems with this type of lighting is heat and if the lights are unable to dissipate the heat they will fail in a short period of time. This is why it's important to choose a reputable and experienced lighting installer. You want an electrician with experience with this type of lighting to ensure that your lights are installed correctly and are made to last for a number of years.nTo give you peace of mind, find out what warranty is offered with your LED down light. Having a warranty in place will provide you with a sense of relief should the light be faulty or have a problem when first installed.nIf offered, take advantage of the lighting companies design service. Some lighting companies will provide this service, helping you place your lights correctly to maximize the light flow in the room.nAs you know a light and bright room always feels spacious, which is why it's imperative you choose where to place your lights carefully. The placement of the lights will determine how many you will need.nYour overall design will also impact the number of lights you need. They come in singles or doubles and can be placed in the ceiling or even under hanging cabinets in the kitchen to provide you with the additional light you need.nCheck with your supplier and place an order for the number of lights required, ensure they are all the same as a mix and match can ruin your overall room design. Always try and choose a design that blends in with your home style, square chrome lights always work beautifully in a modern design, while white round lights work well in any room design.
2021 04 06
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The Latest Lighting Technology now Offers Led Downlights, Led Tubes
The technology of LED (light-emitting diode) is utilized in numerous industries, particularly in phone and computer manufacturing, advertising and interior designing. It provides lights for some phones and computers alike. The advertising industry also uses this technology in billboards and vans to promote products and services. This technology is about to dethrone incandescent bulbs in homes as well. Some countries have already ordered the phasing out of incandescent bulbs and LED is being tapped as the next frontrunner in home lighting solutions. As a home lighting solution, several LED products are offered to cater to different lighting needs. In addition to bulbs, there are also study lamps and table lamps that use LED. LED downlights and LED tubes are available as well. Downlights Downlights are usually placed in gardens, display cabinets, walk-in closets and along the driveway. Unlike the lights installed in ceilings, the surface of a downlight is either flat or looks like half of a sphere. In gardens, downlights have an aesthetic purpose. Lampposts provide general lighting for this area but the downlights improve the view during nighttime. Downlights have the same purpose in display cabinets and gardens. Additionally, they make it easier for you to find items. You can also use downlights to highlight a feature in your display cabinets. There are other areas in your house where you can place downlights. It can be installed in bedrooms, bathrooms and kitchens to enhance the rooms' lighting. It is a good addition to the garage as well. Portable downlights are also available. You can choose these if you are shopping on a tight budget. You can just move it in the areas where you need the additional lighting. Tubes Unlike downlights, tubes are typically attached to the ceilings. They serve as the main source of light in a room. Tubes come in different lengths. When you are quite budget-conscious, don't just go for shorter tubes because they are cheaper. Keep in mind the function of these lighting solutions. They should be able to provide efficient lighting for your rooms. Aside from length, check the brightness of the tubes as well. Price Right now, the price of downlights and tubes that use LED are higher than LED bulbs. One reason is that, unlike the latter, the options for LED downlights and LED tubes are limited. Some downlights may be as cheap as the bulbs. However, these ones are usually the smaller ones. LED lights don't spread light as efficiently as bulbs. If you install small downlights, the coverage will be limited and the brightness will be insufficient. As for the tubes, the cost of the less expensive ones is almost double the price of typical LED bulbs. The price for cheap LED bulbs ranges from $10 to $13. On the other hand, the price for cheap tubes with LED ranges from $17 to $26. The price of expensive ones can go as high $400. The expensive LED tubes have an edge though; these ones are harder to break than cheap ones. Thus, the expensive tubes are more durable than their cheaper counterpart.
2021 04 06
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The Best Choice: Downlights Vs Led Downlights
It is a known fact that downlights account for a great lighting accessory especially in hall ways and large buildings. They also create a somber mood with the great ambience they create. With the developments in the lighting sector, more and more people are turning to LED downlights. However, many are still considering whether to make them move and wonder if such downlight bulbs are a great option. Well, this can only be determined by looking at the several kinds of downlight bulbs available currently in the market and seeing both their advantages and disadvantages. There several types of downlight bulbs. These include the traditional incandescent bulbs, the compact fluorescent lights (CFL), halogen bulbs and the LED downlight bulbs. All these have been introduced with changing times and the incandescent bulbs are among the first kind of bulbs. They have a bright light though they are easily overshadowed in all aspects by other kinds. They are also very inefficient. The CFL bulbs are more energy efficient compared to the incandescent bulbs and also have a brighter light. However, their elongated shape makes them unfit in certain situations. They also contain mercury which is harmful to human health. Halogen bulbs are the brightest of all, they are also very compact. However, they emit a lot of heat making them a fire risk and are also inefficient in terms of energy consumption. LED downlights are the best currently out there. This is for a number of reasons. Firstly, they are unparalleled in energy efficiency and guarantee great savings in this regard. This kind of downlights requires very little amounts of energy for lighting. This enables savings of about 70% of the usual amount needed when using other lighting lamps. You can therefore reduce the electricity bills. They also emit very little heat therefore you will not have to use fans to cool the room thereby saving on energy use. The second reason is the fact that these lights are very durable and long lasting. They are not prone to burning and can last up to 50,000 hours compared to 5,000 hours of CFL and halogen bulbs and 1,000 hours of incandescent lights. They are durable and rust proof. Thirdly, they are very safe, both to the environment and human beings. They do not produce Chlorofluorocarbons and do not contain harmful substances like mercury. Their cool lighting also allows them to be near inflammable substances. Though their initial cost could be high, their long term savings make up for this and think of it as they will have paid for themselves in no time!
