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The Difference Between Floodlight Flashlight and Spotlight Flashlight

If you are not a professional flashlight enthusiast, you will often be confused when you buy a flashlight. I don’t know what to buy, such as floodlight flashlight and spotlight flashlight. Many people don’t know what the difference is.

Today we will take you to understand what is a floodlight flashlight, what is a spotlight flashlight, and the advantages and disadvantages between the two.Floodlight flashlightThe center spot light beam of the floodlight flashlight is slightly concentrated, the diffuse light of the floodlight area is large, the viewing angle is large, the illumination range is wide, and the light is soft and not glare.Floodlight flashlights produce highly diffuse, non-directional light rather than sharply defined beams, resulting in soft, transparent shadows that are used to illuminate objects much slower than when illuminated with spotlight flashlight.

Even some floodlights with very slow illumination tend to look like a light source that does not produce shadows.Spot performance: The center spot is strong, and the flood area is weak. The floodlight area has a smooth transition with the central spot boundary.

floodlight flashlight does not mean a completely scattered beam. The floodlight has a strong central spot. The astigmatism like a street lamp or indoor ceiling light has no central spot.

It is relatively concentrated.

Flooding in terms of light.

Advantages: The central spot is strong, the light distribution in the floodlight flashlight area is uniform, the viewing angle is large, and the illumination range is wide. It is suitable for medium and long distance illumination, and the object covered by the light is clear and not glare.Disadvantages: The illumination distance is not far enough, and the light is slightly dispersed.

Application areas: outdoor sports, camping, hiking, night riding, fishing, mountain climbing, home, search and rescue activities that require soft, large-area lighting. In the dark wild jungle or deserted desert, in the dark we are more eager to understand the surrounding environment, and the range of the floodlight flashlight can also meet the demand.Spotlight flashlightConcentrating flashlight refers to the light concentrated by using a condenser lens or a mirror.

The spotlight in the center of the spotlight is bright, and the brightness outside the center spot is low. The spotlight flashlightflashes a directed, well-defined beam to illuminate a specific light. region. The center spot is small and strong, and the long-range effect is very good.

Usually, the mirror (glossy) reflector is used with the small core LED. The diameter and depth (height) of the reflector directly affect the degree of concentration. The curve design of the reflector determines the position of the beam spot and the shape of the spot.

Spot performance: The center spot is small and round, and the flood area is weak. The floodlight flashlight area and the center spot are clearly demarcated, and several annular apertures (halations) often appear at the outermost periphery of the spot. Excellent spot, the center rule is round, no black spots, and the boundary is clear.

Advantages: The center is bright, the light is concentrated, and the long-range effect is good, suitable for long-distance illumination.Disadvantages: the near flooding is less, the light can not spread evenly, the illumination range is small, and the concentrated part of the center spot will be very glaring when used at close range.Application areas: outdoor speed of light speed, hunting, high-speed night riding, special outdoor work and other long-distance illumination.


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The Difference Between Floodlight Flashlight and Spotlight Flashlight 1

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