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What Events Led to Civil War?

1800-1866: Bleeding Kansas, the Dred Scott decision, Election of 1860, nullification crisis

What Events Led to Civil War? 1

1. What led to the decline of the Harappan civilisation?

It is due to adverse environment. The place was full of tall trees and greens. Threes were cut and exported to mesopoyemia to build roofs. Huge monsoon rainfall was there coming from Arabian sea. Saraswati river was in full glow. THEN. Monsoon shifted and place became dry. Desert started spreading in big way. There was surely an earthquake . Settlements at Dwaraka, Gulf of cambay went below water. Runn of Kutch got lower to become a swamp. The transport to lothal got blocked.I think a meteriotite also dropped in ocean causing huge flood. The flood has been mentioned in bible, manu smriti, Gilgamesh story. Period not known

2. What led you to pursue a career as a police officer?

Growing up I played team sports such as baseball and football. I played baseball into high school and football into college. I was a good student and I played sports, so there was no time to get into trouble. During high school I was fortunate to be able to go on a few police ride-alongs which allowed me to see how police officers actually worked. I saw police reality, before there was reality TV shows like Cops.I learned that police officers worked in a team-like setting very similar to sports teams that I enjoyed my whole life up to that point. Additionally, I enjoy working and playing outdoors which is precisely what patrol officers do. Being young and sitting in an office or building all day was not desirable to me. Starting my junior year in high school I knew I wanted to be a police officer and focused on making my goal a reality. I opted not to smoke marijuana when a few of my friends started doing so in high school. I decided to work part time at the end of my junior year instead of playing baseball, so I could save for a car and college. I continued to go on ride-alongs and asked many questions of the officers I rode with. I would eventually get to work with some of these same officers which is pretty cool. I also knew I had disdain for criminals after having been the victim of a home burglary, seeing my sister's car vandalized by jealous punks, and seeing the negative results of drug use during my police ride-alongs.I took the appropriate college classes, worked as a store loss-prevention officer, kept a good driving record, and applied for jobs in law enforcement. I got hired by the agency I was primarily interested in when I was 22 years old. I turned 23 while in the Academy and worked for 27 years before retiring. Life is good!

What Events Led to Civil War? 2

3. Has love ever led you to madness?

no..but madness has led me to love

4. What led the Europeans to find a sea rout to the east?

Europeans wanted trade and the Portoguese in particular with an inate fanatical greed backed by religious fervor wanted new markets and access to thriving markets in exotic goods. Columbus writes of seeing the native people of North America( The Jews in Jamaica" By Richard Guy" They just has to find a route to the east and they did. The rest is history

5. What led you to start practicing meditation?

Just an extension, a development, an advancement, a progression of sincere prayer, much more than prayer

6. What was the specific probable cause that led to the Mueller investigation?

Does anyone really believe a casual conversation in a London bar lead to a two year $35 Million Plus dollar investigation? The fact that a snobby Aussie ambassador would even speak to a coffee boy like Papadopoulos is a major clue. Now add in Super Special Agent Strzok's messages to Lisa Page?It's clear the whole thing was a stunt set up by a weaponized FBI against a candidate - then later President.Pity, the FBI once had a decent reputation, that's been shot forever...But it's fun to see the American Leftist's now pronounce them as the greatest thing since sliced bread.

7. Is there such a thing as an actual 60W draw LED or CFL bulb?

Sure there are. Here's a 45-watter:and that's what you get when you open the box:They are not even specialty items (although that depends on where you live. I moved to Amsterdam a while ago and here I just can not find anything over 20W, except for the elongated T4/T5 tubes)

