Why Are You Buying Solar Led Street Light Fittings More Expensive Than Others?

The solar led street light fittings consists of five major components, solar panels (stands), batteries, controllers, LED light sources and light poles. Depending on the local conditions, the configuration of these solar led street light fittings components is different. Only when combined with the actual situation, the solar led street light fittings can be guaranteed. Its lighting effect. In addition, the specific parameters of each component configuration also directly determine the price of solar led street light fittings, so in reality, there are often differences in the price of the same street lamp.1. Solar based led street lights controller selection:The solar based led street lights controller is generally made of stainless steel, which has the characteristics of good performance and durable. The charge and discharge controller is designed with light control, time control, over charge and over discharge protection as well as secondary energy saving control, and half power illumination in the specified period. If the controller is not qualified, the battery board may be burnt.2.Solar based led street lights system configuration calculation:The formula for calculating the peak sunshine hours is that the peak sunshine hours = A / (3.6X365)3. Determination of series voltage for solar based led street lights:The DC input voltage of the solar based led street lights source is used as the system voltage, generally 12V or 24V. When the solar module voltage is 36V, the battery voltage requirement is not less than 2/3 of the component voltage, so the voltage of the battery, controller and light source must be selected. 24V.4. Selection of lamps:The choice of luminaires mainly depends on the reflectivity, illuminance and maintenance factor. The quality of solar panel street lamps can be measured by the three indicators of road surface brightness, uniformity and glare. Road lighting quality is reflected in:1. Brightness level: The average brightness of the road has different brightness requirements according to the road grade. Generally, the expressway and the main road require a brightness requirement of 2 cd/m2 or more, and the secondary trunk road and the auxiliary road or the residential road are relatively low.2. Average illuminance: The average illuminance refers to the average value of all illuminances on the road surface, which is the unit of illumination intensity, generally expressed by LM. 3, glare: road lighting should strive to limit the uncomfortable glare within a certain range, generally expressed by G value, under normal circumstances, G = 75. Solar panel street lamps source selection:The selection principle of the solar panel street lamps source is a light source suitable for environmental requirements, high luminous efficiency and long life. Commonly used light source types are: three primary color energy-saving lamps, traditional nano lamps, induction lamps, LEDs, etc. For the global environmental status, the most widely used solar panel street lamps source is the induction lamp light source and LED light source.6. Battery capacity calculation for solar led street light fixture:It is preferred to determine the storage type of battery type and battery according to the local rainy weather conditions. There are more rainy weather in the south, and the storage weather is generally 5-7 rainy days. Battery capacity calculation formula: battery capacity = load power X day working time X storage days ÷ discharge depth ÷ system voltage, where: battery capacity unit is AH; load power unit is W; daily working time unit is H; storage days unit is D The depth of discharge is generally about 0.8, and the system voltage is V.7. Solar panel capacity calculation for solar led street light fixture:For solar led street light fixture, the overall system configuration formula: P = light source power X light source working time / peak sunshine hours; where P is the power of the battery component, the unit is W; the light source working time unit is H.The above is the relevant content of the solar led street light fixture configuration, the different configuration is not the same price. In this regard, solar led street light suppliers can provide you with the best configuration solution to meet your lighting requirements while ensuring you do not spend a penny

Why Are You Buying Solar Led Street Light Fittings More Expensive Than Others? 1

I want light controlled by one switch, not two

Looks like a 4-way switch location at pic with single box location. blacks spiced in wire nuts and red and black travelers. I am and I suggest to call an electrician. The hardest part of working on electric is perceiving your known and unknown hazards

