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Spotlight: Don't Index a Volume

If it's a removable volume, create a file in its root directory called .metadata_never_index, as in this hint

Spotlight: Don't Index a Volume 1

1. How would you deal with your significant other being in the spotlight and adored by a lot of fans?

What is there for you to deal with? They are one who has to deal with their fame not you. You continue supporting them as usual.If you are envious or resentful of their fame then that's an issue you need to deal with. If you love them you will happy for their success. You are ok the same team.

2. Let's bring this story into the national media spotlight. 20 black men severely beat a white man and put him i?

First, better find out if it's true

Spotlight: Don't Index a Volume 2

3. Why is Palin putting Willow in the spotlight, and why is she dragging this out?

wow not a single person realizes that it is slander?.......and that it involves A-Rod also? is not a actually is slander against A-Rod.......the term "knocked her up" is a very sensetative phrase and goes way past the idea of Bristol being a young made A-Rod out to be the aggressor, and the one responsible for the sex act. is a huge thing now.

4. Make windows 7 search (windows-key) perform simple calculations, like spotlight?

No, it is not possible. You will have to look for a separate program to do this. Why not just use Launchy?

5. If Sarah Palin is trying to get away from the spotlight, why did she give 5 network TV interviews yesterday?

Because she does not really want out of the spotlight. She craves it

6. John Cena: Let go of the spotlight!!! Your opinions?

WQ1 : He is overrated by the Cena-haters. They whine and cry about "he can not wrestle" as if he's supposed to be a Bret Hart or a Kurt Angle. In the WWE, Cena is a brawler. He was NEVER marketed, billed, or promoted as a "technical wrestler". Cena, himself, has never claimed to be a great technical wrestler. He's a brawler because he's good at, and that's what the WWE wants him to be. His gimmicks, championships, main events, and TV time are decided FOR him by Vince McMahon and the Creative Department. John Cena makes the WWE a lot of money, through ticket sales, PPV buys, and merchandise sales. Cena has no control over THAT, he's just the guy playing the role. The FANS are the ones paying their money. My personal opinion of John Cena is, he's done a helluva job carrying the WWE after the departures of Steve Austin and The Rock, and the injuries to Triple H. He was given a tremendous responsibility and he handled it admirably. I have all the respect in the world for Cena. The unwarranted hatred from some of the users here is puzzling. WQ2 : I like that he is not in the Main Event picture anymore. I am not criticizing him in anyway. But I am happy, he is letting younger stars be pushed into higher status. John Cena does not suck, he probably has the most passion for the business. WQ3 : The WWE Universe does not like anyone that hogs the spotlight for too long. If Randy Orton keeps getting pushed like this, people will hate him too. WQ4 : I would do whatever I am told to do. That shows the love & passion for the business.

7. How to stop OS X from writing Spotlight and Trash files to memory cards and USB sticks?

Dumbest thing ever that I can not simply contribute this to Metaxis' answer. But it's easy to create a bash script that automatically handles this for all folders in /Volumes (or a specific one if you specify). Should be able to invoke it with Automator or Applescript when a folder appears under /Volumes, then you have automatic disabling of indexing.

8. Changing OS X Spotlight priorities for specific applications

You do not need to delete anything. And I strongly advise you not too, since it's a built-in app. It could be useful to other part of the system, and it will probably be added back on a system update.About your problem, Spotlight is smart, it will learn that when you type "photo" you want to open iPhoto over the time. Just keep on typing photo, and selecting iPhoto over PhotoBooth.If Spotlight is not smart enough or fast enough for you, you can try an alternative launcher, such as Alfred. It may be faster to learn than Spotlight (at least, it's what I found happened for me).

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