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Reduce Search Sensitivity in Spotlight

Do you mean Spotlight, or the Find command? Searching within Finder gives you a very flexible set of options. Use the search field in the top right of the Finder window, add additional constraints using the plus icon. You can change the default listed constraints by adding or removing options. This article is a little old but aside from cosmetic differences still gives a good overview of the process

Reduce Search Sensitivity in Spotlight 1

1. Is there a way for Spotlight or Launchbar or Quicksilver or similar to just return matching folders not files?

The fastest way using spotlight is to add kind:folder to the search term in the spotlight field.You can use booleans, metadata tags like kind:music or date:yesterday and more as described in Specifying criteria in the Spotlight search fieldI always forget about these and instead use the search window to build up a boolean criteria rather than use the default spotlight menu search (where all the other data detectors compete to provide you relevant matches)Instead of commandspace try optioncommandspaceThen click the circle on the right by Save and override the "Any" with "Folder"I do not know a way to automate or save this further as the default, but it's a way that will work on all Macs

2. Spotlight, please don't show mail, but still let me search in Mail app

In System Preferences -> Spotlight, go to the Search Results tab, and uncheck Messages and Chats. This will still allow you to index and search from within Mail, but the results will not show up when searching via Spotlight

Reduce Search Sensitivity in Spotlight 2

3. How do I add folders to spotlight search priority?

A Finder alias (not a symlink) will be added to spotlight, if it's sitting in a visible folder, like Applications.You can create them programmatically using AppleScript (use osascript to integrate with other shell scripts.) To create an alias use make alias file to file to alias at destination of alias. By default (ie. if destination is not specified) the alias is created on the current user's Desktop, ie. /Desktop.Here's an example script to create an alias of a file in /ApplicationsBy the way, osascript accepts input from stdin, so to run an AppleScript in a shell script, using a heredoc will work. It may make it easier for you to setup the target file better:.

4. How can I calculate spotlight lighting in Vertex/Fragment shader in Unity?

As Netherwire implied in reply to my previous answer, the real question seems to be "How can I make an object respond to only one of several light sources in my scene?

5. Is it possible to speed up Spotlight indexing?

I doubt your process is CPU bound so you would need to bring faster storage to have it progress faster. The pragmatic answer to this is:You can confirm my thinking in the Disk section of Activity Monitor and see what the reads in and out per second are and the bandwidth. Spotlight spins up multiple workers and is pretty sophisticated about doing parallel rebuilds, so it's unlikely you will be able to twiddle with anything or cajole it to chew through all the content in all the files for all the data detectors in the system. You can see these processes named mds, mdworker, mdwrite and variants of those core functions.If you are logged out you will need to ssh in and use top -u -s 10 or iostat 60 to see the activity level off or just check back on the visual indicator when you log back in

6. How do I make Spotlight stop indexing my Backup drive?

Time machine requires spotlight indexing activity, but the contents will not pollute search results. If the goal is to remove redundant search results for a non-Time Machine drive (a CarbonCopyCloner backup for example) then the volume can be simply added to the privacy list under Spotlight preferences.(The details of the original question indicate it is about Time Machine, but I include this case for those who find this question by the title. ).

7. Make Spotlight indexing use less CPU?

How to Run the Spotlight indexer at a lower priority to reduce CPU load on your MacIMPORTANT!: This procedure has been successfully applied to OS 10.8 (Mountain Lion), OS 10.7 (Lion), and OS 10.6 (Snow Leopard). Do NOT attempt this procedure on OS 10.9 (Mavericks)! The mds daemon functions differently and cannot have its processing priority lowered. Attempting this procedure will only cause your computer to malfunction.

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