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Daily Maintenance Work of LED Industrial Mine Lamp

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The LED industrial mine lamp is a new generation of green lighting products, which has the characteristics of energy saving and environmental protection and long life. But daily protection is still paying attention. Do your daily maintenance allows the lotus life of the lamps longer and the light is brighter. Let's talk about the daily maintenance of the LED industrial mine lamp.

1. LED energy-saving lamps and LED industrial mine lamps must be firm and wiring should be specified. Before the device, you should carefully read the device manual, if you do not make professional electricians to devices, this can avoid dangerous conditions.

2. Strengthen maintenance in the use to extend its useful birth. It is often wiped with dry cloth and pays attention to avoiding moisture intrusion, ensuring that there is no phenomenon that caustic damage or leakage short circuit. It will be diligently scrubbed to ensure that it does not affect the penetration of the light.

3. When cleaning protection, do not change the structure of the LED industrial mine lamp, do not replace the components at will. After cleaning protection, it should be installed in accordance with it, do not show the lamp parts.

Daily Maintenance Work of LED Industrial Mine Lamp 1

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