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What Is Ga2O3?

What Is Ga2O3?

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Gallium Oxide White LED Prospects
Gallium Oxide White LED Prospects
Saga University in Japan has reported work towards white light-emitting diodes (WLEDs) based on rare-earth (RE)-doped gallium oxide (Ga2O3) [Yafei Huang et al, Appl. Phys. Lett., v119, p062107, 2021]. The researchers adopted a vertical integration strategy with Ga2O3 layers doped with thulium (Tm), europium (Eu) and erbium (Er) grown on top of each other. The team comments that “films grown by lateral integration are deposited side-by-side, while the co-doping of multiple rare earth elements into the same host will unavoidably degrade the crystal quality and, thus, induce undesirable threshold voltage and luminous efficiency.” The vertical strategy leads to more compact devices without compromising crystal quality. The team adds: “On the other hand, compared with phosphor-assisted WLEDs, direct white light emissions are achieved from single-material-based LEDs in this work without using additional red, blue or green phosphors, which can greatly reduce the energy re-absorption effect between different phosphors.” Such energy re-absorption would naturally impact power efficiency. The researchers also see the phosphor-free approach based on single-material-based WLEDs with direct primary color mixing as more conducive to displays based on smaller-pixel micro-LEDs. Although rare-earth doping has been tried in gallium nitride and zinc oxide devices, there are problems such as needing high voltages (~100V) or poor color balance due to spectral gaps. The Saga team sees β-Ga2O3 as “an ideal host for rare-earth ions benefiting from its ultrawide bandgap (4.9eV), which is advantageous to improve the thermal stability and luminous ability of rare-earth dopants at room temperature”. According to the researchers, at present, “there are no reports available related to full-color (white) LEDs based on rare-earth-doped Ga2O3.” The doped Ga2O3 layers were deposited on p-type gallium arsenide, p-GaAs (111), using alternate-target pulsed laser deposition (PLD) at 500°C. The Ga2O3 targets were variously doped with rare-earth oxides: 1wt.% Tm2O3, 1wt.% Eu2O3 and 5wt.% Er2O3. The laser light came from a krypton fluoride (KrF) excimer laser emitting deep-ultraviolet light at 248nm wavelength. The PLD was carried out in an oxygen atmosphere at 0.1Pa pressure. The samples consisted of 150-periods of the sequence of the three types of Ga2O3 doping (Figure 1). The growth process lasted 150 minutes. Material analysis suggested that the atomic concentrations for the doped layers were 0.3% Tm, 0.5% Eu and 2.3% Er. Figure 1: Schematic structure of LED-A based on Ga2O3:(Tm+Eu+Er)/GaAs heterojunction. The LEDs featured an indium tin oxide (ITO) transparent conductor n-electrode and gold (Au) p-electrode. The ITO was applied with direct-current sputtering; the gold with electon-beam evaporation. Atomic force microscopy showed a sample surface “filled with uniformly distributed grain-like structures” with a root-mean-square roughness of 10nm. When subjected to a forward voltage of more than 8.8V, the current begins to increase rapidly. The researchers also note that the electroluminescence (EL) is only observed under forward bias, suggesting that “simultaneously injected electrons and holes are indispensable for the EL”. The researchers associate the emitted light with 4f transitions from the Eu3+, Er3+, and Tm3+ ions (Figure 2). Figure 2: (a) Current-voltage characteristics curve of LED-A. Inset: semi-log characteristics and digital photograph of LED-A at 70mA. (b) EL spectra under different operating currents. (c) EL intensities of emissions at 475, 529, and 615nm as function of injection current. (d) CIE chromaticity coordinates under different currents. The various peaks associated with the different ions were: 461 and 475nm with Tm3+; 529, 550, and 656nm with Er3+; 590, 615, and 712nm with Eu3+. Although the emissions somewhat overlap, the Tm ones are mainly in the blue range, Er green, and Eu red. The combination gives white light. The researchers explain: “Due to the existence of oxygen vacancy defects in the film, the simultaneous red, green, and blue emissions are supposed to be triggered by the defect-assisted energy transfer from the Ga2O3 host to RE3+ (Eu3+, Er3+, and Tm3+) ions.” On the basis of previous reports, the researchers expect the emission to be relatively independent of the temperature environment since the complete outer 5s and 5p orbitals shield the 4f shell from such influence. The positions of the peaks were found to vary little with changing current injection. However, the strength of the emissions did vary, with the balance shifting from red to green and blue as the current increases. The color content of the main device reported, LED-A, shifted from pink to white with injections from 40mA to 80mA. The correlated color temperature (CCT) varied from 2370K to 7592K, respectively, a shift from a warm to cold tone. The team reports: “For instance, the emitted light at 55mA locates at a warm-white point with CIE coordinates of (0.3739, 0.3410) and CCT of 3926K, which meets the requirements for indoor lighting applications.” The researchers also see 65mA as providing “superior” CIE coordinates, (0.3329, 0.3335), but 5479K CCT, suitable for indoor/outdoor cold-white illumination. Table 1: Thicknesses of doped Ga2O3 layers. The color balance was also varied in hardware, with the researchers producing four other device structures with different layer thicknesses of the various components (Table 1). These resulted in different color balance behavior (Figure 3). Figure 3: CIE chromaticity diagrams for (a) LED-a, (b) LED-b, (c) LED-c, and (d) LED-d under different operating currents. The author Mike Cooke is a freelance technology journalist who has worked in the semiconductor and advanced technology sectors since 1997.
