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What Is a Good Quality Driveway Floodlight That Throws Bright Light and Activated by Motion Sensor?

What Is a Good Quality Driveway Floodlight That Throws Bright Light and Activated by Motion Sensor? 1

Yes, I would go with the halogen. There are more efficient forms of lighting, but the halogen flood gives the whitest, brightest light for your application.

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Where can I find Donald Fagen's single song (Bright Lights, Big City) that he sings at the end of the movie?

Bright Lights Big City Soundtrack

What Is a Good Quality Driveway Floodlight That Throws Bright Light and Activated by Motion Sensor? 2

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How can I achieve very bright light?

If you want very high brightness for a split second, then a few seconds to charge it up again, use a camera flash with a timer circuit and a relay. It is really bright and is great for a lightning effegt

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How do you protect a grand piano from very bright light that comes through lightly curtained windows?

Put a UV filtering film on the window. It's very easy to apply and is available at the large hardware stores [Home Depot, Lowe's]and at most discount stores [KMart, WalMart]. You can get it with or without tinting, depending on your need for natural daylight

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How do I get my neighbors to turn their bright light off at night without getting the police involved?

Close the window; or paint it. Police can not do anything, just paint the window or remove it. Sleep is very important

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Bad headache for 48 hours?

your just getting a migrain i had that too. if the head ache doesnt go away in a day its usually a migrain i had one for 3 day and i went to a doctoer and he told me it was just a migrain but i also had a light head and it got worse when i saw light and my vision got blurry. take Excedrin Caplets or you can get nasel sprays or injections but only use tis if you have these symptoms. Intense throbbing or dull aching pain, usually on one side of your head Nausea, vomiting Changes in how you see, including blurred vision or blind spots in your vision Bothered by light, noise and odours Feeling tired Confusion Stuffy nose Feeling cold or sweating Still or tender neck Light headed Tender scalp Symptoms worsen with movement Certain things can set off migraines in some people. Foods that contain tyramine, sodium nitrite or phenylalanine (see above) can lead to migraines. Other things that may also contribute to migraines include the following: Strong odors, perfumes, bright light or loud noises Changes in Weather or altitude Being really tired, stressed or depressed or the let-down after an intense or stressful event Changes in sleeping patterns or sleeping time, especially sleeping late or sleeping less or longer than usual Missing meals or fasting Menstrual periods, birth control pills or hormones for some women Medications including analgesics Foods that may trigger migraines Aged, canned, cured or processed meat, including bologna, game, ham, herring, hot dogs, pepperoni and sausage. Meat tenderizer Aged cheese Monosodium glutamate (MSG) Alcoholic beverages, especially red wine Nuts and peanut butter Aspartame Onions, except small amounts for flavoring Avocados Papaya Beans, including pole, broad, lima, Italian, navy, pinto and garbanzo beans Passion fruit Brewer's yeast, including fresh yeast coffee cake, donuts and sourdough bread Pea pods Caffeine in excess Pickled, preserved or marinated foods, such as olives and pickles, and some snack foods Canned soup or bouillon cubes Raisins Caffeine-containing foods and drinks Red plums Chocolate, cocoa and carob Sauerkraut Cultured dairy products, such as buttermilk and sour cream Seasoned salt Figs Snow peas Lentils

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I looked up at the bright light in the store, and felt like vomiting?

hi no i dont think its anything seriouse the igh just probebly made you go a bit light headed did u get a head ake with it because if you did u might of had a migrain

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looking for a a rap song. cant remember name or artist. lyrics something like this "bright lights, shiny cars"?

Flashing Lights by Kanye West maybe ?

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If I shine a bright light on a neutron star, what would it look like?

It should be reflective, since the crust of the NS is not made of pure neutrons (even the interior has some non-negligible fraction of free electrons), and the "normal" matter should be highly ionized, thus conductive.Re: the extreme thermal brightness of a million-degree black body, you could still see the visible light if you shined a coherent source like a laser. Also, very old NS's cool off below that temp, but they are much harder to find.

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