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Spotlight Makes Repeated Http Requests

System Prefs > Spotlight I am guessing 'Bing Web Searches' might be the one you want rid of... or perhaps Spotlight Suggestions...It may also be somewhat interactive with Safari Prefs - Search [though I've not tested this, I've switched mine all off anyway]

Spotlight Makes Repeated Http Requests 1

1. Xbox 360 spotlight on E3?

Microsoft did great at E3 this year. Last year they did not really have much just basically saying what games are coming. So this year it's a good thing they had so many things. Weather people like it or not, the xbox 360 is on top. And your right it is not looking to good with the PS3 because a lot of people stick to a consol just because it's the only consol with that game they like (i.e. Halo for the xbox). If the games that the PS3 is famous for start coming out for the xbox 360 then some people may buy the xbox 360 instead. By the way, I think the whole avatar thing is really stupid but whatever. And they did not steal that idea off the Wii like a lot of people say because it's not like Nintendo invented avatars (and Mii's are really childish). Heres the thing with nintendo, they could do nothing at E3 this year except say that more games are coming for the Wii and people will still love the wii and still buy them and nintendo would have no problem. But if sony does nothing amazing at E3 for the PS3 that makes everyone go "WOW!" then the PS3 may not have a chance.

2. How would you deal with your significant other being in the spotlight and adored by a lot of fans?

My husband is a famous author. He is a great writer and is very engaging with people . I am enormously proud of him and his accomplishments . I love to watch him when he is giving a speech or meeting fans. I gladly drive the car in parades and take photos . He's a great success and I love and support him in his endeavors. I have developed my own talents and skills and abilities so I never feel jealousy or inferior. All I feel is proud to be the wife of a wonderful man. More at " Real Men are Cowboys."

Spotlight Makes Repeated Http Requests 2

3. Is it a violation of my First Amendment right if a cop shines his spotlight at my camera while recording him, especially if he does it twice?

Is it a violation of my 1st amendment right if a cop shines his spotlight at my camera while recording him, especially if he does it twice?No. He is just identifying what 'that thing' is

4. Spotlight reports "Indexing and searching disabled” in Lion

After all of the initial troubleshooting steps: I found the issue lied in what was enabled/disabled. In terminal, I ran "mdutil -sa" and got:I noticed "/Users: Indexing disabled." That's the problem there. The fix: "sudo mdutil -i on /Users". After that, it re-indexed /Users, which took significantly longer than it had before, and before it was finished, it was searching my Mail!.

5. Who is the best player not in the spotlight?

Joakim Soria, he's been one of the best closers in the league for three years, and gets no recognition. It's too bad he plays for the Royals

6. Why has Angelina Jolie kind of disappeared from the public eye, after decades of being in the spotlight for every little thing she did?

To those people who load nasty comments about celebrities, I believe that if you can not be positive you may need to look at yourself and analyse why you write mean comments about anyone. I would challenge any of you to do what Jolie does; be a mother, actor, director and a humanitarian while dealing with your own severe health issues. Her work as an ambassador for United Nations has created awareness of the struggles of both children and adult refugees. Many would not even read the articles about refugees if they had not seen her face. She is one of the outstanding forward thinking people of our time

7. How can I launch a printer scanner from Spotlight?


8. Spotlight doesn't work anymore in OS X Mountain Lion

Firsts, make sure you have enough free disk space. How much is enough? Well, if you have 10% of the drive free, it should do. Open Terminal and execute the following commands one after another:Now Spotline should start indexing your drive. This may take hours but you should get search back after it ends.Before or after you do that, you can check Spotlight status in Terminal using:

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