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Understand the Difference Between Floodlight and Floodlight

What is a floodlight

Projection lamp is a lamp whose illumination on the designated illuminated surface is higher than that of the surrounding environment. Also known as spotlight. Usually, it can aim in any direction and has a structure that is not affected by climatic conditions. It is mainly used for large-area operation sites, mines, building contours, stadiums, overpasses, monuments, parks and flower beds. Therefore, almost all large-area lighting lamps used outdoors can be regarded as projection lamps. The angle of the outgoing beam of the projection lamp is wide and narrow, and the variation range is 0 ° 180 °. Among them, the beam with a particularly narrow beam is called a searchlight.

The projection lamp is composed of optical parts, mechanical parts and electrical parts. The optical components are mainly reflectors and shading grids that limit light. The mechanical components are mainly the shell, the focusing mechanism for fixing and adjusting the position of the light source, the support and base for fixing the lamp and the parts for adjusting the beam projection direction of the lamp with angle indication. For most of the closed projection lamps, the mechanical parts also have protective glass and various sealing rings. According to the needs of the use environment, some are also equipped with metal mesh covers. The projection lamp with good performance is also equipped with air filter. Electrical components mainly include ballast, capacitor, trigger (set according to the needs of light source), etc.

What are floodlights

Floodlight floodlight is a point light source that can illuminate evenly in all directions. Its illumination range can be adjusted arbitrarily and is represented as an octahedral icon in the scene. Floodlight is the most widely used light source in rendering. Standard floodlight is used to illuminate the whole scene. Multiple floodlights can be applied in the scene. In order to produce better results, the shooting bulb is installed into a large reflecting umbrella for use as a high brightness diffusion light source. Although it is indispensable for the lighting in the shed, it can also be regarded as one of the light sources with good lighting effect for general amateur indoor photography.

Floodlights are not spotlights, projectors, or spotlights. Floodlights produce highly diffuse and directionless light rather than clear beams, resulting in soft and transparent shadows. When used for object lighting, the lighting attenuation speed is much slower than that when using spotlights. Even some floodlights with very slow lighting attenuation look like a light source without shadows. The spotlight projects a directional and well-defined beam to illuminate a specific area.

Difference between floodlight and floodlight

Projection lamp and floodlight are commonly used lighting equipment in lighting engineering. However, there are certain differences between projection lamp and floodlight. They complement each other and can outline the lines of the building clearly and beautifully. So what are the differences between floodlights and floodlights?

1. Different forms of irradiation

First of all, the illumination form of the floodlight is scattering, so when it is turned on, it will project light in all directions, and the areas within the illumination range of the floodlight will be illuminated, so it can be used to illuminate the whole scene. However, the projection lamp has the function of focusing, so it can be directed. When the quality guaranteed projection lamp is turned on, its light will be directed to the specified direction.

2. The angle and width of the irradiation node are different

The illumination angle of the floodlight cannot be adjusted. Therefore, no matter what kind of floodlight is purchased for use, although the illumination range can be adjusted arbitrarily after lighting, it is spread around with the lamp itself as the center, and the projection angle of the floodlight can be selected according to the actual requirements, And you can usually choose any angle within 180 degrees.

3. Different scenarios are used

Floodlights can produce scattered light sources in a large area. If multiple floodlights are used in combination, they can provide high brightness diffuse light sources for the studio. Projection lamps are usually used for lighting in buildings, squares, flower beds and parks, which can make the outline of these buildings clearer at night, so as to increase the beauty of cities and towns at night.

Understand the Difference Between Floodlight and Floodlight 1

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