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Do you know the brave lamp?

2021-08-25 15:25:07

Do you know the brave lamp? 1
Do you know the brave lamp? 2
Do you know the brave lamp? 3

Bold lights are mainly used in exhibition halls, shops, restaurants, etc., play a role in local lighting, and bring a sense of hierarchy to the living room. Lighting lamps and light sources are mainly energy-saving lamps, but they cannot achieve local lighting effects and are usually suitable for ceilings. Adjusting the angle and Tutan lamp can adjust the lighting direction within the degree category, and the lighting has a concentrated point. The entrance of the spotlight and the card is fixed, and the lighting direction cannot be adjusted. The light source is different, most of the bold lights are mainly yellow warm light, which brings a sense of warmth to the living room.

Do you know the brave lamp? 4
Do you know the brave lamp? 5
Do you know the brave lamp? 6

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