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This Guy Led Me On!?

thats horrible im so so sorry that you went through that. i know you want him to feel that way but you shouldnt get involved. karma is a bigger b. i.t.c.h. then you have to be okay? he will get his

This Guy Led Me On!? 1

1. What led to the downfall of the Catholic Church?

Wanton hubris, again! And sadly, the RC Church has not fallen, it has just lost its grip on the hearts and minds of those who can think. They are still one of the most powerful and evil cabals existing today. They hide their wealth and influence behind religious mumbo jumbo.

2. What were three major reasons that led to the stock market crash?

1. Government interference in the housing market that led to people with insufficient financial standing buying houses they could not afford. 2. People bidding up the prices of houses to unsustainable levels. 3. Government spending, at all levels, out of control.

This Guy Led Me On!? 2

3. What led to the idea of God?

If you are an atheist, the failure of human race to understand the reason behind every thing (called science) lead to the idea of god.If you are a theist, the very existence of god lead to the idea of God

4. we have a democratic led congress and a democratic president?

O says - "It did not happen on my watch". Well, it did. He was in the Senate, voting "present"! When hell started breaking out, President Bush called him and McCain back to DC and O thought it unimportant. Now, he has embarrassed the citizens of the US and has shown his ignorance and arrogance during PM Brown's recent visit. O receives priceless gifts from the PM and O gives him a bunch of DVDs that are not division 0 or 2 for Europe, returns the bust of Churchill that was presented to the White House after 911 and does not have the customary State dinner to honor his visit. The man is a stupid puppet.

5. Blackberry led blinking bright white?

Hmmmm, that's very strange. I tried searching too and came up with nothing The only colors I know of are: RED The LED indicator blinks red whenever you have incoming/waiting communication messages on your phone - new email, new call/missed call, new BlackBerry Messenger message, new SMS, etc. GREEN Coverage Indicator light. This lets you know you are connected to a network. If you wish to turn off the Blinking Green light Go to Options > Screen/Keyboard and turn LED Coverage Indicator to Off. BLUE Lets you know your phone is connected to a Bluetooth device, such as a Bluetooth headset. YELLOW Plug it in! A blinking yellow light means it is time to charge your BlackBerry as you are running low on battery power. I guess we will never know!! ; )

6. What led to the failure of your relationship?

There is no failure in my relationship

7. LED or NEON lights undercar in wisconsin?

they cant blink, be too noticiable, and cant be blue (that colors used for emergencys for some reason)

8. I hate the new LED

I do not like them either, my neighbors have the white ones and while im not a fan of the old white lights (I like the colored, more kiddy feeling not the rich/proper - and yes all rich neighborhoods have white lights). They almost look silver to be honest. I understand the idea behind them, but I would think with technology they could be better.

9. Is the Modi-led BJP Government promoting Hindi?

Yes BJP backed by RSS for a long time have had this false sense that "Hindutva" is associated with Hindi. God knows where they got this idea from. Its either Hindi or Sanskrit, which is encouraged by the Gita thumping morons in VHP. I am not from Hindi hinterland. I do not appreciate the fact the central government is trying to impose Hindi on non native speakers. So should the non Hindi speaking South Indian people expect the Hindi hinterland folks to learn Kannada, Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam ? That's Extremely absurd and should stop

10. Where can i find a strip LED lights that are 6" long and 1" high and that i can splice it into my blinkers to?

go to one of those LA body shops pimp my ride .com LA is the best for car parts and things

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