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OSRAM Led Floodlight System Creates Efficient Stadium Lighting

On April 11, 2017, Shanghai, China - OSRAM's professional lighting system solution adopted the innovative sitco led floodlight system to provide an efficient venue lighting scheme for Germany's 1st FC 1911 hochstadt e.V. football club. 1st FC 1911 hochstadt e.V., located in hershestadt, Bain, Germany, is a football club with a long history. Its new artificial lawn is certified by FIFA.

OSRAM lighting system solution experts are invited to participate in the whole process of project design, and OSRAM's leading technology and expertise are also recognized. In view of the new competition venue lighting concept proposed by the club president Manfred Maier and many members, OSRAM lighting system solutions experts carry out lighting design and planning, strive to create a more efficient and better light quality high-quality stadium lighting effect, and also show its FIFA two-star certified artificial lawn level and the modern style of the club. Sterberg was entrusted as the general contractor of the project, and FSB beling was responsible for installing and starting the lighting system.

This new and efficient competition venue lighting scheme is composed of 12 sitco floodlight 20 Maxi LED units with two different light distributions, which can achieve a lighting brightness of about 110 LX and a high uniformity with a correlation coefficient of 0.78. According to the customer's requirements, the lighting system can be switched and used separately in two areas of the site. In addition, in addition to the full illumination level, the system can also provide half illumination for daily training situations with low lighting demand, which is amazing in terms of energy saving and cost-effectiveness.

The new and efficient competition venue lighting scheme consists of 12 sitco floodlight 20 Maxi LED units with two different light distributions.

The illuminance can be differentiated and can be switched separately in the two halves of the site, which is not only efficient and energy-saving, but also low operation cost.

OSRAM Led Floodlight System Creates Efficient Stadium Lighting 1

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