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To Houstonians: What the Heck Is the Purpose of the Spotlight at Night?

You must be talking about the Transco Tower. It keeps planes en route to Hobby Airport from flying too low

To Houstonians: What the Heck Is the Purpose of the Spotlight at Night? 1

1. kanye west spoiling Tayler Swift her spotlight winning momment?

he is a moron who is now apologizing. he has problems

2. My Heavy Metal Nation Spotlight: Norway?

MA: Good songs, though i am not a fan of any of those bands apart from Artch, Am not really a big fan of industrial or symphonic to tell you the truth (not that i hate it, but they are not something i listen to much). Blood Tsunami is a pretty average band though, even if they are of one of my favorite genres. MA2: Immortal , Emperor (and Ihsahn's solo works), Mayhem, Satyricon, Old Man's Child, Taake, Green Carnation, Arcturus, Ulver, Kampfar, Darkthrone, Borknagar, 1349, Cadaver, Myrkgrav, (ya, i am just being a show-off) The 3rd and the Mortal, Madder Mortem, Windir, Ved Buens Ende, Myrkskog, Galar, Faustcoven, Forgotten Woods, Carpathian Forest, In the Woods..... , Sorgsvart, Jorn, Pagan's Mind, Ildjarn, Asmegin, Ragnarok, Limbonic Art BA: Hehehhe, black metal. :D Bathory, Celtic Frost, Catamenia, Vinterland, Forefather, Goatmoon, Sacramentum, Thronar, The Ruins of Beverast, Nokturnal Mortum, Xasthur, Graveland, Marduk, Venom, Blut aus Nord, Ajattara, Naglfar, Nagelfar, Alghazanth, Summoning, Drudkh, Anaal Nathrakh, Negura Bunget, Rotting Christ, Judas Iscariot, Oranssi Pazuzu, Altar of Plagues, Unanimated, Beatrk, Amon Goeth, Cobalt, Nyktalgia, Lunar Aurora, Lurker of Chalice, Forest of Fog, ColdWorld, Gris, Hate Forest, etc etc (i could go on....)

To Houstonians: What the Heck Is the Purpose of the Spotlight at Night? 2

3. How to sort Spotlight results by size in the Finder?

Just use Secrets #37777 and you will get same result from NSGod.Another option is using 3rd party tools such as Find Any File.But to clear up the machine of big files, I prefer things like Grand Perspective or maybe DiskRadar - apparently a cheaper (in the good and bad sense) alternative to DaisyDisk suggested by D. Beck:Going yet another step further away from the original question but into the original problem, just recently I also used with high satisfaction Chipmunk to reclaim 40gb of wasted duplicates, without any big effort. It has a very distinctive way for looking at the dupes which helps a lot, but it ai not cheap (U$16.99):

4. Why does the calculator in Spotlight search get (18!) /(9!) incorrect (off by one)?

A2A. I am not an expert in this particular app (and I do not own a Mac), but I would guess it's because the calculator may be doing 32 bit float arithmetic and encountering a precision error. 18 ! = 6402373705728000, which does not fit in a 32 bit number. If it's stored in a 64 bit float, there should be enough precision available to handle the division (although it may end up being rounded due to the usual tail float stuff typical in float arithmetic on large numbers). The Linux "dc" calculator gives the right answer.Why does the calculator in spotlight search get (18!) /(9!) incorrect (off by one)?

5. Why can't George Zimmerman follow casey Anthony's example and just count his blessings and stay out of the spotlight?

Why are Liberals so concerned about making a national issue out of one person doing 'stupid' things. Anyone other than Obama and company that is? :) Only reason there was such a trail was because of Liberal media fanning this case into a race war. Wither Zimmerman actually killed in self-defense or not no longer mattered by the time the trial started.

6. Has the recent spotlight of Obama's relationship with his controversial pastor switched your vote?

Nope. I respect him even more now

7. How would you deal with your significant other being in the spotlight and adored by a lot of fans?

Break up with them because I never want to date a famous person because they might cheat on me (the chances are much higher if they are famous)

8. How useful is spotlight?

Very useful as a task launcher - I use it much more often than I use the dock

9. What were the major historical inaccuracies in Spotlight?

From a quick Google search, it seems like the only complaints about the movie's historical accuracy were related to two very minor characters and how they were depicted.See: When the truth ends up on an editing room floor - The Boston GlobeIf these are the only major complaints, that's pretty impressive

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