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Sierra Spotlight Vs Mdfind Vs Finder

Regarding Observation 1: As far as I understand, this is a long-standing bug in the way Spotlight is constructed (going back to Lion or even earlier). In Sierra it has just been acerbated to the point, where I have completely abandoned Spotlight and am using the Find (CMDF) function in Finder. With this function I find all the files I am expecting to find and have also a larger array of options to choose.According to my understanding the issue arises as Spotlight searches by strings and has some odd rules for defining strings, which appear to not be consistent at all. Regarding Observation 2 and 3:If a Spotlight search has been started the CMD-F function only returns the same as the Spotlight search. I can not figure out why it does do so. So you need to shut down the Spotlight search first to get a result with Find that is different from the Spotlight search result. It looks like the search results are not refreshed in between the two searches.Further Observation to the issue of not refreshing search results: You search a file with Spotlight. Upon locating it you move it to a different folder. You use undo. From now on the file is found by Spotlight in the original folder even if it is moved again. But do not delete it - it is not a copy - it actually has been moved, Spotlight just refuses to acknowledge this.

Sierra Spotlight Vs Mdfind Vs Finder 1

1. How would you deal with your significant other being in the spotlight and adored by a lot of fans?

That would not bother me at all. I am not the jealous type. Whatever people have, as long as it's theirs I am happy for them. Whenever Heidi and me go out walking, guys are always looking at her. It makes me proud. One thing about my Heidi; that girl is so family orientated, at times she's unreal. I am sure her whole world revolves around the girls and me. If I give her money to buy /treat herself to something nice, she will come back with something for the home, girls or me lol.I love you to bits baby girl

2. Name some wrestlers who don't mind sharing the spotlight???

Ric Flair - He his an absolute legend but jobs to any up-and-coming wrestlers. It's sad really. Mick Foley - He put over Edge and Randy Orton in critically acclaimed matches. Terry Funk - Another legend who is willing to help out young talent. Shawn Michaels - Not very selfish anymore, only cares about having spectacular matches.

Sierra Spotlight Vs Mdfind Vs Finder 2

3. Y&R: Charter Spotlight -- Ethan "Cane" Ashby?

I guess if you have the time and are so inclined... but why not put the same focus and energy into a fictional story of your own ? You can do it ... As far as "Cane" goes, Goddard has done a really good job with the role... Congrats to him and the writer and directors for an interesting and entertaining character to watch....

4. How to eject my external drive when my Mac refuses because of Spotlight?

This problem has resurfaced on Catalina and none of these worked. For now I will force eject and pull the drive anyway if it balks about it.It's an awful solution but I do not see how it lowers risk or saves time versus killing the process that is stuck and possibly reading or writing data.

5. Can Spotlight or Media Browser index metadata contained in iPhoto or Aperture in Mac OS X?

It seems to work that way already. I just entered a name into spotlight and it found the image files relating to that person. The file name is generic (IMG1234.jpg) so it must be matching the faces meta data

6. where can i find organza fabric ?

most fabric stores should carry it try spotlight

7. Why are Republicans bringing values back into the spotlight?

hahahaha,the oxy moron ''proud liberal'' is back,faimly values is just what a traditional faimly is based on,if liberals have there way not only whould they love gay marriage,but they would broadcast the gay parade in prime time,leading up to a good ole fashion gay gang bang on pmsbc,clearly liberals lack in faimly values since there base of their party,black people have a 50% high school drop out rate,no values there

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