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Best Chauvet DJ SM-55 Lighting and Floodlight Controller
FloodlightThe main reason why people choose to buy floodlight bulbs is because they are more expensive than conventional bulbs. However, in today's world, there are lots of options available and you need to make sure you have the right type of lighting to give you the best experience in your garden. If you are interested in buying floodlight bulbs then check out these things: 'Which type of bulb do you most want?' 'What kind of bulb do you most want?' 'Is it cheaper to buy a floodlight bulb? Can you afford it?' 'How long will it last?I would love to be able to tell you that my lighting and floodlight were not the same. I just have to tell you that they were both kind of great, but what they were is really important. They are also very versatile. The ones that I use most often are so simple to make that I don't even notice them in the garden. It is easy to add some character to your garden, or just give it a bit of light and let it set up beautifully. If you have any suggestions or want to see more of my photography please send me a message.Many people think that lighting and floodlighting is something they do every day, but it's really not. They can find good quality light in their home, or just about anywhere else in the world. We live in a world where we have so many different styles of lighting and floodlighting that we don't even know what to look for in our daily lives. It's easy to get lost in our world and try to use some kind of guide to make your life easier. I'll show you how to use floodlight and make sure you have the right type of light for your needs.SpotlightDiy Chandelier light bulbs are an ideal choice for decorating your garden. It is simple to make and takes up less space in your garden. This bulb is also lightweight and portable. The fact that it is waterproof makes it ideal for use in any outdoor setting. You can install it in a dark room, such as a pool or garden. It also has an adjustable volume so you can adjust the amount of light that you want to go into the bulb. The back of the bulb is made of plastic and has a cover.If you are not looking for a place to spend your time, then consider this guide. A good lighting system will help you get back to your routine as soon as possible. It will make your life easier and save you from getting lost in the darkness. You can also find great deals on LED lights by clicking on the image below. A good floodlight will provide you with an easy way to see the many different types of light bulbs available.When we go to bed you want to know what is going on in your room. The main thing is to find out what is going on in your room and when it is going to be ready to go, so that you can do some testing. When you are looking at the space, make sure you have the right kind of light and what type of light you are looking for. A good lighting will help you get a good night's sleep. You should also check if there are any local outlets that sell them.In the days of solar powered lighting, it is difficult to see how they work. The biggest problem is that most people who are not homeowners can't find any software to help them. So the best thing to do is make sure that they use a safe and effective method of light control.Way to use floodlight and spotlight in everyday lifeMost of the people who work in our homes are unable to find their way to their jobs. With so many other products out there, we can't help but think about how good they are. We all need to be able to tell what kind of person we are, so how good is the light that we use? How good is the light that we use? Are we comfortable with our environment or do we need to know more about it? Is it better to just keep on reading or not? We all need to know how good our lighting is.One of the most important things you can do to make your garden more beautiful is find a way to keep it lit. I used to work at a company that sells lampshades, and they were an easy way to light up your garden without much hassle. It's very simple to set up and has some pretty powerful features that will help you get started in the garden. I have found that using a floodlight is very helpful for me because it helps me focus on my job, rather than my children.The beauty of our day is that we don't need to spend hours at a desk or even on the floor checking out the different kinds of light bulbs, instead they use special lampshades that can give us more control over our lighting. When we have an unexpected event that needs attention, it's time to hire a floodlight or floodlight controller. You need to be able to put together a solution that will help you get through it quickly.No one is perfect and it is difficult to keep up with the demands of our daily lives. People are being forced to make new friends and family because of their troubles. We need to find ways to be more than just friends, but also as individuals. All we need is a tool that will allow us to create better lighting for ourselves and our families. With technology now allowing us to have more control over our environment, we can start to build a brighter future.
How to Choose to Debug Solar Street Light Controller_solar Street Lightsolar Led Street Lightstreet
How to Choose to Debug Solar Street Light Controller_solar Street Lightsolar Led Street Lightstreet
How to choose to debug solar street light controller_solar street light、solar led street light、street light pole、solar panel、all in one solar street light、gel battery、battery box、led lamp、solar street light price、solar power system、SOKOYO Solar Lighting Co., Ltd.Solar street lights are independent individuals, unlike traditional street lights that are connected to the power control box for centralized control. Solar street lights can also be automatically turned on at night, and can be automatically turned off during the day. Because solar street lights adopt intelligent active lighting, this is the role of solar street light controllers , then how do we choose solar street light controllers? The solar street light controller is divided into two types of booster and step-down. When purchasing, it depends on the voltage of the solar street light source to determine what kind of controller to use. This customer has specific solar street light parameter configuration for solar energy when purchasing. Street lamp manufacturers , manufacturers will choose according to LED light source. What kind of solar street light controller is selected, how to debug it? Because professional equipment is used, this is generally directly debugged by the manufacturer. The customer only needs to tell the manufacturer about the lighting time of the solar street light. We, SOKOYO, Are Manufacturer, Focus On Solar Outdoor Lighting Since 2008.