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2021-06-07 08:50:11

We at Green Earth have been manufacturing lamps for private and public environments for almost 10 years.

It would never have been possible without talented employees who passionately built into our core values; design, function and quality, in everything we do.

Working at Green Earth is compatible with constant challenges.

Green Earth is an international company with a wide range of products. There are plenty of development opportunities here for those who want to create the lighting solutions of the future, today.

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Green Earth is continuously approaching different markets in various ways, we will keep on researching and designing innovative products, bring a better light to human beings. 

> Contact person : Pei Yin

> E-mail:

> Phone : +86 13823531612

5-7F, Block 1, Industrial Park 29, Makan Village, Xili Town, Nanshan District, Shenzhen,China. 518055

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