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The Duchess of Sussex Meghan Spoke of Her Profound Unhappiness at Life in the Media Spotlight, Sayin

I have never felt as though I am barely "surviving". I buried a child within 24 hrs of birth; my husband, and both my parents. I got through it. I do not have things easy, but I keep going one day at a time. Thriving??? It depends on what you consider thriving. The fact that I have a roof over my family's head, clothes on our backs, food in our stomachs....we are thriving.If she's not happy in the media spotlight, she is in the wrong profession then.

The Duchess of Sussex Meghan Spoke of Her Profound Unhappiness at Life in the Media Spotlight, Sayin 1

1. How to insert Xenon into spotlight ?

Wow, you've asked a lot of questions about xenon arc lamps. Basically, the lamp (spot light) is similar to regular light bulbs in that the are two electrodes contained in a glass globe. The globe is evacuated (all the air removed) then back filled w/ xenon gas. The biggest difference is that there is no filament, as in an incandescent bulb, but rather an electric arc which jumps from one electrode to the other. This arc, along w/ the xenon gas (which is converted to a plasma state at the electrodes during operation) creates the light

2. spotlight blew fuse in 2005 GMC Envoy, changed it but only 1 of 4 outlets work? Any suggestions? They workd b4

I am a bit confused as to your statement.."Now we have 3 outlets that do not work and none of them are blown. They all work and have been tested." You are contradicting yourself so I am not sure how to respond. There are a couple of things that you could check. First question is.. Are both the top and bottom of the outlet recepticles dead? Some outlets are wired so that the upper (top) of the outlet is controlled by a common single pole switch while the lower recepticle is always live. Typically this upper outlet is for plugging in a lamp that can be turned on or off when entering or exiting a room for convenience. Second question. . Do you have breaker switches or fuses? Check your breaker panel you should know this upon inspection Trace the wires if possible for each circuit and see if it will lead you back to a junction box. If you find any remove the cover and see if all the wires are connected or possibly loose. Another thing you could do is go to your local hardware store or electrical dept. at a home center near you and purchase one of those circuit testers that plug directly into the outlet. There are 3 led lights red, orange, and yellow I believe that will give you an answer as to what could be going on with those circuits. They will indicate things like whether or not there could be an open ground, or if the outlet is reversed, or correctly wired, etc. Beyond that your pretty much on your own because I am not a licenced electrician. I know electricians do not come cheap as they are as expensive as plumbers. Another thing you may want to condider is picking up a self help book on basic wiring from your local building supply store as they are quite helpful. If all else fails you may just have to bite the bullet and do some more shopping for an electrician that is a bit more competitive. Good Luck!

The Duchess of Sussex Meghan Spoke of Her Profound Unhappiness at Life in the Media Spotlight, Sayin 2

3. Spotlight reports "Indexing and searching disabled” in Lion

The other solutions did not work for me, however the following was the culprit in my case.Make sure your root/main hard drive is not in the "privacy" settings for spotlight. For some reason I had the whole hard drive under the "Prevent spotlight from indexing the following locations" list. You can access this section from System Preferences -> Spotlight -> Privacy

4. Yosemite Server: Spotlight from client

You do not need a Mac running OS X Server in order to take advantage of Spotlight. Personally, I have a Synology NAS with AFP, SMB and NFS shares that Spotlight has indexed. (I do avoid SMB because it is much slower than AFP or NFS)From the client (iMac or Macbook Air) mount the shared folder as you normally wouldFrom terminal on the client run the command:The "-i" tells mdutil to enable indexing. The "-s" only prints the indexing status

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