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Setting Up Your New Camera Floodlight

once you log in to your kuna account, you will see the devices tab. if you have not yet paired any kuna powered devices, or if you do not have shared access to any devices, you will see the welcome screen below. to pair a device from the welcome screen, tap the "set up new device" button.

Setting Up Your New Camera Floodlight 1

Avocado Transplanting and tap root

(Posting because no one else did, and a partial answer is probably better then no answer)Avocados do have tap roots, but they do not go down very deep at all, so much so I would hardly even call them tap roots. (Source - I dug up a couple of smallish avocado plants yesterday).I am still dubious, but the person who's plants I dug up recons they just dig up the plants about at the tree line without going to deep, and gently pull out the plants.

bottled or tap water?

tap. keep it in a open top pitcher in the fridge which also helps dissipate the chlorine

Setting Up Your New Camera Floodlight 2

Tap water smells of sulfur?

Yes it did. Black Sulphur. The well was dug in '93 I think, and we knew there was Sulphur in the area. We were going to try and avoid it. Got 60' down, and nailed it. Dug a spring in 2000, around that time, to get the Sulphur water out of the house, but the Damage was done. The house has Hot Waer Baseboard, and Sulphur water was run through them at points in time. Basically most of the Copper in the house is Garbage. My brother put his foot on the one Tub Faucet, and it literally fell right off. It's just a matter of time before a line blows, and floods the walls of the house. Not only the pipes, but the Sulphur covered the walls of the house, and tarnished Glasses, and things like that. You did get used to it after a while. People used to hate coming over because of it

The cold tap handle in my mixer tap came off in my hand - it seems a plastic insert broke -does it mean a new tap? Or is it fixable ?

You do not need a new tap. Turn water off, then remove he cartridge (with broken stem) take it to plumbing supply house and reinstall. When I did this, some plumbing places acted like I was asking the impossible.n They will try to sell you a new faucet. I finally got steered to the right place. The cartridge type faucet works great but they cannot be man-handled

Do you drink tap water?

I use it to boil for tea in a kettle but most tap water is cleaner as bottle water but in most homes its the faucet spout that fairly a lot calcium and rust that what makes the water semi undrinkable from the sink

Is boiled tap water safe for drinking?

Boiling water is an added precaution!

Is it necessary to boil the water for baby formula in Switzerland?

No, you need not boil the water, especially as your child is already nine months old.The recommendation to always boil is just to be extra safe in reducing bacteria content. Note that even very clean tap or bottled water is not sterile and neither is water that has been boiled for a few minutes. In general the recommendation to wash / boil everything you give to your baby becomes quite futile around six months: the imune system should be quite developed and a child that crawls will put much more things (starting with the hands...!) in his mouth than a smaller infant.However, you should always use fresh, cold water, never warm tap water, which may have higher contents of bacteria, microorganisms or heavy metals. Simply warm the cold tap water to the temperature recommended by the formula manufacturer. Discard any leftovers.Sources (in German): Mtter- und Vterberatung des Kanton Bern (pdf) Luzerner Kantonsspital (discussing a case very similar to yours)

cat drinking water tap or filtered?

I would say it is all depend on where you live. If the water is contaminated then it would not be healthy for the cat. If your public water have U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), then it should be safe.

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