2021 04 06
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Eco Friendly Led Downlights Have a Nice Ambiance
There are a lot of different types of lighting fixtures to get for homes these days. Large stores sell hundreds of different styles and varieties. The internet offers a large amount of variety, as well. For a very soothing light, try LED downlights. These lights are designed to give a room a soft glow while providing enough light to see by. There are many styles to choose from. Some can be mounted in the ceiling and then made flush so that they are unobtrusive while still having maximum efficiency. A normal light bulb has a relatively short life span. They need to be replaced regularly. They also take up more energy, increasing one's power bills higher than they need be. With so many ways to make the new types of lights these days, it is strange to think that many people still rely on the old standard. Lights made with LED are low wattage but very bright. They light up a room and keep working for years longer than a standard light bulb. This can save lots of money over the long run. Since they last so long they also are quite hassle free, as you won't have the sudden issue of a burned out bulb in a dark hallway or room every couple of months. Saving money, though, is really only part of the advantage. Many retail outlets and many office buildings use bright fluorescent bulbs in order to generate enough light. These lights will generate plenty of light without having the staggering bright white light of a fluorescent bulb. Using these will give a place a more home like feeling. People are designed to work best under certain types of light. Though it may seem silly to think that the type of light you are working under is affecting you, many studies have shown that humans react in a number of ways to different light. These lights are softer and make whatever room they are in feel less intimidating. Getting LED downlights is cost effective, as they can save so much money. These eco friendly lights are the wave of the future, and will probably start coming standard in more and more homes in the future. Using these lights now will make you feel as though you are on the cutting edge. And if you already are on the cutting edge, then these will just add to your charm.
2021 04 06
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Led Downlights: Advantage for Color and Inspiration
It requires many components to perfectly complement each other to make any space attractive. Initially, furniture and color of the wall used to be the prime component. However since last few years, and since the introduction of LED Downlights a lot has changed. Now, much emphasis is also given to the lighting equipments. In this article we will be discussing about LED Downlights and how it can boost the attractiveness of any space. Since the time LED Down lights was introduced, they have caught the attention of every popular interior designer. More and more people are using this lighting equipment to give their wall and room a complete new and attractive look. As these LED Down lights come with a control panel which can be easily manipulated to change the way any space appears. Apart from this there are many advanced features and characteristics which make the LED Down light a must in any room or space.LED Down lights can quite easily change the look of any size or shaped room. It's the sheer efficiency of these LED Down lights which can without much effort make the space livelier, attractive and better in look. They are easy to install, control and have much longer life period than various other such products available in the market. Although many of these LED Downlights come with Do-It-yourself kit, still you can take the help of any technician for further assistance. LED Downlights deliver a powerful performance. There are many who after witnessing the performance of LED Down lights conclude that the particular lighting equipment must be consuming huge amount of electricity. However such assumptions are completely baseless. This lighting equipment has been developed on LED platform which makes it's appetite for electricity least among all such products available. These LED Down lights consume much less amount of energy and deliver huge output. Also the particular lighting equipment lasts longer than its other available contemporaries. It is all these characteristics which make it one of the most economical lighting equipment. It took many years for leading research and development institutes to come up with LED based technology. However when this particular lighting equipment was introduced it was very expensive. As the LED based lighting equipments manufacturing organizations were unable to make the small customers purchase these lighting equipments for their residential use, they started designing and developing LED based lighting equipments to target commercial entities and individuals with deep pocket. But situations changed as various governments found these lighting equipments much energy efficient than other popularly available conventional forms. That's why they started offering huge incentives to their manufacturing organizations so that they can come up with viable option which could be purchased by everyone.
2021 04 06
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