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My Heavy Metal Nation Spotlight: Canada?

UneXpect is one of my fav bands...Canada has some really amazing bands...especially in the technical scene...Forgotten tales also im familiar with...loved their 2nd album 'All the Sinners'...1st song was good...3rd one was better imo...more dynamic and artistic MA2 : name a few..Voivod, Augury, Martyr, UneXpect, Gorguts (these are some of my all time fav bands).. BA : Dont follow NHL BA2 : Ukraine!! lets see what u got :D

My Heavy Metal Nation Spotlight: Canada? 1

1. How to increase size of the Spotlight search results window?

There are hacks for the resultant Finder window but nothing for the actual results pane dropdown

2. How can I Spotlight search exclusively in .txt files in /. on my disk?

In terminal app using the command line, this is easy to do.You could make a complex query and get rid of the pipe to grep, but the above should work very quickly. You could probably assemble a finder search as well with about 12 clicks if you could not use the command line tools.

My Heavy Metal Nation Spotlight: Canada? 2

3. What is the origin of the hexagonal artifact of direct sunlight/spotlight photos?

The origin of what you call an artifact in that photo is two-fold:A word about safety:Unless the sun is very low on the horizon it is dangerous, both to your equipment and your vision, to point your camera directly at the sun and look through the viewfinder or attempt to see your camera's LCD with the sun directly behind it. The higher the lens' magnifying power (the longer the focal length and the narrower the angle of view) the more this is the case. Please be careful when photographing the sun!.

4. What great movies didnu2019t get the recognition they deserved due to other movies released at the same time taking the spotlight?

DreddThe Frighteners(Independence Day was released at the same time)Count of Monte cristo(lord of the rings/matrix 2/Spider-Man/Harry potter)ChroniclesPrisonersLeon(true lies/dragon/Jurassic Park)Bam strokers Dracula(terminator 2 was released)Universal soldier/Hard Target/Demolition man(these movies are not exactly rated highly, but very good films)There's just too many to list

5. limelight and spotlight? Mean the same thing?

Think of it as lime accents, as spots cover up

6. Do you think Van Jones loves the spotlight, stage and video cameras as much TODAY as yesterday and days past?

I know one thing...he wo not be speaking off the cuff as he did before!

7. Why is Palin putting Willow in the spotlight, and why is she dragging this out?

She's getting what she can from it since her popularity in Alaska has dropped so much. But she has not stopped to consider two items: 1) Inferring Letterman is a Pedophile really blew her case. 2) In the 2012 election race does she really want someone with his media power against her? She's guaranteed he now will be and she is definitely an Intellectual lightweight up against him. Short term gain for long term loss.She should be working in Wall Street.

8. Is it possible to run commands from spotlight?

It's not possible through Spotlight itself.But it's possible through free applications that can also search files and launch programs, like Spotlight.You have the almighty Quicksilver, that can also make coffee and walk the dog. And the new player Alfred, which is quite impressive as well

9. How do I make an improvised spotlight/ followspot?

Haha, sounds like my high school! Full wash ftw. Can you control each bar of lights separately? You should at least be able to light only upstage, downstage, or centerstage, so an option would be to make sure the action is concentrated in those areas and put the lights there, keeping the other lights off or turned low while that action is taking place. Another option - you would have to make it work to look artsy, otherwise it's just going to look ghetto - is to get a work light, like you use in construction, when you are painting in the dark or something. They are under $30, and provide a decent amount of light that you can focus somewhat specifically.

10. Is a spotlight harmful to oil paintings? Is a halogen light harmful?

It is my understanding that the UV part of the spectrum damages pigments, whether spotlights or halogens put out signifigant UV I do not know

11. How to add Spotlight comments to the bundled OS X apps?

You need to have write permission for the bundle. After you open the lock:

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