LED Three Anti-light Lights Contrast to Ordinary Three Anti-light
LED Three Anti-light Lights Contrast to Ordinary Three Anti-light
  Author :Green earth– LED Strip Lights manufacturersShandong Priis Lighting Technology Co., Ltd. is a production-type private science and technology professional lighting company with LED lamp development, manufacturing and sales in 17 years of history and experience. Today, we will bring you one of the more than one of the LED three-defense lights and ordinary three-way lights!LED three-definition lights and ordinary three-defense lights compare it to several advantages:First, LED three-light lamp environmental protection: there is no ultraviolet and infrared rays in the LED spectrum, low calorie and frequency flash, no stroboscopic protective vision, and waste can be recycled, no harmful elements such as mercury, can safely touch, Green illumination light source.Second, the life of LED three anti-light is very long, usually the LED light source is called a longevity lamp. There is no loose portion in the lamp body, so there is no phenomenon that the filament is emitted. Therefore, the life of the LED three-fire lamp can reach 50,000 to 100,000 hours, more than ten times longer than the traditional source of light source, which greatly reduces Cost of replacement and maintenance.Third, the LED three anti-light is very energy-saving, it belongs to DC drive, the power consumption is very low, under the same lighting effect, the LED three anti-light is more than 80% of the traditional source energy saving.
ESP GuardCam LED Security Floodlight with Camera
ESP GuardCam LED Security Floodlight with Camera
The ESP GuardCam combines a full range of security features , including a PIR floodlight, camera, speaker and DVR (Digital Video Recorder) system, all in one handy, compact device. It has a powerful security floodlight with motion sensor that can be set to trigger its in-built DVR and an audible warning to unnerve unwanted visitors. Simply connect to mains power, fix to a wall, set the time and date and you are all ready to go! The motion sensor in the unit can be triggered up to 12 meters (160 degrees) and can be set to activate the DVR both in day light and at night when the flood light comes on, and has an LED output of 1100 lumens. The floodlight can be set to come on from 5 seconds up to 7 minutes. The video recording system can be programmed to trigger both at night and during daylight hours, once the PIR is broken. It can be set to record either video images - 750 twenty second video clips with a 4GB card which is supplied, or 60,000 still images. It can be used with a 32GB card (not supplied). The images have a high resolution of 1080 x 720P and can be viewed on any computer using either the supplied USB reader or the SD card slot. There is an auto date and time stamp also included on the images. The GuardCam comes with an audible warning system designed to unnerve unwanted visitors including a pre-recorded warning message, a dog barking and the facility to record your own! The GuardCam comes with a 3 year manufacturer warranty1. Help making a Speaker system?Building a speaker cabinet is not as easy as it seems. It all depends on the speaker size and the frequency response of all the speakers, you will also need a cross over for the speakers. You can get a book on how to built a speaker cabinet. Finding a speaker and all the material you need to do this, along with the time and tools you need to complete the job might not be cost effective than just buying one. If you have to ask, then I would recommend you just buy one. Hope this will help you out2. Good 6.5 speaker for mids/lows?get an amp. amps will produce bass better. if you are looking at speakers anyway, get something with high xmax3. How do I change from 100w to 200w single speaker wiring on a Whelen 295HFS6 siren?If a one-speaker installation is used, cut and cap the ORANGE wire, skip steps 3 & 5 and connect the BROWN wire to the NEGATIVE terminal of speaker #1. 1. Route the YELLOW, ORANGE and BROWN wires toward the vehicle's siren speakers. 2. Connect the YELLOW wire to the POSITIVE speaker connection on speaker #1. 3. not used 4. Connect the BROWN wire to the NEGATIVE speaker connection on speaker #2. 5. not used you can change from 105w to 185w by changing the spkr from a 11 ohm to a 5.5 ohm spkr (on page 9)4. car speaker?? what is the best!!?Sensitivity is its response to a given imput. So a more sensitive speaker will produce more sound with a lower amount of watts. If you do not have a seperate amp you will want to look for speakers with higher sensitivity.5. Optical Audio (Toslink) to Speaker wires?What was the brand and model of the DVD player you had? Was it some kind of integrated DVD player/amp? What are the brands and models of the equipment you would like to connect?6. Spanish Speaker please help me out!!!!?1) en el museo hay pinturas, las esculturas, y los retratos. 2.) Mi pintor predilecto es 3.) En general ellos pintan cuadros al utilizar colores diferentes 4.) Para almorzar yo prefiero un bocadillo y las papas fritas 5.) Mi alimento predilecto es frutas porque ellos son dulce y sabroso 6.) mi fuente predilecta es pollo con arroz porque su delicioso. 7.) Normalmente como mi alimento predilecto en mis cumpleaos porque eso es mi da para escoger lo que tenemos que comer. Hope I helped!7. Could an English speaker live In Québec?No. You need to know French in order to live/work in the mainstream of Quebec life
