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Spotlight Culling. Plane Vs Cone Shape

Screenshot from : Real-Time Collision Detection, Volume 1The collision check is as simple as checking whether vertex of cone and the far end of the cone are lying two difference sides of the plane.However in doing so you will end up with either green or purple point depending on the order of your cross product, thus it is important that you check both green and purple to see if the cone is intersection the plane

Spotlight Culling. Plane Vs Cone Shape 1

1. You're the new head of ESPN. Your word is law. What baseball team gets nightly spotlight coverage for a year?

The teams that are actually in contention. But I figure I would just shift the bias away from the East and place it entirely in the Central. Where it belongs. So The Twins, Cubs, Brewers, Cardinals, Tigers, White Sox, Indians, Reds, Astros, Rangers and Royals would get more media attention. BTW, the only time ESPN mentions the Cubs is when they want to talk about "The Worst Teams in the History of baseball" or when they ask questions like "Who are the worst fans in baseball" I am sick of ESPN making Cubs fans look as if we deserve to die because our team hasnt won a world series in 102 years.

2. How does "Optimize Mac Storage” for iCloud Drive interact with Spotlight and Time Machine?

How does the option "Optimize Mac Storage" for iCloud Drive interact with Spotlight?Spotlight shows files on iCloud

Spotlight Culling. Plane Vs Cone Shape 2

3. Did you turn on all you lights Saturday night to spotlight the sillyness of the radical left?

Nopey. I strung up the pool lights,Christmas lights,and even bought strobe lights to shine on my batty lib neighbors 2x4 sh*t box

4. Observing what Spotlight's mdworker is indexing for diagnostic purposes

I am not sure whether there's a more detailed log generated by mdworker or mds themselves. You could use fs_usage to see what files they are reading though, run the following in Terminal:As it says in the man page: "The fs_usage utility presents an ongoing display of system call usage information pertaining to filesystem activity. It requires root privileges due to the kernel tracing facility it uses to operate. By default, the activity monitored includes all system processes except [...]. These defaults can be overridden such that output is limited to include or exclude a list of processes specified by the user."Here's a short sample of the output you will get (I ran this in a narrow window, use a wider one to get the file paths in more detail):The exit calls correspond to the messages "Service exited due to signal" in the "system. log":For some more information on fs_usage, there's an (old) article on '' titled "Mac OS X: Using fs_usage as a Troubleshooting Tool"

5. How to stop OS X from writing Spotlight and Trash files to memory cards and USB sticks?

Old question, but I, finally, discovered Asepsis. This is an open source utility that solves this age-old problem by confining all the .DS_STORE directories in one place, by default /usr/local/.dscage After installation, and a reboot, no more .DS_STORE on USB drives, with the advantage (for some of us) of not having to disable indexing on external drives. Since version 1.4 it also supports OS X Mavericks.Update from Aepsis website: "Warning: Asepsis is no longer under active development and supported under OS X 10.11 (El Capitan) and later.

6. If i take a spotlight off a crown vic, will it work on a tundra if i buy a installation kit for the tundra?

It should work! All you need to do is drill a hole in the front window post and push the spotlight arm through and re-mount the head, screw both sides to the post and hook up hot wire to fuse block and ground wire to the frame or metal part of underdash.

7. "open with” and Spotlight cluttered with different versions of files/apps

To disable indexing of the back up driveOpen Spotlight in System preferencesclick on Privacy Tab,drag the drive in question in to hereor use the

8. How would you deal with your significant other being in the spotlight and adored by a lot of fans?

Thanks for the a2a, Veronica.To be honest, I am trying to think of ways this would be a negative.I would be very proud of my wife, if she were in the spotlight, and/or adored by fans. I would love to see her be lifted up, like that. To be fair, I am not really a needy person, so being on the periphery is just as good as (or better than) being in the spotlight, myself.However, I would not like people being over-familiar with her. Some separation would be good. And, as sex is a private, intimate matter, if she were some sort of sex-symbol, then the need for distance would be greater.

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