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Which Celebs - One Male, One Female Do You Think Will Be in the Spotlight in the Future?

Shiloh Jolie-Pitt & Kingston Rossdale

Which Celebs - One Male, One Female Do You Think Will Be in the Spotlight in the Future? 1

1. How would you deal with your significant other being in the spotlight and adored by a lot of fans?

If you knew this when you first got together, you need to put your big shorts/ panties on and deal with the situation, whatever that is. If you find you can not hang, than you need to get out of the relationship

2. Is she stealing Inday's spotlight?

so this must be the reason why dodong married ederlyn instead of inday, LOL!!!! ;) as for me, team INDAY forevah!!!!

Which Celebs - One Male, One Female Do You Think Will Be in the Spotlight in the Future? 2

3. How can you tell if you really have gender dysphoria, you are of a different gender or you just like the attention? I do like being in the spotlight, but I just can't tell if these are genuine feelings or I'm just pretending to myself.

My teenage son is transgender (F to M). He came out to me at age 9 and began dressing as male, wearing a short haircut, and using male pronouns. He goes by a male name, although we have not yet done an official legal name change through the court system. He does not take hormones, and because of his young age, there have been no surgeries yet. He handles the chest problem with a binder. He has never had any trouble passing as male since age 9.He does not want any extra attention, He is an introvert and quietly blends in with other males. Most of his friends are straight males, except for the few new friends he has met this year at school through the Gay Straight Alliance group.I can not imagine anyone who would say they are trans just to get attention. That's crazy! Besides, in some areas you may put yourself at risk of getting physically harmed by people who are anti-LGBTQ.

4. looking for a lightbulb for my husky spotlight?

What the ****. Kevin Jonas is the most amazing person ever. Where the hell did you get that!? Has it ever occured to you that maybe you are the one that looks like a light bulb? Gosh. What is wrong with you?

5. Spotlight keeps forgetting not to index BOOTCAMP partition

I believe you can add a file named:to the root of the volume you do not want indexed

6. Why is Fox News giving a spotlight to these goofy "Tea Party" protests?

At long last there are protests for a worthwhile cause

7. Is there something special about the .Spotlight directories/data?

Yes you may delete those directories.These directories house files that are indexes to allow searching your drive with Spotlight. (see the magnifying glass on the menubar of your Mac.) Deleting those indexes will force spotlight to re-index your drive (which is perfectly natural) and it will make a new index, hopefully something small and tidy. I've no idea why your index is so large and would hope that the new index will take up MBs rather than GBs

8. Name some wrestlers who don't mind sharing the spotlight???

Kane and Mick Foley are two guys who come to mind. Kane has refused world title reigns and the chance to beat the Undertaker at Wrestlemania, all to give opportunities to new talent. Foley's also one of the nicest guys in the business, and has always believed that in order to look good, you have to make your opponent look good as well.

9. How can i get a 12 volt accesory plug into my boat for a spotlight?

do not know if this is exactly what you are looking for, but you can buy a cable that one end is a female plug for your spotlight and the other end has red/black clamps that go directly on to the boat battery, very inexpensive, try walmart

10. Mail search not finding messages but Spotlight does

I just migrated my email from 10.13 tot 10.14 to find out i had this problem as well. The only solution that worked for me was nr 4problem is since some only need this one item and others need more steps, perhaps there are multiple problems to be solved with the same end symptom. Letting security relax Container Scope is quite vague and not documented, but it worked for me.

11. Avoiding Spotlight to spin up external drive

I did not look into the app for a while, but what about Alfred ? I am sure there is a way to disable indexing for the drive. (or make it spin only when actually needing a file located there)

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