How Is the LED Garden Light and a Landscape Light?
How Is the LED Garden Light and a Landscape Light?
  Author :Green earth– LED Strip Lights manufacturersWith the rapid development of urban construction, the LED garden lights and landscape lights are increasingly chased in the lamp lighting industry. What is the difference between the courtyard light and a landscape light? Below, you will be lightly illuminated to everyone.The courtyard light is mainly used in parks, communities, families, and heights or less than 6 meters. It has the characteristics of long life, energy saving and environmental protection, and beautiful. The courtyard light can be integrated with nearby landscapes, creating a different atmosphere and atmosphere. The garden lights are relatively soft, not glaring, and will not affect pedestrian sight, compared to the safety factor.The landscape lamp is mainly used in large public areas such as roads and bridges. The height of the landscape lamp is generally over 6 meters, the light irradiation intensity is very strong, and the light is unique, and a neon night can be created.The LED courtyard lights and landscape lights are one of outdoor lighting, and the garden lamp refers to outdoor road lighting fixtures or less than 6 meters, and its main components are: light source, lamp, light pole, flange, foundation embedded parts 5 composition. Mainly used in urban slow lanes, narrow lanes, residential communities, tourist scenic spots, parks, squares, etc. Outdoor lighting, can extend people's outdoor activities and improve property security.The garden lamp has a European courtyard lamp, modern garden light and classical garden lamp. Three different garden lights represent three different styles, which are designed according to the city style and space scenes.With the development of my country in recent years, urban lighting is also getting better and better, there are two types of community garden lights and square garden lights. So, what kind of material chooses to choose the garden light? There are two kinds of steel and aluminum. First, from firmness, the boiling point of aluminum is low, the flexibility is strong, and the high temperature is easily deformed, and the firmness is slightly poor relative to the steel. From the point of view, the courtyard lamp is complex, the production cost of cast aluminum is high, the process is complicated, and the price is 3-6 times higher than the garden lamp of the steel material. From the workman, the workmanship of cast aluminum and cast iron is more complicated than steel materials. If you pay attention to style, aluminum and iron are generally selected, if you pay attention to strong and quality, you will generally choose steel material.The landscape light is more likely to pursue the appearance of the lamp and the nightlights. Features: The garden lamp is more simple and the effect of the lamp appearance. Landscape lights, the appearance of the garden lamp should pay attention to the garden style or the subject coordination.The landscape spacing is generally 15-20 meters, and it is actually determined according to the size and illumination of the lamp. The inner garden lamp layout should try to avoid setting in the first floor residents to avoid lighting interference to the household.With the development of LED lighting technology and the development of my country's economy, the demand for landscape lights is getting bigger and bigger, and the artistic value brought by the art has gradually emerged. In different environments, the color and style of landscape lights are also different. It is necessary to design according to the surrounding environment and the scenery, integrating with the surrounding environment, making people visually have a sense of overall, increasing aesthetics.The above is the difference in the light of the Green, introduces you to the difference between LED garden lights and landscape lights. I hope I can help you, I want to know more about LED garden lights and landscape lights, please continue to pay attention to the Green Land Lighting website!
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