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Modern office lighting application solutions

2021-09-27 19:20:14

In the development and construction of modern cities, office space, as one of the most frequently used places in people's daily production and work, has important and extensive application requirements. At the same time, companies are paying more and more attention to the diverse office needs of employees, and innovative and user-friendly office space has increasingly become an important direction for construction and transformation.

Common problems of office lighting

Traditional office space lighting is mainly based on functional lighting, which has high illuminance, high color temperature, old and single function of equipment, and large energy consumption, which greatly affect the working status and efficiency of employees, and affect the overall image, operating costs and efficiency of the company. Has a serious impact.

Modern office lighting application solutions 1

Modern office lighting solutions

The interior space of modern office buildings generally consists of office space, public space, service space and other ancillary facilities. Different work scenes have different requirements for light. Under the condition of meeting the architectural lighting design standards, it can be based on the corporate office culture and space. Style personalized lighting design to create a comfortable and comfortable office light environment for employees.

Modern office lighting application solutions 2

Open office area: There is a lot of people here, and it is a place where staff work for a long time. It mainly meets the needs of work lighting and the comfort of work lighting. It is recommended to use linear lights for large-area lighting; it is recommended to use guide rails in aisles The grille spotlight is used as the basic lighting, and the specific position of the lamp can be adjusted according to the demand and actual situation.

Modern office lighting application solutions 3

Unit office: It is recommended to use hoisting linear lights for accent lighting on the desk top, embedded downlights for basic ambient lighting, and ceilings with light strips for ambient lighting to create a comfortable office environment.

Modern office lighting application solutions 4Conference room: It is an important area for customer negotiations and corporate meetings. Generally speaking, the focus of lighting design is to meet functionality, with uniform illumination. First of all, it is recommended to use downlights to meet the basic illuminance requirements of the space, and at the same time to make the light in the space softer through the form of diffuse reflection. Secondly, it is recommended to use a lamp panel, which can not only meet the basic lighting, but also increase the illuminance of the desk in the meeting room to meet office needs.


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