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About [LED Tube] Meet Common Problems, LED Flood Lights, LED Industrial Mine Lamps, LED Tubes
  Author :Green earth– LED Strip Lights manufacturersAs far as the LED tube we have seen, there is a structural, internal wiring, anti-electric shock protection, insulation resistance, and electrical strength, creepage distance and electrical gap, heat resistance and refractory. Different LED tubes are different from the light source and materials that determine different price and safety, and the LED tube has a built-in power supply, and the agency different decisions is different.Century Ruiguang Company Engineering Department Li Manager's current technical security issues related to LED tubes, for the type II anti-electric shock type, requires LED tube input contact to reinforce insulation resistance and electrical strength, many built-in power transformers and LED module aluminum substrate Improper installation, causing the test to pass. Or many companies use non-separated power supplies in order to save costs and power efficiency. Internal wiring is mainly linear and insulating thickness, mechanical damage, and insulating layer. The inside is basically can't be in contact with the lamp shell of the aluminum, and the insulation is enhanced. It is also necessary to avoid internal wires and power supply directly to contact the outer casing and prevent the wire from being broken. In terms of structure, it is necessary to prevent insulation of the lamp head, screw, and contact metal surface, and the corresponding lamp head plastic should be used to prevent melting. Since the screws of the LED tube are directly locked, they are required to pay attention to the creepage distance and electrical interval. The internal power supply and the aluminum housing are needed to be separated from the insulating sleeve to reach the power level. The lamp holder and the lamp body are relatively insulated to prevent leakage of the shell.Article Source: LED tube
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  Author :Green earth– LED Strip Lights manufacturersEight-meter solar LED stream pole strength calculationThe following explanation is determined according to GB50135-2006 "Tower Structural Design Specification". Known Conditions are calculated in maximum wind speed V = 36m / s, 12 typhoon. Solar LED Street Light Bar Material Q235 Wait Stress [σ] = 225000kn / m2.Solar LED street lamp lever shape size 8m, light pole height h = 8m, wall thicknessδ5, upper mouth diameter D = 60, lower mouth diameter D = 165 . The upper part of the light pole is in the upper arm length size is l = 1.3M lamp bottom plate flange 420 ×420 .Solar LED street lamp foundation size, foundation profile 0.6m×0.6m, buried depth 1.5m, ground bolt hole distance 320 ×320 , the bolt diameter M24 is four.Solar LED street light pole strength calculation: standard wind pressure calculation, basic wind pressure is W0 = 0.8kN / m2 by wind speed 36m / s, the standard wind pressure W = W0·KT = 0.8×1.1 = 0.88kn / m2. The wind pressure adjustment coefficient KT takes 1.1.The wind calculation of the solar LED street lamp holder stroke light headμS, conical rod body 8.7 wind pressure high speed change coefficientμZ, take 0.9, the light pole is in the wind area S rod = 1.06m2, the street lamp is in the wind area S light = 0.3m2, the light rod is affected by the wind F rod = W·μYes·μexist·S rod = 0.588KN, the lamp head is affected by wind F light = W·μYes·μexist·S light = 0.166knThe total bending moment of the solar LED street lamp lever is calculated, the light pole bending moment M rod = f·H / 2 = 1.176KN·m, the lamp head to the bending moment of the pole, M light = F light·H = 1.328KN·M total bending moment,σM = M rod M lamp = 2.504 kN·NoSolar LED street light pole bending modulus calculation. WZ =πD 4—D4 / d = 3.14×(0.1654-0.1554) / 32/0.165=0.0000976m3.Calculation of solar LED street light pole bending stress. Bending stressσσ=σM / W0 = 25661.8kn / m2σσAs seen from the above calculations, the strength of the solar LED street light pole is sufficient. The geodial bolt intensity check, the wind direction is the diagonal, the tension of the terrain bolt is the maximum N =σM×Y /σY²= 2.504×0.327 / 0.327²2×0.1²= 6045KN, safety factor k take 2.5 floor bolts M24 effective cross-sectional area, s = 314 ², Q235 steel yield limit,σS = 235n / ², Licensed pull N =σYes×S / K = 235×314 / 2.5 = 295KN> n = 645KN, and the ternary bolts are more than four M24.YWX [Excellent Promotion Screen 18013196696]
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