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OSRAM's New Gorgeous Led Floodlight Lights Up Asia Pacific

With excellent energy efficiency and long service life, it can fully meet the needs of outdoor lighting

Shanghai, China, July 18, 2017 - OSRAM professional lighting system solutions recently released a new series of gorgeous LED projection lamps in the new product promotion roadshow held in the Asia Pacific region. With OSRAM's industry-leading technology, gorgeous series has better energy-saving performance, better reliability, longer service life and more professional lighting experience than traditional projection lamps. It is an ideal choice for building facade lighting, general floodlighting, regional lighting and billboard lighting.

OSRAM's latest breakthrough in modern design has added a key competitive advantage to the gorgeous series of products. The luminous efficiency of the product is up to 130lm / W, which can provide more excellent brightness and uniformity, and truly replace the traditional 100W, 250W and 400W high-pressure sodium lamps. The new LED projection lamp has a service time of up to 50000 hours and a strict dust-proof and waterproof IP66 protection grade. It is especially suitable for inaccessible areas such as building facades and roof billboards. In addition, the gorgeous series is also the lightest LED projection lamp of its kind, and its weight is close to that of traditional projection lamps.

George Ko, CEO of OSRAM professional lighting system solutions Asia Pacific, said: "Asia Pacific is one of the fastest growing markets for LED lighting. OSRAM's gorgeous LED projection lamp products can fully meet the needs of this dynamic market and bring customers a more pleasant outdoor lighting experience. The first-class energy efficiency and lighting performance of gorgeous series will also help our customers improve their return on investment."

Compared with the traditional lamps with fragile filaments, the gorgeous series products have a strong aluminum alloy shell with special optical design, have high tolerance to temperature changes, and can maintain stable operation under a variety of weather conditions.

Ko said: "the special optical design of the product ensures the continuous, uniform and stable light source, which can make the advertising content of advertisers and stores clearly visible every night."

OSRAM gorgeous LED projection lamp products will be sold to the Asia Pacific region in China, Singapore, Thailand, India, Indonesia, Malaysia and Vietnam.

OSRAM's New Gorgeous Led Floodlight Lights Up Asia Pacific 1

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