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2021-09-27 18:18:02

The city of Munich showcased the Propylaeum this winter with a powerful LED lighting system from LEDVANCE.


For the light action "Kunstareal verbindet", LEDVANCE provided the lighting solution for the in-stallation in the Propylaeum. Thanks to LEDVANCE as a strong partner, it was possible to create a robust, high-intensity, wind and weather proof lighting solution suitable for continuous use.

The greatest challenge of the project was to let the Propylaeum, which is symbolic for Munich, shine in a new light. The original design of the architect was to be emphasized by the lighting design integrated into the existing architecture. The light installation had to meet the strict static and urban planning requirements of the landmark, which is under monumental protection.
In order to meet the enormous dimensions of the light installation and architecture, a particularly powerful lighting system had to be found. A wind and weather proof IP65 certified lighting solu-tion was needed that is suitable for continuous use and at the same time produces homogeneous illumination in terms of color temperature and luminosity.

The lighting solutions from LEDVANCE were particularly impressive due to their high luminosity and homogeneity combined with a low installation profile. Thanks to their high-quality standards, the luminaires are also weather proof and ideally suited for continuous outdoor use. Due to the constant color temperature, a consistent lighting pattern could be created. At the same time, the low energy consumption of the lighting installation enables an efficient illumination of the Propy-laeum. By controlling the LED STRIP with a remote control, the lighting situation could be easily adjusted even after the installation of the steel frame. A seamless transition between architecture and lighting was created - a fusion of light and architecture was achieved. Luminaires used in the project generate over one million lumens of luminosity to properly illuminate the monumental size of the building. “There are times when art and culture need more space than just an idea,“ emphasizes Yul Zeser, artist of the art installation in the Propylaeum.

To meet all the demands of the lighting installation of continuous operation and outdoor use in winter weather and low temperatures, the ECO HIGH POWER FLOODLIGHT 500W and LED STRIP VALUE-500 RGB PROTECTED from LEDVANCE were chosen. The light sources from LEDVANCE were compelling here both in their performance during daily operation and in their long operating time as well as their wind and weather resistance.

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