— — — — — —How An Intelligent LED Lighting System Works – ledfy blogOver the last few years, LEDs have replaced many incandescent bulbs and other fixtures like Halogen lamp, fluorescent lamp etc. Many traditional fixtures were also replaced or LED lamps were installed in them in place of already existing bulbs. Needless to say, this will go on until there is no incandescent and other excessive energy consuming lighting fixtures are used for illumination except LED lights. The revolution of LED is about to reach its highest reach. A great part of the population of electricity consumers is already using LED lights for illumination. With the regular upgrading technology, LED has also become an important aspect of Smart Lighting. It is enhancing the daily lifestyle of everyone to a great deal and making it easier for us to take total control over the luminosity. For attaining a smart network, the lighting system needs to be connected to an intelligent network. LED lighting becomes a part of a powerful network when it is combined with a connected intelligent network. This network is a very effectively organized system which works cooperatively. The main task of this system is to gather & analyze the information, control and respond to set point and real-time responding. This results in collecting every data that is needed to complete a smart home network. Once the smart network is accomplished, it becomes more integrated to its operational performance as it quickly responds to the issues which result in an increase the reliability and efficiency. A connected lighting system works same as the HVAC system which adjusts the room temperature based on the Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning. This system harmonizes lighting according to the same factors and couples it with climate control system. The outcome of connected intelligent lighting network increases the efficiency of lighting and reduces the energy cost while providing the overall control to the network users. It can create the lighting ambiance to increase the concentration and productivity. It also sets the ambiance for the well being of the user and creating a positive mood. The sensors installed in this system allow many advantages over normal lighting system. It sets the light in synchronization with natural daylight cycle which can be changed accordingly to the requirement of the user. It automatically dims down and increases the brightness of light according to the presence of sunlight in the room i.e. coming through the windows. The most revolutionized technology used in an intelligent lighting system is Power of the Internet. It reduces all the wiring gobbledygook and makes it easier and simpler to get a smart lighting system. The internet allows the control of lighting wirelessly which can be also controlled through a smart-phone. This magnificent network is rapidly changing the world of smart technology and taking it to the higher grounds. An intelligent lighting system depends on many types of things which include fixtures, the connection of cables, type of lights, smart sensors, nattily developed LED drivers, wireless routers, and dimmers etc. A suitable connection of these things makes the bright future for smart home and smart buildings.
About [LED Tube] Meet Common Problems, LED Flood Lights, LED Industrial Mine Lamps, LED Tubes
About [LED Tube] Meet Common Problems, LED Flood Lights, LED Industrial Mine Lamps, LED Tubes
  Author :Green earth– LED Strip Lights manufacturersAs far as the LED tube we have seen, there is a structural, internal wiring, anti-electric shock protection, insulation resistance, and electrical strength, creepage distance and electrical gap, heat resistance and refractory. Different LED tubes are different from the light source and materials that determine different price and safety, and the LED tube has a built-in power supply, and the agency different decisions is different.Century Ruiguang Company Engineering Department Li Manager's current technical security issues related to LED tubes, for the type II anti-electric shock type, requires LED tube input contact to reinforce insulation resistance and electrical strength, many built-in power transformers and LED module aluminum substrate Improper installation, causing the test to pass. Or many companies use non-separated power supplies in order to save costs and power efficiency. Internal wiring is mainly linear and insulating thickness, mechanical damage, and insulating layer. The inside is basically can't be in contact with the lamp shell of the aluminum, and the insulation is enhanced. It is also necessary to avoid internal wires and power supply directly to contact the outer casing and prevent the wire from being broken. In terms of structure, it is necessary to prevent insulation of the lamp head, screw, and contact metal surface, and the corresponding lamp head plastic should be used to prevent melting. Since the screws of the LED tube are directly locked, they are required to pay attention to the creepage distance and electrical interval. The internal power supply and the aluminum housing are needed to be separated from the insulating sleeve to reach the power level. The lamp holder and the lamp body are relatively insulated to prevent leakage of the shell.Article Source: LED tube
About [LED Tube] Industry Case, LED Industrial Mine Lamp, LED Tube, LED Spotlight
About [LED Tube] Industry Case, LED Industrial Mine Lamp, LED Tube, LED Spotlight
  Author :Green earth– LED Strip Lights manufacturersIn 2014, the LED lighting industry was not destined to be an ordinary year. Thunder X illuminated, followed by Wuhan, Hubei, after Hangzhou, Zhejiang, once again“replace”Guangdong Shenzhen operations middle candidates; Yigong and Wu Zhengzheng broke up and the goods were 120 billion to buy, the original agent will be in the question, leaving a lot of topics worthy of the illumination. BeTwenty years ago, Guangzhou, there is a group of fresh young people, we all have simple wishes, this wish is just a little bit better for the days. They stepped on classic“Phoenix”Double bar bike, the street alley is delivered by a hardware store. They grow in plain, change in growth, very fast,“After the Yangtze River”, A batch of storm-free pre-sealing, the state-owned bulb manufacturing plant falls, another batch“Unique”The private lighting company founded it, which also laid a lot of a lot of a lot of lines.Replacement brands frequently in the short term, the loss of the dealer cannot be estimated. Huizhou's potential brand West X original Nanjing agent, from the west x brand I can't promote the promotion fees, I have to light your career with him.“Puff”Break up, turn the flower light.In the transformation of China's economy, our employment is increasing, and the warehousing capital is increasing, and the delivery capital is increasing, and the manufacturer is looking for a variety of increases, and the quotation is getting more flat. Many dealers are carrying a micro profession. Selling, and even no profit sale, and even some are still being sold.Article Source: LED tube
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