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Rules for Spotlight Search (on Osx 10.8)

I rans a few tests in 10.8.2. My empirical results show that spotlight returns results for partial matches when the start of the name matches, but not any part of the name. I have not found a way to change this.I have another challenge with multiple word searches. My empirical experience is that a filename search containing multiple words (separated by spaces) yields results only if the search words are contiguous in the filename. For example:Given some files with these names: xxx rules and roles yyy.zzz aaa roles and rules bbb.ccc I find this last behaviour frustrating, as I do not want to have to remember the word order in my filenames. And one-word searches get too many hits.Anyone with answers for this?

Rules for Spotlight Search (on Osx 10.8) 1

1. Does the speed with which New Zealand has acted to ban assault rifles spotlight the failure of the US to do practically anything to limit gun violence?

The speed at which they acted should not be condoned, it should be condemned. This is not democracy, It is the depriving of millions of citizens of their lawfully owned property without due process so that the govt can virtue signal to the world .Will this save any lives ? I doubt it, terrorists have shown a willingness to adapt to use any weapon or method. It is a knee jerk reaction that shows a basic lack of respect for their own citizens and a disregard for principals

2. An insider says in the upcoming book Finding Freedom that Harry and Meghan discussed retreating from the spotlight before their wedding. Why did they not come clean before their big royal wedding and settle for a smaller event befitting non royals?

The million dollar question! Well, the wedding only cost $45 million, and Frogmore cost less than that, but all the cash paid out for a couple now residing in Hollywood does make the whole fairy tale princess theme seem false, deceitful and questionable. Why did Meghan stick around long enough to have that beautiful wedding fit for a third time bride? Why did Harry blithely go along with Meghan and her absolute lack of manners in royal circles?Meghan, according to many close sources, is motivated by pursuing more money and fame. Yeah, she said she wanted to break the internet, but that did not happen. Having a big royal wedding was just too delicious to pass up. No family of her own to embarrass her potentially, all those celebs she looks up to for guidance and inspiration in attendance, Prince Charles to walk her down the aisle to Prince Harry.Meghan could not pass on the big wedding. She should have, but the lure was too much, so when Queen Elizabeth questioned the former yacht girl turned actress, Meghan looked the Queen in the eye and lied. Meghan said she would stay and be a good duchess, learning manners and etiquette, but Meghan didn't care too much. She was heading back home and would leave the terrible UK behind her.Had Harry and Meghan been remotely concerned about ther image and reputation should have come clean about the big wedding (oh to be in a carriage, just like Kate and Prince William). They should have said the were terribly sorry about taking all the goodies and then turning tail and running away. A simple apology. Just say it, Meghan and Harry, except I have never heard nor read of Meghan saying she is sorry. They do not do "I'm sorry". They don't.This couple takes. They cause problems by being mean to others. Having that wedding exposed Harry and Meghan's true selves. They lied to get what they wanted, when it suited them they left, even though they Queen had asked them to wait a little longer before announcing they intention to leave the royal life (except for the fun parts, because Meghan does like showing up, being pretty and leaving), and we watched it play out on the world stage.An apology would be nice. Meghan should own up to her errors. Harry has a lot to answer for, also. These two have caused so many headaches for the royal family, I would not be surprised if the royals wish they wold just stay hidden for a while, rather than suing the paparazzi yesterday (good luck in Hollywood with that), and they both signed on to be speakers. These two are bumbling around. That's all. They need to buy a house somewhere, settle down and do the world some good. Quietly. Unobtrusively.An insider says in the upcoming book Finding Freedom that Harry and Meghan discussed retreating from the spotlight before their wedding. Why did they not come clean before their big royal wedding and settle for a smaller event befitting non royals?.

Rules for Spotlight Search (on Osx 10.8) 2

3. How would you deal with your significant other being in the spotlight and adored by a lot of fans?

I would ask myself if i can handle that kind of pressure, e.g. fans targetting you, having less quality time with my partner and so on. It's a choice you make, not everyone are able or willing to put up with it. If you still want to be in the relationship, then ensure you are ready for the outcome of that decision

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