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"Stuff Dissapearing From Spotlight Search

Since Mac OS X 10.6 is not released yet (coming in September 2009), you probably run a beta version which is being provided for testing and development purposes. I suspect this is a bug in the new Spotlight implementation.You could try to report the bug on Apple's Developer's site: Apple Developer Connection - Bug Reporting.

Stuff Dissapearing From Spotlight Search 1

1. Is it ironic that the state, Iowa, that launched Obama into the spotlight is now under water?

The worst state in the union wrt the economy is Michigan - it is run by Democrats. Democrat Governor, Democrat lege, etc. Michigan has been shedding jobs, losing business left and right, and high unemployment, over 7%. The best economic performing large state is Texas - lower unemployment, highest growth, more business and job creation - the Government there is run by Republicans - Republican Governor, republican lege, etc. More private sector job growth than any other state in the union and unemployment under 5%. A vote for Obama is a vote to make America just like Michigan.

2. Poll: Do you hate it when your drummer tries to steel the spotlight?

Not if he's a steel drummer

Stuff Dissapearing From Spotlight Search 2

3. notice on wwe bret hart helps push young talent instead of stealing the spotlight? can impact learn from that?

Eric Bischoff will never ever be a draw the way Vince McMahon was......TNA just does not get it. Some people just do not belong on tv

4. Is China covering up the impact of the coronavirus in an attempt to keep the spotlight off their inability to act quickly?

Is China covering up the impact of the coronavirus in an attempt to keep the spotlight off their inability to act quickly?The unwillingness to act and the inability to act are not the same. I have always admired the Chinese physicians' abilities. The WHO sent a team to China to inspect the activities related to Covid-19. This was in the middle of February. China's aggressive measures have slowed the coronavirus. They may not work in other countries.

5. Spotlight search still searchs when not selected

Mail stays in Trash until you empty it.Did you first empty the trash?Select Edit, then Delete all

6. Can I carry on a spotlight onto an airplane?

Welcome to my state of Colorado! If you carry it on you have to make sure it conforms with size regulations for carry on. If it conforms then you can. If not, I would get insurance thru the airline for it

7. Why do people like to report every facet of a school shooter's life? Doesn't this fame just inspire others, so they can have their month in the 'spotlight' of the media?

Tell that to the media they do not seem to comprehend. They stopped showing idiots that run on the football field after Mike Curtis layed one out in Baltimore...perhaps the sports network should handle the news

8. Are public proposals, aka showposals, a form of bullying? Do women feel pressured into saying yes due to the spotlight, and do so against?

It's not bullying. It can be bad idea though, considering many women will say yes to a public proposal just to say no in private later. I knew a man once who took people out on his boat for his side hustle. He told me he saw women say yes to proposals just to say no literally once they got back to land. So not only is asking in public not a great idea if you want an honest answer, neither is asking while stuck in a small space together for an extended period of time

9. Why do you think Jeremy Lin is downing his game? To get some spotlight on the Team itself?

no, other teams already considers Lin is a real threat, they study the tape and teach the players how to defend other players, in this case, Jeremy Lin. Jeremy is a smart player but he do not have enough moves to get around his defender, so the defender are able to take him away from his comfort zone. in result, he makes bad play and turn the ball over. no player should ever down his game, Especially when your contract is ending. he is just having a hard time adjust and how to read defense.

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