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Why Is Fox News Giving a Spotlight to These Goofy "Tea Party" Protests?

Fox spotlights lots of things the drive-by media deem beneath them. It may be one reason they are doing so well and the other TV news outlets are stagnating or dwindling in audience. As to "spotlighting" them, I watch FOX frequently and have yet to see mention made. Perhaps because you find them goofy if FOX mentions them in your mind they are "spotlighted."

Why Is Fox News Giving a Spotlight to These Goofy

1. Why is Palin putting Willow in the spotlight, and why is she dragging this out?

Publicity. She's trying (hard) to stay relevant

2. During the pre game instructions, the spotlight shines on Chris Bosh who is 6'10. Bosh casts a shadow on the

im not sure about a but for b you make a proportion if bosh is 6'10 and has a 9 shadow you take 6 10/12 divided by 9 = x divided by 12 cross multiple and divide im not gonna give you the answer i think you can figure it out

Why Is Fox News Giving a Spotlight to These Goofy

3. Can you list for me the cartoons on the Looney Tunes Spotlight Collection volume 1?

The SPOTLIGHT collections are condensed versions of the GOLDEN collections...all of the cartoons that are on the SPOTLIGHT collections appear on the GOLDEN collections, but the GOLDEN collections have many more cartoons and special features. The SPOTLIGHT collections were designed for the casual fan, they feature more of the popular cartoons (kind of a 'Best of' collection) at a discount price with no special features. They feature 28-30 of the same cartoons from the GOLDEN collections. The GOLDEN collections feature more cartoons (56 on volume 1, 60 each on volumes 2-5) and documentaries and military cartoons. They are more for the rabid fans who want everything. If you get both collections you will have all duplicate cartoons on the SPOTLIGHT collection...your best bet is to get the GOLDEN collections, you will get many more cartoons and a whole lot of extras. They are a little pricey compared to the SPOTLIGHT collections, but worth it.

4. do you think black leaders of today are opportunist who just want to be seen in the spotlight?can someone?

You chose the wrong person to ask about. How about asking about Condoleeza Rice and Colin Powell and Alan Keyes-what about their contribution to society?

5. Is it possible to make "Look Up” appear higher in Spotlight? [duplicate]

You might consider Alfred for your searches. It's not only an improvement over Spotlight for local searches (using Spotlight indexes) because it learns your frequent searches, it's extremely malleable.Here's Alfred's preference pane that shows control of searches that use OS X's built in dictionary:Here's what it looks like to search for a word. You can set Alfred up to come up with Command/Space or you can keep Spotlight active and bring it up with an alternative like Option/Space.In my case, I type Option/Space and the word "define" and then the word I want to define (which I've left blank here). You can see the Dictionary comes up in the search results by default because "define" triggers it:Alfred is a spectacular product and it's quite stable and free (you do not need the Power Pack extension to look up words). I think it will solve the lookup problem and become useful to you for many other things

6. Have Automator add original path to Spotlight Comment for a file when moving to the trash

I would just use Applescript to do it in a Run Applescript ActionThis sets the date stamp and path. It should be simple to add your touch and delete code to this.

7. Y&R -- Character Spotlight #4: Victor Newman?

Very comprehensive! Old Victor would be proud! ; ) How about a Lauren Fenmore spotlight? Or Jill Foster Abbott?

8. How to get OS X to index my Network Volumes with Spotlight?

You can have spotlight index networked volumes using mdutil with it's -i switch (indexing).example:the only caveat is that you must do this each time you mount the drive. There are various expansions on this and workarounds to make things easier in the article linked to above.

9. How to enable searching inside Google Drive/Docs using Spotlight?

I used a version of the answer supplied here with sudo mdutil -E /Volumes/[DriveName] but first I had to make sure the Google Drive was mounted.

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