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Characteristics and Technology Dismantling of LED Factory Lights

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In the power consumption of the factory, the lighting is placed in the energy consumption. For example, in a 30,000-square-meter factory, the lighting is applied to 300kW, so how to achieve energy-saving and environmental protection is the top priority of the factory designer on the choice of LED factory lamp. The new LED light source is based on the lighting fixtures, which can achieve energy-saving and environmental protection, and have the advantages of long life, fast response time, high light color pure light. In recent years, it has been favored by consumers.

First, LED factory lamp lighting key technology

With new technologies, new processes, new materials continue to be applied to high-power LED light sources, the foundation is made for high power LED lamps. Since the product of the LED light source application is very different, their test design standards have been lagged behind, so the products produced by different manufacturers are more interchangeable in structural and performance. At the same time, the LED lamp product itself is a machine. The integration of light, electricity and other factors, which are more technologies involving many fields.

Second, LED factory lamp design example

The design of the LED factory lamp involves more details, and we analyze discussions one by one according to the following important precautions, in order to reflect the design processes and methods.

Power selection

Light source selection

Cooling design

Institutional design

optical design

Power selection

The traditional factory lamp is a 250W or 400W high-pressure sodium lamp and the gold halide lamp, which is more expensive and the performance life is not satisfactory. Now we can replace the 100WLED factory lights, and the characteristics of the new LED lamps are compared. Different differences.

2. Clever design:

In high-power LEDs, heat dissipation is a big problem. For example, if the photoelectric conversion efficiency is 20%, the electrical energy converted to thermal energy, if there is no heat measure, the temperature of the power LED will rise sharply, when its junction temperature (TJ) When the rise exceeds the maximum allowable temperature (generally 150 C), the high-power LED is damaged due to overheating. Therefore, heat dissipation design is also our most important content. The following we are combined from both aluminum substrates and radiators to explore heat dissipation design.

3. Substrate selection

In LED product applications, multiple LED light sources are typically required on a circuit board. In addition to playing the role of the LED module structure, the circuit substrate is on the other hand, as the LED output power is getting higher and higher, the substrate must also play a heat-transmitted role of dissipation, and the heat generation of the LED crystal is sent out, so the material is selected. It must be taken into account requirements for structural strength and heat dissipation. For the substrate, we compared FR4, ceramic substrates, and MCPCB, respectively.

(1) The FR4 thermally conductive coefficient is about 0.36W / m.K, which cannot meet the cooling requirements of high power LED lighting;

(2) Ceramic thermal conductivity is greater than 80w / m.k, the price is expensive, the processing is poor, and it cannot be used in large area;

(3) The thermal conductivity of the MCPCB is greater than 2.0w / m.k, the price is moderate, the work is strong, and the technology is mature.

4. Radiator design

The role of the heat sink is to absorb the heat transferred by the substrate or chip, and then divergent into the outside environment to ensure that the temperature of the LED chip is normal. Most radiators have been carefully designed to apply to natural convective and mandatory convection. That is, an active radiator and a passive radiator.

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Characteristics and Technology Dismantling of LED Factory Lights 1

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